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Soho Flower + Garden: Hoboken’s Floral Haven on 1st 

by Yiwei Gu
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People who pass Hoboken’s 1 Street are often attracted by the elaborate display of plants in front of Soho Flower + Garden {located at 264 1st Street}. The lush leaves sometimes extend to the sidewalk, exhibiting all shades of green, gold, and purple. When guests walk into the store, the air is infused with a refreshing fragrance — the smell of thousands of leaves in one single place. It feels enchanting, peaceful, relaxing. This local flower shop boasts some of the nicest flowers locally, and we’re sharing everything you need to know about it. Read on to learn all about Soho Flower + Garden, Hoboken’s floral haven on 1st. 

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What’s Inside 

The store boasts a large selection of indoor plants, from tall, luxuriant fiddle leaf figs, to cute little succulent plants. The owner, Dominic, studied horticulture in college and is extremely knowledgeable about the various traits and needs of indoor plants. In fact, online reviews often mention that his plants are “healthy.” But when asked about plant purchase and caring tips, his instructions are easy to follow. 

“Snake plants are low-maintenance. It only needs to be watered once a month. Fiddle leaf figs are also easy to take care of. They can survive even if you water them sparsely. For ferns, they only need indirect light exposure. And keep them moist,” he said. 

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He also sells insect-trapping plants with tear-drop shaped traps hanging under their wide leaves, which are probably one of the most unique items in the store. “It’s not as hard as you think [to take care of then]. Make sure to keep the soil moist, and give them only a moderate amount of sunlight. No, you do not need to feed them bugs,” Dominic said. 

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In the center of the store is an exuberant display of orchids. The store sources their orchids from Thailand and Taiwan, regions known for their exquisite orchids. “They are different from the ones sold in supermarkets, which are often domestically grown,” he said. The plants here are taller, almost lofty, and the blooms are much bigger, and the colors more vivid. Also, the roots are loosely covered in moss, instead of bark as in supermarket pots, which retains moisture better and keeps the orchids healthier — which means customers can expect only the best variety of plant when they shop here. 

What Soho Flower + Garden Sells 

Dominic tries to give purchase recommendations that suit customers’ lifestyles and living arrangements. For example, when he has lemon trees on display, many people, enticed by the plump fruits and lush leaves, come in to ask about buying one. “I always ask them if they can guarantee eight to 12 hours of direct sunlight in their homes. Those citrus trees need a lot of sunlight,” he said. “I want to find customers something they can easily take care of.”

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Another big part of Soho Flower + Garden’s products are their bouquets and floral arrangements. All the designs are customized, and even if customers walk in with only the vaguest idea of what they want, Dominic will carefully ask about their preferences in colors, flower types, and budgets, and recommend a design that suits the occasion.

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“Returning customers often tell us that our bouquets last for a long time,” he explained. In fact, all the bouquets are made on the spot, and Dominic picks the freshest stems from the fridge to create them. As for bouquet care guidelines, his instructions are as follows: 

Cut off one or two inches at the bottom of each stem at a diagonal, to create a fresh surface that helps the flower absorb water better. Place the bouquet in a clean vase and make sure there is always plenty of clean water. This means changing the water daily for larger bouquets, and at least every two or three days for single stems, to minimize bacteria buildup. Also, a few drops of chlorine will help lower the PH level of the water, creating a slightly acidic environment that slows down the bacteria growth and makes your bouquet last longer. 

Dominic also recommends phoning in the order a few days in advance, if it is for an important occasion or if the order is big so that if certain flowers are high in demand or in short supply, he can make sure to get them.

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“Things can get really busy before important days like Valentine’s Day or Mothers’ day,” he explained.  He also delivers within Hoboken in the early morning or later in the evening, and those details can be arranged on a case to case basis.

As for those who want to try their own hand at having a green thumb, the store also has a small selection of indoor gardening accessories. For those who want to grow their own herbs, another popular item is the hydroponic kit — a set of mason jars that comes with seeds and growing medium in which you can grow your own basil and mint. 

All in all, plant lovers of every kind can find their thing to buy, create, or grow at home at Soho Flowers + Garden.

Have you been to Soho Flower + Garden? Let us know in the comments! 

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