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Spring Interior Design Trends to Bring Your Home Decor to The Next Level

by Hoboken Girl Team
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It’s finally spring and there is no better time than now to refresh our homes {especially since we’ve all been stuck at home for a little while}. For that decor update, Hoboken interior designer Antoinette Allande Anderson has rounded up the latest spring home design trends for us and sourced some dazzling furnishings to transform our spaces. According to Antoinette, the strongest vibe for interiors this season is organic and nature-inspired design with an eye to Brazilian and Scandinavian styles, and the emphasis this season is on natural materials, earth tones, curvilinear forms, and lots of plants. Plus, she’s also sharing that this season, we’ll still be seeing stylish and modern dark cabinetry and eye-catching statement tile. Bohemian and eclectic designs are still going strong and after a long hiatus, there has also been a return to traditional decor. So, brace yourselves for a deep dive into the top design trends for 2020. Here’s some serious design inspo:

spring trends antoinette allande interiors

{Photo credit: @antoinetteallandeinteriors}

Architectural Finish and Feature Trends

Of course, new trends manifest themselves in the form of specific details. According to Antoinette, trends to look out for when it comes to architectural finishes and features include:

Dark Blue and Black Cabinetry  

antoinette bedroom

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{Photo credit: Ryan M. Brown Photography}

The dark finishes in any room create a dramatic and moody vibe that can be very sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Plus, adding dark blue and black cabinets to kitchens make a daring statement, too.  

Zap Fitness

Light White Oak Finishes  

A pale white finish is a palette cleanser and creates a minimalist backdrop to all other furnishings in a room.  

Statement Tile

Graphic patterned tile is also having a moment. Designers are making bold statements by doing an entire floor in a heavy graphic design or making a smaller commitment by applying it to a backsplash. There are so many cool patterns and colors to choose from to really create a remarkable architectural expression.  

Built-In Seating Niches 

Everyone loves a window seat! This charming architectural feature in a room exudes coziness and warmth where one can snuggle into a nook with a book or gaze out onto a beautiful vista.  

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Spring Color Trends

spring color trends antoinette allande interiors

The color story this spring is informed by nature and we are seeing cool and warm neutral palettes punctuated by earthy tones such as olive green and rust. The organic color palette is a perfect complement to the natural wood finishes.

Textile + Wallpaper Trends

chunky knit texture antoinette allande

Linen, cotton, boucle, chunky woven textures, and leather are harmonious when combined.  These textiles are easy and relaxed to create an unpretentious and cozy environment. African Mudcloth has become very popular among designers to bring in an exotic and tribal influence into the home.

antoinette allande interiors

{Photo credit: @antoinetteallandeinteriors}

Additionally, incorporating loral and foliage-themed wallpaper designs into a home allows us to bring the outdoors into an interior space.

Furniture and Lighting Trends

spring fruniture trends antoinette allande interiors

{Photo credit: @antoinetteallandeinteriors}

Vendors and retailers are showcasing furniture made of natural woven materials such as rattan, cane, and wicker. An accent piece or two done in these materials feel at home in an organic modern space. Light white oak wood finishes are also popular choices for furniture these days. Curvy and robust furniture bodies look comfortable and plush and are the perfect forms to pair with natural fabrics like a cozy wool boucle.  

Earthy ceramic table lamps are perfect accents that can resemble stone or concrete to bring in a contrasting material to wood. Plug-in sconces are a great way to create architectural interest in spaces without having to call in an electrician to hardwire.

Get the look from shops such as:

  • – Article
  • – McGee & Co
  • – Shoppe – Amber Interiors
  • – The Citizenry
  • – Jenni Kayne
  • – France & Son
  • – Arteriors
  • – Lulu & Georgia

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Plant and Flower Trends 

plants spring trends antoinette allande

Finally, bringing plants and flowers into an interior is the perfect way to fully articulate an organic modern design. Pampas, dried grasses, dried flowers, and branches are excellent options as they are real flowers, but have been dried. Ideally, we’d all love to have fresh flowers in our homes, but this is costly as they do not live very long and need to be replaced weekly. Instead, indoor plants bring in color and life and clean the air as a bonus! Popular options include Fiddle Leaf Fig, Bird of Paradise, Monstera, and Succulents.

To get your plant fix, order from vendors s such as:

  • – Terrain
  • – Bloomscape
  • – Afloral
  • – The Home Depot
  • – Etsy {for Pampas}

Which of these trends will you be trying this spring? Let us know in the comments!


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