Mediterranean Restaurant ‘Taverna Veranda’ Opening in Edgewater

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Edgewater will soon be home to a new restaurant, Taverna Veranda, located at 725 River Road. Run by three owners who each have years of experience in the hospitality industry, this new Greek locale is slated to open in December 2021. 

taverna veranda interior

^ The interior design with flowers by Floratorium shop

(Photo credit: Eroula Dimitriou)

How Taverna Came About

Taverna Veranda is owned by Constantine Youssis, Moutaz Ali, and Aldo Mo. Constantine and Moutaz opened the first Veranda in NYC in 2009, which became a popular lounge in the West Village before shutting down four years later. Now the three businessmen are focusing their time on getting Taverna up and running.

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“We were initially looking at the pier next to this one where the Orama space was and initially didn’t look at this location as we thought it would be expensive to convert the old Chase bank into a restaurant,” Constantine tells Hoboken Girl. “After Orama fell through we took a second look and fell in love with this location.”

taverna veranda octopus

^ Octopus

(Photo credit: Eroula Dimitriou)

Despite some friendly competition with other nearby Greek restaurants, including Molos, Taverna, and Lulu Lounge, and Bistro, the co-owner explains what will set the upcoming eatery apart.

“I’d call us an elevated Mediterranean taverna experience with a splash of Arabic flavor. The food, service, cocktails, ambiance, and the view will set us apart,” Constantine says.

The Mediterranean Menu

The kitchen will be run by Executive Chef Nestor Moina, who previously operated the kitchen at Pergola in NYC with Constantine and Moutaz since 2014. Per Taverna’s press release, the focus will be on serving “Mediterranean comfort food with an occasional contemporary twist.”

lobster pasta taverna veranda

^ Lobster pasta complemented with white wine and a lobster tail

(Photo credit: Eroula Dimitriou)

Hoboken Girl got a sneak peek of what the menu will entail. Appetizers include stuffed mini peppers with vegetable rice, saganaki with kefalotiri (fried cheese), chicken wings with roasted pepper aioli, and spinach pie rolls. 

The delicious entrees will include a lamb burger with goat cheese, short rib braised in tomato sauce, lobster pasta, lobster gyros, falafel crusted salmon with mint yogurt, chicken shawarma, and moussaka. There will be a grilled menu featuring Alaskan King crab, octopus, chicken kebab, and lamb chops. Taverna will also have an assortment of dips, salads, and desserts.

taverna veranda alaskan king crab

^ Alaskan King Crab with ladolemono dressing, diced tomatoes, and cucumbers

(Photo credit: Eroula Dimitriou)

Having received a liquor license, Taverna Veranda will have an extensive wine menu with over 100 wines by the bottle from Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus, Italy, France, and the Napa Valley. There will also be specialty cocktails with catchy names like Never Too Old To Be Sexy, Life Is Too Short and the Putin Has Nothing On This Mule. 

Coming Soon 

taverna veranda lamb chops

^ Lamb Chops

(Photo credit: Eroula Dimitriou)

Hoboken Girl has learned that Taverna Veranda is expected to open this December, and when that time comes, the former Chase bank will be totally transformed.  

The interior will have “white-washed brick walls, polished concrete floors and cast iron planters with lush greenery throughout,” per the press release, as well as “reclaimed wood on accent walls.” 

Fun fact: Taverna Veranda’s bar was made from an entire tree, and “solid walnut tables wrapped in cast-iron are spread out across the dining room floor with chairs to match, creating an inviting space overlooking the Hudson River.” 

Guests of the new restaurant will have the option of dining in the 3,000 square feet indoor space or being seated on the outdoor patio with amazing views of the New York City skyline. 

taverna veranda views

^ View of NYC from inside the restaurant

(Photo credit: Eroula Dimitriou)

Upon opening, the restaurant will be open for dinner service seven days a week from 5PM to 11:30PM. Lunch and brunch service will be something Taverna will have down the road.

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“There is only so much waterfront that overlooks Manhattan, so we think we will get a wide following once the word gets out,” Constantine, whose family runs Sofia’s Mediterranean Grill in Hasbrouck Heights, says of the trendy new dig. “If I were going out in NJ, I would definitely want to come to eat here.”

For the latest updates, follow Taverna Veranda on Instagram found here.

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