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Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas + The Local NJ Vendors to Hire 

by Briana
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Wedding season is here and whether planning one {#bless} or attending one {or two, three or more…} you’re crossing those fingers for a good time. Bad weddings do exist {a quick binge-watch of Four Weddings can share more deets on that topic} and to avoid any bad scoring and of course, to personalize + make it their own special day, brides and grooms go above and beyond to add unique touches to their weddings. 

There are plenty of options to add some extra magic to a wedding locally, and we’ve rounded up local {New Jersey} vendors to impress guests on that special day {and no, we’re not talking a Vianese hour}. Read on for a full list of unique wedding vendors to add a special something to a wedding — located right here in New Jersey. 

The Cigar Guys (for Cigar Rolling)

the cigar guys

{Photo credit: @thecigarguys}

If the groom and his friends love cigars, hiring a cigar roller will be a huge hit. While not all guests will enjoy or be interested in it, many surprisingly will, and it will even be fun to see first-timers try a cigar. Not to mention, if someone would rather save the cigar for home or another time, it makes for a great wedding “souvenir,” {since there will most likely already be favors}. For those thinking of hiring a cigar roller, check out The Cigar Guys.

Crystal Percussion (for a Percussionist)

crystal percussion

{Photo credit: @crystalpercussion}

If torn between a DJ and band, have both by hiring a percussionist {+ a DJ} for the ultimate music experience. The two work really well together and the drums make for an interactive experience {yes, after a few drinks some guests might feel confident and try out the drums — usually, this is allowed and even encouraged}. A popular and highly recommended NJ percussionist is Crystal Percussion

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Snapshot Photobooths (for a GIF Booth)

gif booth snapshot photobooths

{Photo credit: @hellosnapshot}

Photo booths are always a fun and interactive thing to do at a wedding {or any event} plus, it gives guests something extra to take home to remember the night. To up the photo booth game, however, look into a GIF Booth — yes, those GIFs. Let’s face it, while photo booths are fun, photo strips never really make it somewhere other than the junk drawer. This is a digital way to capture the moment and allows guests to upload their GIF to social media {and if you’ve ever tried to take a photo of a photo booth strip, you know how badly they can come out}. For a great GIF booth option, try Snapshot Photobooths

Horizon Entertainment & Attractions Inc. or Beauty & The Beast LLC. (for Celebrity Impersonators)

While guests are enjoying dinner, have a celebrity impersonator perform for them — think the greats like Cher, Lady Gaga, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and more. If there’s anything that beats slow dinner music, it’s this. For some impersonator options, check out Horizon Entertainment & Attractions Inc. or Beauty & The Beast LLC.  

Have a Live Painter Create the Ultimate Memory

event painting by katherine

(Photo credit: @eventpaintingbykatherine)

Hiring a live painter is both an experience for guests and the ultimate wedding memory to hang at home. Here’s how it works — the painter sets up his or her station {easel, paints, + themselves} at the ceremony or reception and paints the scene of choice. It can be a painting of the ceremony, the first dance, the cake cutting — really anything from the day. The painter will get to the location early enough to paint the background, then once people come, they will be incorporated in the painting. The painter can even emphasize certain special people {mom, dad, in-laws, siblings, etc.} so it’s clear who they are in the painting. {HG Tip: this is something to want to book as early as possible, as most painters book very far in advance}. Some NJ-based painters to check out are Event Painting by Katherine, Janet Howard-Fatta, and Captured on Canvas.

Opt for an Electric Violinist

mystical entertainment group

{Photo credit: @mysticalentertainmentgroup}

Spice up the night {and life, like the Spice Girls told us to do} with a performance by an electric violinist. A talented violinist can perform anything from EDM to hip hop music to really get the crowd going. This is something guests would probably never expect because it’s not every day that they’d see an electric violinist. Local DJ company Mystical Entertainment can hook you up with one {and be sure to check out their intensive list of other unique elements to have at the reception, too}. 

Casino Table Rentals

casino table rental

If the groom {or bride!} is a big fan of Las Vegas {or since we’re in Jersey after all — Atlantic City}, rent a casino table for the reception. This is a perfect option for those guests who just don’t like to dance {and hate being forced to because they aren’t “having fun”}. Poker, Blackjack, and War = just a few of the fun game options at a casino table. 

Food Trucks

cubano xpress sandwich

Pier 13 lovers, check this out. Having a food truck or two at a wedding will probably WOW guests more than anything. Food trucks are often rented for dessert, as a late-night snack, or to kick off the after party. If a favorite local food truck comes to mind, chances are it’s possible to rent it for the special day. Some locally based food trucks that brides + grooms can look into are The Outslider, Taco Shelly’s, The GOOD MOOD Truck, Empanada Guy, Waffle De Lys, Lexlicious, Cubano X-Press, and more — the possibilities are endless when it comes to this category.

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The Haiku Guys for Typewriter Poetry

{Photo credit: @thehaikuguys}

We’ve explored celebrity impersonators, food trucks, and live painters — but have you ever seen typewriter poetry at a wedding? If not, this is what goes down: guests give the haiku writer a small fact or two about them {basically a quick, casual, + fun elevator pitch about likes and interests} and then receive a personalized haiku. It’s quick, sweet, and fun. The Haiku Guys are an awesome option. (Editor’s Note: HG Editor-in-Chief Jen had them at her wedding and loved the experience!).

QWERT Poetry for More Typewriter Poetry

Believe it or not, there are multiple options out there for an awesome typewriter poet at your wedding. Pierce Logan, founder of QWERT Poetry, has multiple reception and engagement packages to keep your guests moved with original poems all evening long. You may have already seen Pierce set up around various spots in Hoboken. What event isn’t made better with an on-site poet?

And there you have it — different New Jersey vendors + ideas that can help add that unique touch to a wedding. Whether you choose an electric violinist or a live painter, it’s your day and it will be special no matter what.

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