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8 Crazy Food Challenges to Try Out in New Jersey

by Stephanie Brown
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If you’re feeling inspired to tackle a crazy food challenge after watching the annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest, you’re in luck. New Jersey is home to some restaurants offering oversized meals and official eating competitions. Whether you want to stuff your face with a massive bagel or pork roll, keep reading to find out where to go in New Jersey to put your stomach to the test.

Oversized Slices at Benny Tudino’s | 622 Washington Street, Hoboken

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We can’t talk about oversized meals without mentioning Benny’s. It’s a Hoboken institution known as the “Home of the Largest Slice.” These slices are about the size of a newborn baby and are served on two plates. Benny’s has attracted a lot of attention during its 50-year history and Joe Biden even stopped by back in 2012 during a post-Hurricane Sandy visit. 

1lb. Mozzarella Stick at The Brookdale | 1099 Broad Street, Bloomfield


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Mozzarella sticks traditionally fall in the finger foods category but you’ll likely need two hands if you order The Big Cheese at The Brookdale. This 1 lb mozzarella stick (yes, you read that right) is currently going for $21 and is appropriately listed on the shareable menu.

Burger Challenges at Clinton Station Diner | 2 Bank Street, Clinton

This standout in the New Jersey diner scene has been around since 2004 and serves up 50 different made-in-house desserts each day. While you could make it a personal goal to try each dessert, there are actually a few official food challenges put on by Clinton Station Diner. 

If you can gather up 9 hungry friends to finish the “8th Wonder” burger (105 lbs total) in one hour, you’ll take home $2,000. There’s a $1,000 prize if a team of 5 people can finish the “Mt. Olympus” burger (25 lbs beef – 50 lbs total) in 1 hour. The “Zeus” burger (7 lbs beef – 15 lbs total) must be finished in 1.5 hours by one person, 45 minutes by two people, or 30 minutes by three people to earn the $500 prize. And if you eat the “Atlas” burger (3 lbs beef) in 45 minutes it’s on the house.

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Triple Decker Sandwiches at Harold’s New York Deli | 1173 King Georges Post Road, Edison

Harold’s New York Deli features some of the largest portions in the state. The X-Large Triple Decker Sandwiches are made for a crowd, and at just under $144 aren’t a bad deal if you split it 8 ways, as recommended. Harold’s Favorite comes with corned beef, pastrami, or both on an open-face potato knish with melted Swiss.  

30lb. Bagel at O’Bagel | Hoboken, Stirling, Basking Ridge + More

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to eat a 30lb bagel, you’re not alone. O’Bagel created the JumbO’Bagel which is exactly what it sounds like – a massive bagel meant to be shared with 15-20 people. It’s available in plain, everything, or sesame and if breakfast sandwiches are the move, meet Mr. Viral.

Mr. Viral is a $155 breakfast sandwich made on the JumbO’Bagel. There’s the Ridge Diablo version (Taylor ham, crispy bacon, scrambled egg, melted pepper jack, pickled jalapeños, + chipotle aioli) or The Bee Sting (scallion cream cheese, crispy bacon, scrambled egg, melted cheddar, + Mike’s Hot Honey).

16oz Meatball at Otto Strada | 743 Park Avenue, Hoboken


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Otto Strada’s 16 oz meatball is not messing around. This take on polpette della nonna (Grandma’s meatballs) comes topped with fresh imported ricotta cheese, San Marzano tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano, basil + extra virgin olive oil. It’s possible to add pasta if a one-pound meatball won’t quite do it for you.

Satan’s Hell Stick Challenge at Tony Boloney’s | Hoboken, Jersey City, Atlantic City + More


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Tony Boloney’s is known for its Taco Pizza – a massive pie topped with 8-24 tacos surrounding a pool of guacamole for dipping. The Taco Pizza is iconic and great to impress a crowd, but if you really want to challenge your spice tolerance then the Satan’s Hell Stick Challenge might be more your style. No, we’re not making that name up.

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Attempting the Satan’s Hell Stick Challenge is no easy feat. There’s a waiver to sign (casual) before you can try to eat the 11 million Scoville unit ghost pepper + reaper mozzarella sticks that are topped with something called “Satan Ranch”. To complete the challenge, you must film yourself eating all five sticks without drinking anything for five minutes. We’re sweating just thinking about it.

Trenton Thunder World Famous Case’s Pork Roll Eating Championship | 1 Thunder Road Trenton


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Trenton hosts an official Major League Eating event each year at RiverFest. Competitors have 10 minutes to eat as many Case’s Pork Roll Sandwiches as they can. Participant Geoffrey Esper won in 2022 with 44 pork rolls. RiverFest is scheduled for September 23 this year so there’s still time to choose whether to participate or watch,  and maybe eat a pork roll or two in solidarity. 

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