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A Guide to Pizza in Jersey City

by Erica Commisso
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A lot of hype has been made about getting pizza in Hoboken, and it’s easy to see why: Napoli’s, Benny Tudino’s, Margherita’s, Zero Otto Uno, the list goes on. But, Jersey City is home to some amazing pizza joints, too. If you’re a pizza fanatic and want to support locals, JC has plenty of options for you. To help you explore, we’ve created a list of all of the places to get pizza in Jersey City.

Abbondanza Trattoria {257 Grand Street} 

Authentic Italian recipes-meets-brick oven pizza at this eatery, where catering is also an option. The pizza menu offers up all the classics {think Margherita and Sicilian personal pies} and can be combined with the weekly specials menu. 

Baldwin Pizzeria {457 Baldwin Avenue} 

Baldwin Pizzeria

{Photo credit: @baldwinpizzeria_jc}

Offering more than just pizza, Baldwin has a full menu complete with Italian-inspired pasta, salads, and soups. The pizza menu has veggie options, meat-lovers options, and modern takes on classic slices, as well as Hawaiian slices available for takeout and delivery. 

Buon Appetito {520 Jersey Avenue}  

Modern takes on Italian cuisine is the name of Buon Appetito’s game, and they pride themselves in only using fresh ingredients. That means bruschetta pizza, Philly cheesesteak pizza, and baked ziti pizza are all on the menu, as well as the restaurant’s own creation, complete with shrimp, fresh mozzarella, and vodka sauce. 

Carmine’s Pizza Factory {366 8th Street}  

Carmine’s Pizza Factory

{Photo credit: @carminesjc}

This family-owned business is operated by brother-sister duo Carmine and Mary, and they tap their dad Angelo for his tomato sauce-making skills on the weekdays. The restaurant is closed on Mondays, but the pizza menu {which includes a create your own option} is worth the visit. 

Century One Pizza {713 Bergen Avenue}  

Delivery and pick-up options are available at this McGinley Square pizza joint, which offers plenty of gourmet pizza options. Check out the Century Unique Pizza, made with the restaurant’s secret sauce, ground beef, red onions, black olives, fresh sliced tomatoes, green peppers, and fresh oregano.

Delenio {357 7th Street} 


{Photo credit: @delenio.italian.eatery}

Local ingredients take charge at Delenio, where Margherita pizza, Sicilian pizza, and more are all menu favorites. For the more adventurous pizza fan, the chicken parm pizza is a memorable and unique option. 

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Firehouse Blazing Pizza {488 Central Avenue} 

Firehouse Blazing Pizza

{Photo credit: @firehouseblazingpizza}

Founded by Vietnam Veteran Felix Santiago {who was also the first-ever Latino Hoboken fireman and captain}, the small, family-owned business uses a passion for pizza and cherished family recipes as inspiration. Create your own pizza or select from one of the menu items, like the chicken bacon ranch pie.  

Georgio’s Pizzeria {337 W Side Avenue} 

Everyday deals, as well as classic slices and specialty slices, are all available at Georgio’s. Stuffed pizza, Milano pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and more are all available for order and can be modified to be on only half the pizza if you want to mix and match. 

Gino’s Pizzeria {380 Central Avenue} 

Gino’s Pizzeria

{Photo credit: @ginospizzajc}

This family-owned restaurant and pizzeria was founded in 1976 and serves Italian-American cuisine. They offer classic and specialty pizzas and, in a rare treat, offer Gino’s “The Heights” Pizzas, deep-pan pizzas in different flavors. Pizzas come in personal or pan sizes. 

Laico’s {67 Terhune Avenue} 


{Photo credit: @laicosjc}

Opened by the Laico family in 1972, Laico’s homestyle cooking offers pizza as well as other homemade menu items. The brick oven pizza flavors include Margherita, wild mushrooms and broccoli rabe, and sausage. 

Larry’s and Joe’s {533 Newark Avenue} 

Since 1982, Larry’s and Joe’s have been serving Jersey City the family recipes. They make the pizza dough in-house and offer a wide range of toppings and flavors. Pies come in 16” or 18” choices, and some even come Sicilian-style. 

Pizzeria Las Americas {260 Warren Street} 

Shrimp scampi pizza, honey mustard chicken pizza, and white clams pizza are just some of the choices at Pizzeria Las Americas. Pizzas come in small or large sizes and can be ordered with other options like natural fruit juices and salads. 

Loradella’s Family Pizzeria {126 River Drive S} 

Loradella’s Family Pizzeria

{Photo credit: Loradella’s Family Pizzeria}

Family-owned and operated, Loradella’s offers a kid-friendly arcade as well as a huge, homestyle menu to choose from. They offer pizza by the slice as well as personal pies and large pies, and can also make gluten-free or whole wheat options. 

Helen’s {183 Newark Avenue} 


{Photo credit: Helen’s}

This pizza joint offers slices and pan pizzas as well as 10”, 16”, 18” and Sicilian pies with a variety of toppings. Have one from the menu, like the Valentino or Lasagna pizzas, or create your own. 

John’s Pizzeria {87 Sussex Street} 

This New York City famous restaurant has a Jersey City outpost that offers the same coal-fired, brick oven, thin-crust pizza that has been famous in New York since 1997. They have whole wheat and gluten-free options, too, and options include breakfast pizzas and shrimp fra Diavolo pizzas. 

Krispy Pizza {33 Hudson Street} 

With multiple locations across New Jersey, Krispy Pizza offers delivery and takeout and even has order tracking for every step of the order. Classics and the restaurant’s own takes populate the menu, with primavera and chicken ranchero options available. 

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Razza {275 Grove Street} 


{Photo credit: @razzanj}

Razza has won awards for its artisanal pizza, and the menu changes based on seasonality and availability. Pizza offerings are combined with salads and appetizers for a menu that’s fresh and delicious. 

Renato’s Pizza Masters {278 Central Avenue} 

Locally owned and family operated since 1959, Renato’s has made sure they give back to the community by investing in local teams and working with local causes and churches. They offer focaccia and pizzas, as well as calzone, rolls, and stromboli, and offer to create your own as well as specialty options. 

Roman Nose {125 Newark Avenue}  

Roman Nose

{Photo credit: @romannosejc}

Vegan marinara pizza is available as well as pizza with roast butternut squash and caramelized onion. All of the dairy-inclusive pizza options are made with Roman Nose’s house-made mozzarella. Maria and Ruggero Fiore bring the authentic Italian cooking experience {from the upbringing in Lazio} to the every dish. 

Rustique Pizza {611 Jersey Avenue}  

Rustique Pizza

{Photo credit: @rustiquepizza}

This family-owned business offers award-winning stone oven pizza, and the cheese, bread, and desserts are all made on-site. Small and large pizzas are also made with Italian plum tomatoes, Italian olive oil, and fresh basil. 

Pino’s Pizza {225 Newark Avenue}

This affordably-priced joint offers pies and slices, where basics are the key. Additional toppings are available, but plain slices start at just $1.60.  

Pacific Pizza {303 Pacific Avenue} 

Pacific Pizza has been serving Jersey City for over two decades, and they offer small-medium, and large pies that come with one topping, plain, or as the Pacific special. Additional toppings are available to make sure you get what you want. 

Paparazzi Pizza {200 Summit Avenue} 

Paparazzi pizza bakes every pie in a stone-fired oven, and the Hollywood-themed restaurant offers gourmet pizzas in various sizes, as well as some of the best wings in town. Each pizza is customizable and can be made either classic or experimental. 

Park Avenue Pizza Jersey City {3515 John F. Kennedy Boulevard} 

Park Avenue Pizza offers a DIY pie–a create your own experience complete with uncooked dough, sauce, and cheese–for an at-home experience, but the dining menu is full of options. Chicken marsala pizza, eggplant pizza, and red clams pizza are among some of the options, and gluten-free options are also available. 

Pizza Pie La Cantina Italiana {101 Greene Street} 

This pizza place offers healthy choice pizzas, like Pesto Hearts pizzas or Greek Favorites pizzas, but also offers brick often specialties Ranchero Armano pizza and Genovese pizza. Pies come in 10, 14, and 18-inch options, and slices are also available. 

Pizza Twist {2 Journal Square} 

Pizza Twist

Pizza Twist can accommodate pretty much any dietary restriction and can make gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and egg-free options. Create your own options are available, as well as ultra-thin specialty pizzas and a variety of pre-selected options. 

Pompei Pizza {722 West Side Avenue} 

Pompei offers a huge selection of specialty pizzas, like Capricciosa Pizza and Spinach Pies. The business also offers pan pizzas, calzones, and rolls, as well as burgers, pasta, seafood, parmigiana platters, and more. 

Porta {135 Newark Avenue} 


{Photo credit: @portajerseycity}

Porta has something for everyone and, for the pandemic, is even offering bubble dining. Some of the pizza options change, depending on seasonal availability, but there are always vegan options available and, in case you want to mix and match, the menu includes pasta and classic Italian appetizers as well. 

Sage Pizza {485 Marin Boulevard} 

Neapolitan personal pizzas, complete with pepperoni, mushroom, Margherita or create your own options, are all available on Sage Pizza’s menu. Gluten-free cauliflower crust is also available, as are salads and desserts on this simple, no-frills list. 

Singas Famous Pizza NJ {840 Newark Avenue}  

Singas Famous Pizza is a family-owned establishment that has locations across New York and New Jersey. Each 10-inch personal pie is made to order, and options include Paneer Tikka Masala Pizza, Hamburger Pizza, Meat Lovers Pizza, and more. 

Sip Pizza {60 Sip Avenue} 

At Sip Pizza, the one slice, two-slice, and 18-inch pie options come plain, and each additional topping is added based on preference. Prices vary depending on toppings, but Sip Pizza has the basics covered. 

Stella’s {315 Grove Street} 

This 24-hour eatery has been open since 1976, and the menu includes brick oven pizzas, slices, rolls, and calzones. It includes all the favorites, as well as hot and cold subs, appetizers, made to order salads and desserts. 

Tino’s Artisan Pizza {199 Warren Street}

Tino’s Artisan Pizza 

{Photo credit: Tino’s Artisan Pizza}

Once called Osteria Procaccini, Tino’s Artisan Pizza was founded in 1999 and offers terracotta oven cooking with fresh, organic ingredients. Thin, charred crust pizzas are approximately 12 inches and can serve 1-2 people. Gluten-free dough and cauliflower crusts are available, too. 

Tony Boloney’s {363 Grove Street}  

Tony Boloney’s

{Photo credit: @tonyboloneys}

The home of the taco pizza, Tony Baloney’s was founded in Atlantic City and offers a variety of creative pizzas. Think mac and cheese pizzas, cauliflower pad thai pizza, and roasted corn pizza. Tony Boloney’s also offers nationwide delivery, as well as virtual classes and at-home kits.

Three Guys From Italy {2854 John F. Kennedy Boulevard} 

Pizzas are just part of what this menu has to offer. Garlic knot pizzas, sausage pizzas, and veggie pizzas join homemade soups and an extensive pasta list to create a distinctly Italian menu. 

Two Boots {133 Newark Avenue} 

two boots

{Photo credit: @twobootspizza}

Located right on the pedestrian strip, the first New Jersey branch of 2 Boots offers up an homage slice to mayor Frank Hague, a meat-and-cheese heavy slice that’s sure to impress. Conversely, it also offers vegan slices like The Bubba, which is topped with Mediterranean vegetables. 

Vincent’s Pizza {1697 John F. Kennedy Boulevard} 

Spinach pizzas, white pizzas, cheese pizzas, and more are all available at Vincent’s Pizza, which also offers cold subs, hot subs, pasta, and more. The huge menu has a wide selection of Italian favorites that combine perfectly with pizza. 

Vinnie’s Pizza III {431 Danforth Avenue} 

Slices and 16-inch pies are available at Vinnie’s Pizza III, where classics like mushroom pizza and modern twists like the Chicken Francaise pizza are both on the menu. You can also add any topping you like to make each pizza your own. 


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