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Feeling Lonely? 7 Ways to Prioritize Human Connection While Social Distancing

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Real life is starting to feel like the Netflix show Love Is Blind — you know, the whole self-isolation thing, but without the romantic marriage proposals, and with a whole lot more sanitizer and hand-washing.

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The spread of Coronavirus throughout the United States has caused both the government and the Centers for Disease Control to issue warnings about social gatherings. As of this writing, the Trump administration has recommended not meeting in groups of people more than 10. As we all transition to working from home, keeping the kids entertained all day, all while enduring the complicated emotions that come with “social distancing,” it’s more important than ever to prioritize human connection.

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Now, that might look different than it did a week or two ago. But the good news is, you can still connect with loved ones and others in a few different ways — ways that are safe, healthy, and stimulate that social part of you that’s missing right now.

Looking to engage in some human connection during these times of social distancing? Check out these seven tips!

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Use Virtual Apps

FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Video, Snapchat Video, Whatsapp… All of these video-chatting technologies we now have at our fingertips make it easier than ever to connect with people vis-à-vis, even if they’re not physically standing in front of us. No matter if you’re connecting with someone who’s down the street also in isolation or someone in another country, find the virtual app that works for both of you and make sure to reach out when you’re feeling a lack of social interaction.

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Have a Weekly Friend Date

Set up a weekly phone “date” with your friends at a specific time each week. Whereas in the past, you might be accustomed to meeting the girls for Happy Hour or getting together for a wine night, FaceTime will have to be your go-to for now. Luckily, you can still drink wine and catch up over a video chat!

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Join a Facebook Group

There are so many different Facebook groups nowadays. After all, it’s a meaningful way to connect with like-minded people based on interests, age groups, or location. Did you know Hoboken Girl has a local insiders’ group on Facebook? Make sure to join to connect with other Jersey Citians and Hobokenites, receive the best recommendations, and get updates on all things Hudson County.

Stream Trivia

Party Trivia is an app that makes it easy for multi-users to stream trivia and play against each other. We might not be able to congregate in bars for Tuesday Trivia Night {while indulging in $5 Fireball shots and other Happy Hour deals!}, but Party Trivia is the next best thing for trivia buffs.

Play Words With Friends

Feel like you’re missing out on Game Night with your pals? Totally understandable. Luckily, smartphones give us the ability to play digital games with our besties even when we’re far away from each other. Words With Friends is a fan-favorite, as it’s essentially Scrabble in app form.

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You and a competitor go back and forth putting together as many high-value words as you can with the letters you digitally “draw” from the alphabet bank. It’s a great way to keep in contact, stimulate your brain, and avoid feelings of isolation.

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Interact with Co-workers on Zoom

Missing your work wife? She’s probably still available on Slack. But if Slack doesn’t fill the void, there’s always Zoom. If you haven’t heard of Zoom yet, it’s all offices-turned-work-from-home-companies are talking about lately. Zoom is an online platform that offers web conferencing, video conferencing, webinars, and other remote tools that make working from home easier.

Record a Podcast

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be sitting next to your co-host {or your interviewee!} in order to record a podcast. Make a Skype call with whoever will be recording the podcast with you, then use a recording option like MP3 Skype Recorder to tape the conversation. Podcasts are the gift that keep on giving, too; not only will you and your co-host feel renewed with the social interaction of talking to each other, but other people who download and listen will benefit, too. You’ll help other people in isolation to not feel so alone. PS: Download our latest episode of Tea on the Hudson.



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