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Date Nights During Quarantine: How to Keep the Romance Alive

by Morgan Gertler
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The first few days of being home 24/7 with your partner might have felt like a dream come true — slower mornings together, home for dinner at the same time, someone to talk to about work drama as it happens. But if you’re concerned about losing the romance since you’re both probably still wearing the same sweatpants from two days ago and possibly getting on each other’s nerves, {you had no idea someone could leave 34 cups out over the course of a day} you’re definitely not alone. 

You might have to work a bit harder these days to create some quality time together, {keyword being quality} but it’s not impossible. In fact, being able to create special moments during a time of stress can make your bond even stronger. To keep that spark alive, here are some quarantine-friendly date ideas to try with your partner.

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Get Dressed Up

You’ve got a closet full of clothing that unfortunately can’t be shown off right now, and while it’s a nice change to enjoy your favorite sweats for more than just a Sunday afternoon, it’s totally normal if you’re yearning to put on a good outfit. So, to give yourself a little pick-me-up, decide on a night and create your own at-home date with your boo thang. Each of you should put on a nice outfit and prep like you would for a Saturday night out. You can both relax with some wine or mix up a cocktail. A nice extra touch — skip the TV and instead pick a playlist to create the mood you’re looking for. Some light and fun conversation is just what everyone needs to relax and give our minds a break.

Plan a Movie Night

Movie night might have become movie day, movie weekend, movie in the background while working, and movie in bed. Being home means catching up on everything you’ve been meaning to watch, but there are still ways to make it special and fun. Plan a movie night with your main squeeze and don’t be shy to go all out with details. First, pick a movie you want to watch together, ideally something neither of you have seen. Just like if you were going to the actual movies, pick a start time, make snacks, pour some of your favorite drinks, and don’t check social media until after your movie is over. The bonus of watching a movie at home is that you take as many bathroom + snack refill breaks as needed.

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Bring Back the Lunch Date 

If you and your partner are both working from home and have similar schedules, plan a lunch date. It helps you both take a much-needed break from work, reconnect about how your day is going, and of course, eat a nice meal together. Your lunch date can be casual with sandwiches and salads or get a little fancier if you have the time. Going back to work {even if it’s just walking a few feet to your desk} to finish the day will feel a bit more motivating after spending some time with your favorite person. 

Cook a Meal Together

Cook a meal together, but make it a true team effort. Instead of just cooking to eat, cook to create an experience of making something together. There is a good chance you will learn some new tips and tricks from each other, plus, you can keep the evening going by setting the table, pouring some wine {or even making a mock-tail}, and enjoying your masterpiece together. With so much time at home, it’s important to make time to connect {or reconnect} as you would if you went out. 

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Play A Game

Break out your favorite two-person game or find one you both want to dive into. Start keeping a running score and maybe create some friendly bets or prizes for the winner. If you’re not really a game couple, work on an intricate puzzle together or take on a DIY project in your home. Divvy up the work so that you can each contribute and enjoy the transformation of your hard work. 

Order In {Just Dessert}

We all need a little treat sometimes, probably now more than ever. Many of our local favorites {looking at you, Bang Cookies} are able to deliver and are offering pickup options. Order in dessert as a special way to end the workweek or quiet the Sunday scaries. {Yes, Sunday scaries are still a thing even during WFH life.}

Host a Wine Tasting for Two

Wine tastings are always fun and still can be enjoyed from home. If you have some wine, now is a good time to put it to use. You can talk about what you like, don’t like, and pair some snacks with your tasting. And, if you find a bottle you love, you can order it from local liquor stores that are still delivering. It’s a great way to clean out the wine rack and replace it with what you love. 

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Start a Book Club

A great way to connect about a new topic and see where the conversation goes. You and your partner might be avid readers, but planning to ready the same book will give you something to talk about, or maybe even debate, and learn each other’s different points of view. Reading is a great way to relax and give your mind a break, so sharing that with someone else can only bring you closer. 

And of course, don’t bring up the things you’re doing that annoy each other {even though it’s  tempting}. Make sure those conversations happen at specific times so that you can focus on reconnecting during your at-home dates. Communication is always key, but now it’s an absolute must. And if you’re not living with your other half during this time, try some of these ideas via video calls and Netflix parties. 

What are some of your at-home date ideas? Let us know in the comments!


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