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Microcurrent Facial: What it is + Where to Get it Locally

by Alexis Spoden
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Facelifts are invasive, Botox is expensive, and anti-aging serums or creams don’t ever seem to work. Well, move over Botox, there’s an anti-aging facial — often referred to as a “natural facelift” — that has burst onto the beauty scene, and it actually works. This magical treatment, known as a microcurrent facial, uses electrical currents to boost collagen production, tighten the skin, and lift the facial muscles. It is FDA approved, safe, painless, and no needles are ever involved. Keep reading to learn more about microcurrent facials and where to take advantage of this amazing treatment locally.  

What is a Microcurrent Facial

A microcurrent facial uses two handheld metal wands that give off electrical currents, one positive and one negative. It stimulates the muscles in the face and increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Microcurrent treatments are safe and effective, as they have been around for years and have even been used in the medical industry to help patients with conditions such as Bell’s Palsy. Due to the electrical current, however, pregnant women and clients that have a pacemaker should not receive a microcurrent facial.

Surry Singh, the owner of Hoboken Wellness Spa, recommends that clients start getting microcurrent treatments around 30 years old, or at the first signs of aging. She also advises monthly facials as upkeep. Just like any exercise, consistency yields results. 

The Experience – At Hoboken Wellness Spa

Prior to starting the microcurrent facial, the skin is prepped with a cleanse, mask, and serum. Once the skin is clean and ready, the esthetician will begin the microcurrent treatment. A gel is applied to the face before beginning the treatment so the metal prongs can easily glide across the skin. The esthetician works on sections of the face at a time, focusing on the cheeks, chin, neck, lips, forehead, and eyes. Although it may feel like nothing is happening, the microcurrent wands are working their magic. 

A microcurrent facial can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour and can be performed by itself or in conjunction with another facial as an added feature. After the facial, the results are immediate. The skin feels tighter and looks lifted, especially around the eye area. Many clients notice their cheekbones are more pronounced, eyebrows are lifted, and lips look + feel plumper. 

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Where To Get It Locally

EC Beauty Studio |80 River Street, Hoboken

ec beauty

EC Beauty Studio’s highly-trained estheticians will uniquely customize each treatment to their client’s needs and goals. This beautiful space is located around the corner from the Hoboken PATH station. EC Beauty Studio recommends a series for best results. Their 35-minute microcurrent treatment is $80, a 60-minute microcurrent facial is $225, or a microcurrent add-on service is just an additional $50 to a facial service of choice. Customers can also purchase a package of eight treatments for $580. 

Hoboken Wellness Spa |450 7th Street, Hoboken

hoboken wellness spa

{Photo credit: @hobokenwellnessspa}

The mission at Hoboken Wellness Spa is to promote an Ayurvedic lifestyle through its many beauty and wellness treatments. The microcurrent facial is advertised as a “Natural Facelift” on the website and is designed to reboot the skin’s elastin and natural collagen production by 10-15%. A 45-minute microcurrent facial at Hoboken Wellness Spa is $129. 

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Studio 17 |601 9th Street, Hoboken

studio 17

Dr. Briza Walter and Grace Sibilia, the skin specialist, offer several med-spa services from facials to injectables. Studio 17 offers a microcurrent facial to any facial services available. The technology the studio uses smooths fine lines and wrinkles utilizing gentle microcurrent with an application of a potent serum that will push and deliver peptides into the skin, which work together to rapidly and visibly feather away fine lines and wrinkles around those specific areas you choose.

Spa Society of Weehawken |500 Avenue at Port Imperial, Weehawken

Spa Society is a one-stop-shop for all things beauty, skincare, and wellness. If you use injectables such as Botox {also available at Spa Society} in conjunction with their microcurrent lift, it will help extend the lift and allows customers not to need as much. Their microcurrent facial is listed as the Age-Defying Facial on their website. A 60-minute treatment is $169. 


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