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Hoboken Staple Delfino’s Closing its Doors After 34 Years

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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One of the things that make Hoboken so great is its restaurants, even more so, its pizzerias who locals hold dear to their hearts and stomachs. The long-standing pizzeria and restaurant, Delfino’s, will be closing its doors next month. Established in 1987, Delfino’s, located at 500 Jefferson Street, is an old-school joint that residents have frequented for decades. Read on to learn what we know about Delfino’s closing in Hoboken.

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Frank + Delfino Biancamano (cousins of the Biancamanos on Washington), two brothers from the town of Salerno, Italy came to the states and made their home in Hoboken. In 1987, the two brothers decided to open Delfino’s + we are so glad that they did, as Hobokenites have enjoyed its homemade food and family recipes since its inception.

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“He is ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labor,” says Angela of her father Frank. The last day Delfino’s will be open for business is July 2nd she told Hoboken Girl.

The Delfino’s Experience

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The vibe is very casual and open in the restaurant – you can walk right in and seat yourself. The menu itself is casual, too, offering hearty, genuine Italian food. The space was renovated a few years ago, which opened up the dining area for more people and bigger parties with big windows to showcase the restaurant. Even though Frank loved when it was small and cozy, he likes being able to bring more people into the dining room to enjoy the food and atmosphere.

Most of the plates on the menu come from family recipes. “People come to us for a home-cooked meal and that’s what we give them,” explained Frank and his daughter, Angela. In addition to the menu, Delfino’s has daily specials that are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

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Even though Frank says that Delfino was the cook of the operation, you can be sure to find Frank behind the counter whipping up something new all the time. “Sometimes he just plays around with a recipe and puts his own spin on things, like his Chicken Parm over French Fries dish,” explained Angela.

Everyone knows that the star of the menu has always been the pizza. At Delfino’s, patrons always got true, homemade Hoboken pizza. With an endless amount of toppings plus specialty pizza like Sicilian slices, there has always been something for any pizza lover to enjoy.

The majority of the people who have come into the restaurant are returning customers, who have made Delfino’s their regular spot for dinner for years. It goes without saying that locals are saddened to hear about this legendary spot closing.

Be sure to show your love and appreciation for Delfino’s before its last day operating in the Mile Square, July 2nd.


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