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15 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Hoboken {Driving and Parking} Woes

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Having a car in Hoboken sometimes feels like a luxury…especially when you need to make a trip to Home Goods or Walmart {although we really never recommend going to Walmart, it’s the worst…even though they do have toothpaste for half the price of what you’d normally buy it}. However, with the luxury of a car sometimes comes with the internal {or external, depending on your level of road rage} monologue that can cause quite the unrest. Put some people behind the wheel of a car and watch them go from Polite Polly to Theresa Giudice circa season one of RHONJ. Not saying this is everyone, but we’re sharing a few of the thoughts {via gifs} that perfectly describe driving and parking in Hoboken.

When someone doesn’t let you merge even though it’s your turn.


But then you let them go, because who cares.


When someone beeps at you — as the light turns green…when you’re about to press the gas.


When there’s no traffic on 495 and the Hoboken exit is clear.



When you are in the car with your in-laws and you can’t let your road rage rear its ugly head.


When you’re alone and free to let your road rage have its way with you.


When you have a weekend trip planned but have to leave during rush hour.


When you’re driving in the left lane…just because. And you don’t GAF.


When you get in your friend’s car with a fresh blowout and the windows are open.


When someone cuts you off — and they’re from New Jersey.


When someone cuts you off — and they’re from anywhere else.


When you park in a spot and forget that the street cleaner is coming.


When someone is trying to parallel park and they’re blocking the entire street.


When you fit into a parking spot that looked impossible.


When you’ve finally found a spot and can get on with your life.


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