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Where to Find Sage in Hoboken + Jersey City + How to Burn it

by Shawn Engel
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A lot of you may have seen White Sage bundles pop into new age-y metaphysical shops, crystal shops, or even your neighborhood apothecary in Hoboken and Jersey City. But where does this herb come from and what does it all mean? If you’re curious, we’ve got you covered. Learn all about sage (+ how to safely use it) below, plus where to find some in Hoboken + Jersey City.

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The Background Info

Sage dates back thousands and thousands of years, coming from the Latin word Salveo, which means “to heal” or “to save.” It has been used medicinally by ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks for anything from fertility to immortality. In the Middle Ages, it was even used to mask the taste of rotting meat, and as a way to keep people from dying after ingesting said meat.

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What it’s Used For

The most common magical way we use Sage now, aside from as a cooking ingredient, comes from indigenous Americans. Many spiritual practitioners will use it for smoke clearing, or “smudging” as referred to by Native Americans in a ritualistic practice.

This practice involves lighting a bundle of Sage (a small bouquet of the herb) and blowing it out so that the embers create smoke. The smoke is then said to absorb and clear away negative energies by suffocating them.

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How to Use it

To use smoke clearing, you can burn Sage around your home, around your front door, to cleanse your crystals or any other item in your home, and even yourself! Letting the smoke wash over you is a great way to perk up and banish negative energies.

If you are sensitive to smoke, Sage spray is also available. It uses the essence of the herb and water (sometimes other botanicals as well) so that you can inherit the same magical properties without dealing with heavy inhalation (although it is perfectly safe).

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Sage is said to be masculine in nature, of the Air element, and of the planet Jupiter. It exists as an herb of wisdom and protection. The tastes smells, and vibrations of this herb help to defend its user, which is why it is so commonly used by modern-day practitioners. Think of using the herb as a way to give your home, items, and even yourself, a sort of magical, protective shower.

Sage is an excellent tool, but it does have a heavy (and familiar) scent. When using, be careful to use sparingly and safely to avoid fumigating your whole home (embers also tend to drop off and could pose a fire hazard). Otherwise, the herb is quite easy to use and highly effective.

Where to Buy Sage in Hoboken + Jersey City

Aspen Marketplace | 226 Washington Street, Hoboken

Love Locked |353 Grove Street, Jersey City

Lucky Honeybee |487 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City

Nurturing Life Acupuncture + Wellness | 106 4th Street, Ho boken

Psychic & Astrology Shop |201 Washington Street, Hoboken

Raine + River Apothecary | 299 Grove Street, Jersey City

The Co. | 632 Washington Street, Hoboken

Washington General Store | 509 Washington Street, Hoboken

Wicked Scents | 163 2nd Street, Hoboken


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