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A Brand New Nail Studio is Coming to Jersey City

by Stephanie Spear
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A new nail salon will open later this summer in downtown Jersey City, offering residents an upscale experience. Sophie Nguyen is the co-owner of Sophie’s Nail Studio along with her husband, Trong Nyugen, another Jersey City business owner. In opening her own salon, Sophie is realizing a lifelong dream. Sophie’s Nail Salon is located at 160 Morgan Street in Jersey City, not far from the Grove Street PATH station. Read on to learn more about the woman behind Sophie’s Nail Studio and what the nail salon will offer.

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Sophie Nguyen, co-owner of Sophie’s Nail Studio

About Sophie

Sophie Nguyen started doing nails when she came to the US from Vietnam. It was the family business, and her aunt and uncle helped her get started. She ended up owning her own salon in Florida. When she met her husband, Trong, who lived in Jersey City, she moved and started over, working in a friend’s salon. “I always knew I wanted to have my own space,” she said. “This salon is for me. I picked out everything, the colors, everything.”

When Sophie moved to Jersey City five years ago, she and Trong would drive around looking at different neighborhoods and imagining locations for her future salon. Her husband’s family is the longtime owner of Avian Liquors, located at 112 Tonnelle Avenue in Jersey City. The downtown area was appealing to them because of the foot traffic and overall safety. “Even at 9 or 10 PM there are people around,” she said. “It is busy, and it is safe.” They looked at a few properties over the years, and visited what would become the salon’s location in early 2021.

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While the space had been originally designed for a showroom or office space, Sophie and her husband knew the location would be amazing for a salon. In addition to the foot traffic from the PATH station and the surrounding hotel and apartment buildings, there were two other apartment buildings nearby under construction, The Hendrix and 351 Marin. The salon space is on the ground level of The Morgan condominium building, and it faces Marin Boulevard. “We approached the landlord and they were open to having a nail salon,” she said. “It helps that the rest of the block has a yoga studio, a waxing salon, and a blow dry salon as well.”

Sophie and Trong worked with an architect to outfit the space in a sleek, stylish design. The color scheme is white and shades of gray with silver metallic accents. The overall effect is modern, clean, and sophisticated. Sophie says that it’s been a long journey from the first time they saw the site to working with the architect and now getting ready to open. “We first started working on getting this space at the beginning of 2021, and we are opening in summer 2022,” she said. “We’re waiting for final approvals from the City and the State Health Board.” If everything goes according to plan, Sophie’s Nails will open in late July or early August 2022.

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About the Salon

The salon will focus exclusively on nails. Services will include anything from a basic manicure to gel tips to acrylic nails and nail designs. Most of all, it will be a clean and relaxing experience. “Gel, dip, acrylics, designs,” Sophie said. “We will have all of it.”

Something that sets Sophie’s Nails apart is Sophie’s commitment to finding the best products for her clients. “I am always reading online about new products, I’ll talk to my friends, or my client will text me about something,” she said. “I’ll buy a new product myself to try it. I spend a lot of time and money trying new things to see if they’re worth bringing into the salon.”

Sophie said that because a lot of her clients want to be sure that their natural nails are healthy in addition to being stylish, she has learned a lot about clean beauty options for nails. She says she reads the ingredient list for every product she uses, and keeps in mind that people have allergies or sensitivities to certain chemicals in some products. “There are a lot of good things that are healthier for nails, like vegan or polygel nail treatments,” she said. “If I’m only doing nails, then I’m going to offer the best.”

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In addition to offering cutting edge nail treatments, Sophie is committed to offering an incredibly clean salon experience. “I want people to come in and know immediately that this salon is clean and safe,” she said. “Many tools will be one-time use.” For example, tools for a pedicure, including the buffer and callus remover, will be one-time use, and technicians will use a disposable liner for the foot bath. Tools that aren’t one-time use will be thoroughly sanitized.

For the grand opening, Sophie is looking forward to connecting with neighbors and new customers. The grand opening date is TBD, but there will be a party at the salon. “We want to do a lot of giveaways for customers,” Sophie said. There will be a pedicure promotion, beverages, and other specials throughout the first two weeks of the salon’s operations. Pricing for all services is still being finalized, but Sophie says that the basic pedicure will start at $35.

The salon will also be able to accommodate groups for things like bachelorette and birthdays where everyone can get their nails done together. “I will work with the host to organize everything for a group,” she said.

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