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9 Unique Pork Roll Dishes in New Jersey

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Whether to call the breakfast delicacy Pork roll or Taylor Ham is a debate as old as time in New Jersey. No one can deny its signature, salty taste regardless of what it’s called. Whether on a sandwich or incorporated into a dish, the New Jersey staple is sure to leave taste buds singing. We’ve rounded up a list of places throughout Northern New Jersey that are serving pork roll with a twist. Read on to find out where to grab pork roll (or, ah-hem, Taylor ham) throughout the Northern New Jersey area.

Bill’s Luncheonette | 455 North Road, Chester

Bill’s Luncheonette has been serving diner-style food for over 70 years. The Chester, NJ favorite has lots to choose from on the menu, but a crowd favorite is the “heart attack” that can be found in the sandwich section. This sandwich is for the meat lover as it has Taylor ham, bacon, and sausage paired with egg and cheese on a hard roll.

 Johnny’s Pork Roll | Food Truck


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Johnny’s Pork Roll Food Truck is basically a New Jersey debate on wheels. This truck is fully dedicated to the meat, making some of the most unique combinations that all have Taylor ham as the star. The PBLT takes the classic BLT up a notch by adding a pork roll. If a pork roll had a sweet side, it would be The Hawaiian sandwich that combines pork roll with Swiss cheese, barbecue sauce, sriracha, and pineapple.

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O’Bagel | 600 Washington Street, Hoboken; 665 Martinsville Road + 403 King George Road, Basking Ridge

unique pork roll dishes new jersey obagel

O’Bagel is taking the pork roll sandwich and adding a little heat with its Ridge Diablo. This sandwich has Taylor ham, bacon, scrambled egg, and melted pepper jack cheese with pickled jalapenos. If that’s not hot enough, drizzle chipotle aioli on top and let your tastebuds scream. O’Bagel also serves The Jersey Debate. This classic pork roll (or Taylor ham) with egg and cheese between a fluffy bagel is a hit regardless of what the meat is called.

Olde Towne Deli | 205 Main Street, Boonton

A sandwich that comes with major accolades can be found at Old Towne Deli. This Boonton classic boasts New Jersey’s best pork roll, egg, and cheese by NJ.com. The deli has been around for more than half a century and goes through about 125 pounds of Taylor ham a week. Thousands of sandwiches have been served up and people travel from throughout the state to have a bite.

The Committed Pig | 339 Springfield Avenue, Summit + 28 West Park Place, Morristown


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When there’s a whole section of the menu devoted to pork roll sandwiches, it’s safe to say the restaurant knows a thing or two. The Committed Pig menu has a selection of six different pork roll sandwiches ranging from the traditional, pork roll, egg, and cheese on a roll to pork roll and cheese on a glazed doughnut. For more of a savory option, try the Rutgers which includes pork roll, chicken fingers mozzarella sticks, and American cheese.

The Greeks | 461 Elm Street, Kearny

‘Piled High’ could be the name of the pork roll egg and cheese at The Greeks. This Kearny deli fits just about as much as humanly possible between two slices of bread. Half a dozen layers of meat, two layers of egg, and two layers of cheese in between an expertly toasted roll might require some jaw exercises, but the taste is worth it.

Town Hall Delicatessen | 74 First Street, South Orange


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The creators of the New Jersey sloppy joe can also make a mouth-watering pork roll sandwich. Town Hall Delicatessen makes sure that every customer leaves with a full belly. The sandwiches are made with an expert formula of three eggs, three meats, and two slices of cheese. Even the Food Network knows just how good the sandwiches are. Town Hall Delicatessen was named to the television network’s “Best Sandwiches in America” list.

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True Salvage Café | 29 Elmwood Avenue, Maplewood

The Taylor ham sandwich is the sum of multiple components. True Salvage Café focuses on an often-forgotten part — the bread. Chef Signe Heffernan has worked on the art of making the perfect sandwich for years after graduating from culinary school. The bread is sourced from a local bakery to ensure top-tier taste. The sandwich has been named the best pork roll sandwich on many lists and the bakery boasts numerous five-star reviews online.

Yellow Rose Vegan Bakery | 410 Ridgewood Road, Maplewood

Vegans, rejoice! Yellow Rose Vegan Bakery has a ‘pork roll’ sandwich that vegans can enjoy too, and this Ridgewood hotspot serves over 200 every week. The entire café offers both sweet and savory vegan treats, but the pork roll sandwich certainly stands out.

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