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How to Introduce + Keep Indoor Plants in Your Home

by Hoboken Girl Team
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It’s always fun to flip through a magazine or scroll through your favorite blog of a beautiful space to get some at-home decor inspo. It looks airy and bright, all put together with art and accessories. One thing that most of these spaces have in common is that they also incorporate indoor plants to brighten the mood. Now more than ever, people are spending more of their day at home with the time to appreciate the natural beauty in the form of house plants. And luckily, even if you don’t have a green thumb, there is a plant for any interior. Sonya Salierno of About Designs {a local floral, botanical, + interior design company} is weighing in on how to successfully introduce gorgeous green plants into your home to spruce {pun intended} it up — keep reading for her tips.

For the Black Thumb, Get Air Plants

Air plants are one of the most simple plants to care for. They require little light, infrequent waterings, and just as in the name, they grow without being planted. These plants can be placed on a platter along with a piece of driftwood on your dining table or hung on a wall next to your favorite framed photos. To care for them, simply run them under the water for a minute or two and let them air dry.

Where to Get Them + How to Hang Them

For the best selection of air plants at really affordable prices check out the Air Plant Shop {aptly named}. This online shop ships quickly, offers a money-back guarantee, and has affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a way to hang your plants, using several vessels at different heights will do the trick. Check out a few options here.

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For Homes with Low Light, Get a Philodendron

philodern plant indoor house plant

This common houseplant has been around for years, making appearances in a variety of interior spaces. It drapes beautifully against a wall making as a versatile companion. Plus, the philodendron is easy to maintain, enjoying shade and moisture.

Where to Get Them + How to Keep Them

These philodendron plants are relatively easy to find at a garden center such as the 14th Street Garden Center. In terms of successfully designing it in your home, philodendrons look lush in a wall hanging planter — try getting one from ceramic artist Farrah Sitt.

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For Homes with Indirect Light, Get a Birds Nest Fern

birds nest fern indoor house plant

The bird’s nest fern is a full lush fern with colorful green leaves. This plant likes bright indirect light, so a northeast or east-facing window would be ideal for it to thrive. To care for the fern, water it twice per week and never allow it to dry out {so go ahead, give it all that #plantparent love}. Also, the soil should always be moist, so bear that in mind when you water this guy

Where to Get Them + How to Keep Them

In terms of decorating, a well-designed planter like this one to house your bird’s nest fern plant while adding height. Also, these fluted planters from West Elm would make for an attractive tabletop vessel for your plant-child to call home.

You can order ar Bird’s Nest Fern online here.

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For the Frequent Traveler, Get a Pencil Cactus

Although a cactus by name, this plant is actually part of the succulent family. The pencil cactus has an untamed, almost wild appearance that can nicely fill an empty corner. The pencil cactus also loves a warm, sunny spot {don’t we all} and requires very little watering — only once every two weeks in the warmer months. Cut back the watering to once per month in the cold winter months. Also note, the soil should have some grit in the mixture, which can be achieved by adding sand or pebbles to the mix.

pencil cactus indoor house plant

Where to Get Them + How to Keep Them

Large pencil cactus plants, like the one shown, are only available from a trade resource, but a petite version of the cactus can be found here. For decorating, a desert modern inspired planter, like this one here, to house the pencil cactus is a great option.

For the Green Thumb, Get an Olive Tree

olive tree indoor house plant

Graceful and elegant, olive trees are pretty to look at and can remind you of your last trip to a vineyard. They can be a little more difficult to care for than some of the other plants mentioned above. It is recommended to place olive trees in a sunny spot with a preferably south-facing window. Water them generously every week allowing the soil to dry out in between. If possible, moving your plant to a porch or balcony in the warmer months would be ideal to help it grow.

Where to Get Them + How to Keep Them

It is possible to purchase olive trees online here, so you can get one sooner rather than later.

As for placing it in your home,  use a traditional terracotta pot, originally used to store olive oil, like the one here. Alternatively, a classic basket will look lovely, just remember to use a liner. You can find one here.

There you have it — a quick how-to guide to getting and keeping alive an indoor house plant.  And, if you’re looking for a few local places to get some plants delivered from {just be sure to call ahead + make sure they’re still delivering at the time you want to order}:

So go on, give yourself #plantparent status.


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