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Local Community Gardens in Hoboken + Jersey City: How, Where, and Why

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You might think that finding the opportunity to grow your own fruits and veggies in our area is difficult or next to impossible considering all of the concrete we are surrounded by, but you’ll be surprised to know that community gardens exist throughout our neighborhoods. They are now more popular than ever before, largely in part thanks to people’s desire to have an escape from the technology that bombards us on a daily basis.  To be surrounded by the exact opposite of a computer and phone is a very compelling thing. Naturally {pun intended} we’ve rounded up some of the best community gardens to check out in the area. Read on to discover everything you need to know about local community gardens.

city hall community gardens

Benefits + Commitments of Community Gardens

“In our online age, it’s a chance to reconnect with family and like-minded people.  It’s also a place to learn, experience nature, and grow healthy, nutrient-rich food which also sets a good example for our children,” says NJ-based garden consultant Laura Kostecka.

While there are so many benefits to having a community garden, they are also a commitment. According to Kostecka, the time commitment depends on the size of the plot and the rules of the organization running the garden, but plan to dedicate at least two to three hours per week tending to it.  For more information about a garden consultation, you can email [email protected].

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Local Gardens 

Now for the fun bit — the gardens themselves. Whether you’re located in Hoboken or Jersey City, check out one of these amazing community gardens to grow your own fruit + veggies:

Vepo Clean


 In Hoboken, residents with garden plots are given near carte blanche to do what they please with their green space. There are no rules in terms of what can be grown {all legal produce, of course}, just as long as the terms in the community garden agreement are adhered to. These terms essentially say that you must keep your plot clean and neat and that you are responsible for tending to it.  Each plot is assigned for a two-year period, so you can really get the chance to hone your green thumb from year to year. Due to their popularity, there are waitlists for your own slice of green space.

If you’re worried about having all the necessary tools, don’t worry. Water is provided to all gardeners as well as access to general garden tools as well as compost bins/garden waste disposal area.

Zap Fitness

third jackson community garden

The community garden at Third + Jackson is the largest in town with 45 plots. Hoboken Housing Authority residents have priority over these plots, but they are open to anyone in town who is interested in applying.

Next up is the Northwest Pop-Up Park which was built in 2017.  Located inside the 5.4-acre park, the community garden features 30 raised beds adjacent to all the other park amenities.

The third garden in town is located at City Hall. There are four plots at this location and one of them is reserved for a community group.

Jersey City

Jersey City is chock-full of community gardens which are peppered {pun intended} all over the city. With over 15 gardens on the list, there are a lot of fruits and veggies being grown throughout JC.

Advocating for these gardens is Sustainable Jersey City, a network of people who are pushing Jersey City towards a more sustainable future. They work closely with the Jersey City Gardening Coalition which is a great resource for those looking to talk with other gardeners about seeds, diseases affecting area plants, and urban farming.

Some gardens on the list are on private property, but public participation is welcome.  Others fall under Jersey City’s Adopt-a-Lot law which allows residents to essentially adopt vacant city-owned land for garden space.

Some Local JC Gardens Are:

ogdens community garden

{Photo credit: Ogden’s End Community Garden via Facebook}

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Whether you decide to apply for a plot at any of these gardens, be sure to stroll by and admire the flowers, fruits, and vegetables that are being grown.  It’s a nice opportunity to “escape” the city for a moment and get back to nature.

Have you visited or planted anything at any of these local community gardens? Let us know in the comments!

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