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Where to Get Bagels in Jersey City

by Erica Commisso
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If there’s one breakfast food that’s popular in our area — it’s bagels. Some of the most famous bagels in the world can be found in the New York metro {ah-hem, New Jersey}, and Jersey City’s local businesses are giving our area a run for their money. Beyond chain restaurants, local options are serving up bagels for breakfast and lunch to satisfy any craving. If you’re in the mood for a rainbow bagel, lox bagel, or a mini bagel, check out our list of where to find bagels in Jersey City.

Cangiano’s {234 Pavonia Avenue} 


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This one-stop-shop offers up the bagel basics: order up some plain bagels to save for later, or have one on the spot with scallion cream cheese, lox or butter. While the selection is based on availability, you can mix and match your bagel with the shop’s other offerings.  

International Bagel + Cafe {213 Newark Avenue, Jersey City} 

Bagels by the half dozen and baker’s dozen are available, as well as ready-made options for spreads including peanut butter, jelly, cream cheese, and lox spread. Of course, bagels with cream cheese and lox are also available, as well as other breakfast options like omelets and pancakes. 

John’s Luncheonette {553 Newark Avenue} 

John’s has reasonably priced bagels to order, where a bagel with butter is just $1.75. Mix and match a bagel with the restaurant’s extensive breakfast options, or have it solo with freshly squeezed orange juice. 

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Martha’s {308 Pacific Avenue} 


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Martha’s offers breakfast sandwiches on bagels at various prices, as well as individual bagels priced at 50 cents each. For egg and cheese bagels, the shop offers bacon, ham, Taylor ham, turkey bacon, or beef or pork sausages for meat lovers.  

SnapDragon Coffee + Social {190 Monticello Avenue} 


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The coziness of this coffee shop is not to be missed — exposed brick walls and hardwood floors decorate all of this two-story space. In terms of bagels, SnapDragon offers up the favorites–lox, cream cheese, and butter. But, if you’re in for a treat, try the guava and aged cheddar bagel. 

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Toasted Bagels + Deli {520 Summit Avenue}

Obviously, at a place called Toasted Bagels + Deli, there are going to be a lot of bagel options. On the menu: a tuna salad bagel or a corned beef bagel = top-notch, or snag a breakfast option depending on what you’re craving. 

Tony’s Metro Bagels {688 Highway 440}

Tony’s Metro Bagels offers mini bagels with various spreads to satisfy even the smallest of cravings. Order a bagel with a topping of your choosing on the spot, or grab them by the baker’s dozen, pick up an 8oz order of one of the spreads, and have Tony’s bagels for days on end. Spreads include walnut cream cheese, Nova Scotia lox, and more. 

Wonder Bagels {7 locations across Jersey City} 

Wonder Bagels

A Jersey City staple, Wonder Bagels has been serving up its fresh dough in the area for 30 years. The classic egg and cheese bagel is a must here, or opt for one of the company’s famous rainbow bagels to brighten up your day. You can also order bagels to go and save for later. 


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