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Weekend Getaway Idea: Las Vegas, Nevada

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Ahhh, Sin City. That’s all we have to say for you to know that this week we’re headed to Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking to booze poolside, dance the night away, or eat some seriously Instagram-worthy food, you will have more than enough options right at your fingertips. And if you’re not into getting super crazy there, we’ve got the details on all the other attractions and shows to see, too. While there are simply too many attractions in Vegas to cover everything, we do have a few recommendations. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to do in Vegas for the weekend:

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Plane Flights:

First, you’ll hop in an Uber to Newark Airport {EWR airport code} for a flight to Las Vegas {LAS}. United {we know you’re hesitant} offers direct flights to Las Vegas, so it’s definitely the best option to save time since you’re going all the way out west. Other flights that are not direct include Delta, American, and Spirit.

Hotel Picks:

New York New York Hotel and Casino {For a taste of the Big Apple}

If you get a little homesick, even if you’re gone for just a few days, we suggest resting your head here after a night of living it up on the town. Located in The Park area of The Strip, there’s a mix of hip restaurants, bars and entertainment options to keep you busy right outside your door. Also, the Casino is like walking right through the Big Apple, so if you’re down to do some comparing, you’ll have a grand time.

MGM Grand {Livin’ large}

Go big or go home. That should be the motto at the MGM, where everything is bigger and better. Clubbers rejoice: you can party at one of the clubs right inside the hotel: Hakkasan Nightclub {which is also a restaurant}.

The Cosmopolitan {Where you can literally stay all weekend and never leave}

If you’re ready for a 24/7 party, The Cosmo is its own Vegas confined into one hotel. The pools, bars, restaurants, clubs, and sports bar are all top of the line. Check out Rose Rabbit Lie for a unique dining experience {live entertainment + some of the best food you’ll ever have}, but be warned, like the rest of the Cosmo — it is extremely pricey.

Wynn {Shopping + pool parties = yes please}

With 13 Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Awards, you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t stay here. This luxurious hotel offers everything you could want all in one place like top-notch entertainment at La Rêve {voted Best Production Show in Las Vegas}, the Lake of Dreams, and plenty of dinners and shows. These twin hotels have a true elegant feel. Walking around the pools and casino area will make you feel like a high roller, and the Encore Beach Club is also on par with Wet Republic as one of the best pool parties on the strip

Places to Eat and Drink:

Eggslut {Los Angeles Breakfast Staple}


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We bet you’re already intrigued by the name, as well you should be. Eggslut started in LA at Grand Central Market downtown and made its way over to The Strip because nothing cures hangovers like a hearty egg sandwich. You can get your breakfast on inside the Cosmopolitan.

TAO Restaurant {Swanky Dinner + Pool Parties}


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Located inside The Venetian hotel, TAO is an Asian restaurant turned nightclub, which is a crowd favorite when it’s time to treat yo’self to a really nice dinner. When it comes to the menu, you’ll feast on plates that blend dishes from China, Japan, and Thailand, so you get the best of both worlds. Top DJs play here including DJ Kahled and French Montana so you know you’ll have the time of your life. They also host the OG pool party, so make sure to get in on that action, even though there are tons of pool parties to be had.

800 Degrees Pizza {Midnight Munchies}

Want a wood fired pizza at 1am after one too many drinks? No problem. Head to 800 degrees, where they indeed cook their specialty pizzas at that temp in just a matter of minutes.

Carnival Court {Laid-back party vibe}

Carnival Court is an open-air hangout adjacent to Harrah’s featuring cover bands, DJs & bottle-flipping bartenders. It’s a great place to people watch and party in a laid back, non-clubby atmosphere.

Taco Bell Cantina {Hear us out…}

In case you haven’t heard, Taco Bell opened up a super special shop right on The Strip that’s open 24/7 AND serves Twisted Freezes {see above}. But wait, there’s more: there’s even a DJ and VIP Lounge. This isn’t just ANY Taco Bell. It’s an experience.

Picasso {Artsy Food}

Just like the name suggests, this luxury restaurant features plates where the presentation is almost more important than the food itself. This French-Spanish restaurant is located inside the Bellagio, and of course features Pablo Picasso paintings throughout. If you’re looking to be wowed and have all of your senses tested, you can’t beat Picasso.

Places to Have Cocktails:

Minus 5 Icebar {Chilly drinks inside an ice land}


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Have you ever gone to a literal ice bar? Didn’t think so. With your ticket, you’ll get a long coat and gloves to wear inside because it’s chilly AF.

Sugar Factory {For candy lovers}

Welcome to adult Candyland! Sugar Factory serves up some drinks pretty much bigger than the size of your head along with all your fave childhood candies inside. We’re talking lollipops, gummies and smoking drinks.

Frozen Slushies {Pretty much everywhere} 


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While there’s no shortage of those yard-long slushies, you can always count on Fat Tuesday for a refreshing slushie that honestly doesn’t event taste like there’s a drop of alcohol in it. Paris also has awesome Eiffel Tower-shaped drink situations which are a pretty penny but worth every sip.

Attractions/Things You Must Do:


The big time acts in Vegas are definitely worth the price of admission. There are literally too many to pick from, and new acts are always coming to town. Britney, Celine, Cirque De Sole {the list goes on…} can all offer an unforgettable experience. However, some of the smaller acts can offer an intimate and memorable Vegas experience as well. Check out a magician, hypnotist, or any other local act. One of our favorites is Big Elvis, an oversized and extremely talented Elvis impersonator.

 The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign


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If you didn’t get a picture with it, did you even go to Vegas? You can find it here.


If you’re not familiar with this entertainment venue taking the country by storm, it’s basically the new go-to for an adult night out. You can hit the green with a group of friends while eating delish food and sipping on some drinks.

Casinos, Casinos, Casinos

Even if you’re not a gambler, we recommend at least perusing through some because there’s more than just slot machines and smoke. You’ll find tons of shopping and some really intricate indoor designs — Bellagio, NY NY, and Cosmo to name a few.

Pool Parties Galore

Nothing quite captures the essence of Vegas more than the plethora of pool parties going down on the Strip. With a frozen drink, a cute new bathing suit and your squad, you’re guaranteed to have some relaxation and fun in the sun. Some hot spots include Daylight at Mandalay Bay, which emulates clubs in Ibiza, Marquee Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan {which has a gaming area and bungalow lofts with an open-air party deck — and if you order a magnum champagne they serve it with costumes on, it’s a scene, really}, and the Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, where you’ll surely encounter a champagne shower.

The Neon Sign Graveyard Museum

Take a 15 minute Uber from the Strip to visit the Neon Sign Museum. You {and your Instagram account} won’t regret it. Get nostalgic for the classic Vegas of Sinatra and the Rat Pack. This museum offers a guided tour of the yard filled with neon signs and other relics of old casinos. You will learn all about the history Las Vegas and the people that put it on the map. This might be the most photogenic stop on your trip. Both day and night tours are available, but make sure to book your tickets well in advance, as they typically sell out.

The Freemont Street Experience  

Take a car ride to the old strip and visit the Freemont Street Experience, a five block entertainment district in the downtown historic section. Here you’ll find everything from a zip line, to the world’s largest slot machine. There is also a 24-hour mall that has live entertainment, light shows and some of the best people watching anywhere.

Hang With the Locals


For a super random, but memorable and uniquely “Vegas” experience, check out the Ellis Island Casino. It’s a small casino located off of the strip. Here you’ll get a more local vibe, which can be a needed break from the stuffy luxury casinos on the strip. It’s one of the only places in Vegas that still employs “dealertainers.” These are casino dealers that double as celebrity look alikes and also perform a few song and dance routines right on the casino floor. It’s hard to explain how cool it is to play $5 black jack while Elvis is dealing you cards {other dealers include Shakira, Christina Aguilera, and Celine Dion}. Ellis Island also has some of the best barbeque in Vegas at a bargain price {you’ll catch a lot of seniors there for the BBQ deal}. To top it all off, Ellis Island Casino has its own brewery.

HG Insider Tips:

– POOL PARTIES > NIGHTCLUBS. If you have the funds and the interest, splurge on at least one big pool party. Saturdays and Sundays are the best days for them, and we’d recommend Wet Republic or Encore Beach Club. They are the largest venues and typically have A-list DJs on residence {such as Kygo, Calvin Harris, and Tiesto}. Experiencing the champagne spraying and the EDM blaring under the desert sun is worth experiencing, even if you don’t commonly identify yourself with that scene.

Check the pool parties at Daylight, Tao, or Marque for slightly smaller but still energetic pool parties. If a high energy party really isn’t your thing, rent a daybed at a quieter pool and chill. Many of the hotels have relaxing, adult-only pools.

– THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE {EVEN IN VEGAS SOMETIMES}. While you should absolutely expect to spend a lot of money on your trip, there are plenty of amazing things to see in Vegas without breaking the bank. The fountains at the Bellagio are absolutely breathtaking. The pirate show at Treasure Island has been a favorite attraction on the strip for years. Want to see some flamingos? Head to the waterfall at the — you guessed it — Flamingo Hotel. All of these attractions are free. In fact, most of the casinos on the strip have very cool attractions in their lobbies {Bellagio’s ceiling, Wynn gardens to name a few}. Walking the strip, as well as the previously mentioned Freemont Experience, and “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign are all ways to get a genuine Vegas experience without overdrawing your bank account.

– PACE YOURSELF! Everyone is super excited to get to Vegas and can’t wait to let loose upon arrival. But a key to a successful weekend is longevity. You don’t want to burn yourself out too quickly or spend half of the trip stuck in the room with a hangover. Small things like not drinking on the plane, and making sure you get food and hydration into your system can go a long way.

– DON’T TAKE THE RED EYE.  Some people try to get out of Vegas as soon as they can to avoid the Sunday scaries. However, in our experience, flying without giving yourself time to detox is a bad idea. A really bad idea. If you can book a later flight, do it.

– Though you may want to try to squeeze all of these things in, you probably won’t be able to. It’s a lot to handle, especially if you’re planning on spending some of your time gambling or enjoying pool parties/clubs. Pick your musts, and then see where the {desert} wind takes you.

– We wouldn’t suggest going for more than a few days, tbh. Las Vegas is fun and all, but it’s taxing on the body, mind… and wallet, particularly if you’re drinking day and night. Trust us.

And with that, all we can say is Viva Las Vegas! 

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So there you have it; a quick trip to Las Vegas, which can be done in a few days, max 10.5 hours of travel time from Hoboken to Las Vegas {start-to-finish}.  This post was sponsored by Uber, but having just visited Sin City, know that we’d never steer you {no pun intended} wrong.

Let us know where we should cover next in our #HobokenTravels!

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