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Popular Bakery Sugarsuckle Officially Closes in Hoboken

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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When locals were in need of tasty, gorgeous desserts with the most intricate of details, a go-to was Sugarsuckle, located at 600 Newark Street in southwest Hoboken. Sugarsuckle made a name for itself with its stunning creations that had a clean and modern look. Residents will be saddened to know that Sugarsuckle is officially closing its doors as of July 1st. Read on to learn about the pastry business closing and the woman behind the business.

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About the Closing

In an Instagram post on July 1st, owner Jennifer Choi wrote, “From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your continued support over the past 3+ years! As of July 1st, we will not be taking any new orders. Any orders that have already been taken will be fulfilled. We will officially be closing our doors on July 10th.”

She continued, “In 2011, I began this journey which led me to the opening of Sugarsuckle in 2018. It has been an absolute pleasure being able to work with you in designing one-of-a-kind custom desserts. I will cherish all of the memories I made along the way.”

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As she wraps up, she and her team will put all of the surplus baking items, equipment, ingredients, and final rounds of Sugarsuckle’s kits on the online shop starting July 4th.

“Thank you again for your love and support,” Jennifer concluded.

The Woman Behind Sugarsuckle 

sugarsuckle jennifer choi

(Photo credit: Mira Zaki Photography)

Jennifer Choi has been creating artistic, stylish, and delicious custom desserts in the Mile Square since she opened Sugarsuckle in 2018. But even before she immersed herself in the pastry arts, Jennifer was hyper-aware of aesthetic quality and constantly searching for ways to channel her creativity.

After many years, her curiosity about baking quickly became a full-blown obsession.  Jennifer found herself spending hours poring over recipe books, up late at night baking experiments, and making many educational visits to the best bakeries to sample a little bit of everything.

She enrolled in culinary school to learn the fundamentals of pastry, and with her passion grounded in technique, she launched a professional career in a busy retail bakery and a Michelin-starred restaurant in NYC.  Working behind the scenes in the kitchen gave Jennifer valuable experience, insight, and refined skills, but she longed for more creativity and artistic expression.

The launch of Sugarsuckle has given Jennifer the opportunity to share her sweet vision with the Mile Square and surrounding communities. 

Sugarsuckle’s team was made up of bakers and artists who worked closely with their clients to understand the style + vision for their party. The bakery prided itself on being on top of the latest seasonal trends.

sugarsuckle team

(Photo credit: Mira Zaki Photography)

The ladies at Sugarsuckle were known for taking the tiny elements from a client’s vision and creating something that fits seamlessly into the decor, from a custom cookie party favor, a cookie for place settings, or a decorated cake that matches a tablescape. Sugarsuckle’s desserts became a very special part of the guests’ experience, from the first look to the last bite and showing up on Instagram feeds in between. 

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Desserts for All Occasions


From cakes to cupcakes to cookies to brownies, and cake pops, Sugarsuckle did it all with style. The bakery even offered popular DIY kits and holiday-themed treats.

It’s safe to say that Sugarsuckle will be missed in Hoboken.

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