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Secret Entrances and Exits To + From Hoboken

by Danielle Lynch
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Getting stuck on the 495 exit of Weehawken to Hoboken is something that newbies experience and insiders know all too well. So listen up — what we are about to share will certainly change how commuters get in and out of Hoboken. Traffic keeps getting worse {thanks to the much necessary yet frustrating construction on Route 495 and both tunnels}, but we’re sharing some inside information on getting in and out of the Mile Square. Knowing these back roads will definitely make traveling in and out of Hoboken {and possibly Jersey City/Weehawken} much easier, especially during high traffic times. Read on to learn about secret ways in and out of Hoboken that will hopefully cut down on commuting time. 

Disclaimer: These streets are always subject to unpredictable traffic and are not guaranteed to be a smooth ride in.

Take 30th Street Off of 495


Route 495 might seem to be a daunting road to take into Hoboken but there is a secret, hidden way to maneuver the traffic here. Instead of continuing on 495 {trust us, it’s not worth the aggravation}, get off where it says Kennedy Boulevard and continue up the hill {don’t turn right onto the actual Kennedy Boulevard, though} Take 30th Street through the lights and onto Hackensack Plank Road, which is another hidden secret road. After moving downhill, the intersection of 19th Street and Willow Avenue will be on the left.

Take Gregory Avenue 

gregory avenue 495 hoboken

{Photo credit: Google Maps}

Sometimes, the JFK Boulevard exit it not accessible, for whatever reason. If this is the case, fear not; we have some helpful tips for navigating through 495 and beyond. First things first, stay in the middle or left lane on 495. It may seem terrifying because those two lanes quickly lead into the Lincoln Tunnel, but they are the fastest lanes. Most people who aren’t familiar with the area stay in the right lane, which moves slowly. After getting off at the Hoboken exit, move to the right lane and take Gregory Avenue to Hackensack Plank Road. It is one of the best-kept secrets of getting into Hoboken. This road diverts away from the congestion of the Lincoln Tunnel entrance by driving in from the back, leading to the intersection of 19th Street and Willow Avenue. {Insider Tip: Gregory Avenue is incredibly narrow so be careful.} 

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Take 1-9/Tonnelle


For those coming from Route 3 into Hoboken, 495 is usually congested due to the major bridge repair construction and rush hour traffic {or just being an NYC entryway}. Bypass the merging traffic of 495 by exiting on Route 3 and getting onto Route 1-9 {also known as Tonnelle Avenue, depending on the direction of travel}. 

Taking this highway will alleviate traffic congestion and will lead to the southwest end of Hoboken. Here’s how to do it: Once on 1-9, take the Secaucus Road exit all the way up to Paterson Plank Road. This will eventually lead drivers through The Heights, giving the option of making a left onto the South Wing Viaduct, leading to 14th Street, or a right to continue on Paterson Plank Road, which will lead into the southwest end of Hoboken near The Sky Club Condos and G.Millz Boken Road House. You’re welcome.

Take River Road/Port Imperial Boulevard 

river road hoboken

If entering Hoboken from the north, River Road/Port Imperial Boulevard will lead into Hoboken with ease {as it’s during off-peak hours — before 7:30AM, between 10:00AM, and 2:00PM, as well as after rush hour}. River Road cuts through many major towns and takes commuters along the Hudson River into Hoboken. River Road {which turns into Port Imperial Boulevard and then into Waterfront Terrace} will eventually lead to 19th Street in Hoboken. Take note there are lots of lights, so it can be a bit slow, but it’s definitely the more scenic route.

New York Avenue

new york avenue hoboken

If coming from Jersey City Heights into Hoboken, New York Avenue is a great little passageway that allows drivers to avoid the hectic traffic of the one-way streets in The Heights.  It may seem scary to pass through this curvy, hilly road, but totally saves a ton of time. It is right off of Palisade Avenue and can be a bit confusing. Look for the overpass that looks like a road going nowhere. It will lead down and around a windy road that turns into Observer Highway.

Instead of Taking an Uber/Lyft to The Heights, Take the Steps or the 9th Street Elevator

elevator steps hoboken

{Photo credit: Google Maps}

Another way of getting from Hoboken to The Heights is taking the hundred steps or the elevator in the western most part of Hoboken. These steps are strenuous, so be careful. There is one set of steps where Paterson Avenue meets Franklin Street. The elevator can be found right behind Jackson Street between 8th and 9th Street. Both provide easy access into the Jersey City Heights without even stepping foot into a car, train, or bus. BONUS: On Sundays in the spring/summer/fall, the Riverview Farmers Market is in full swing, and not too far away.

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Instead of Taking The Light Rail into JC, Take the Hudson River Walkway

hudson river walk hoboken

{Photo credit: Google Maps}

If a quick escape into Newport is on the agenda, look no further than the Hudson River. There is a great little passageway between Downtown Hoboken and Newport, Jersey City and is easily accessible by foot. The walk is gorgeous and provides a stunning view of FiDi. In order to access this walkway, go to the Light Rail Station at the Lackawanna Train Station in Hoboken {beyond the New Jersey Transit Trains} and continue walking on that path along the water. It will eventually lead to Newport. The view and cute little shops along the way will show another beautiful side of Hoboken. 

These are just a few of the best and quickest ways of getting into and out of Hoboken — besides the normal routes. Remember that many of these streets are the hidden back roads of our cities and are subject to traffic, accidents, and construction, but they are definitely better than the well-known major roads. 

Do you have any insider tips on how to navigate in and out of Hoboken easily? Tell us in the comments below! 

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