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Modern Sage Jersey City: A Spiritual and Wellness Boutique

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Walking down Newark Ave’s pedestrian walkway in Jersey City, you’ll see a variety of shops and restaurants that will surely make you want to stop and have a cocktail/snack. But we encourage you to keep walking/exploring — and slightly veer off to the left onto 2nd Street, where you’ll find a tiny shop called Modern Sage.


As you walk in, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of calm — as every crystal, sage, and other natural wellness product you could think of is displayed.


It’s no surprise that everything in the store is dedicated to spiritual and organic healing, as Modern Sage‘s owner, Leah Guy, is a health educator with an extensive background in holistic living.


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Besides elixirs, soaps, balms, teas, and other products {hello, lavender everything!}, Modern Sage houses a variety of crystals and energy stones — as well as sage {because we all need that bad energy juju released from our space, let’s be serious}.


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^In case you don’t want to buy and burn sage [but you totes should], you can get sage aura mist.

Most of the items came from Uruguay, Brazil and India, according to Leah, and new items arrive in weekly. For those who are newbies to energy work and crystals, each pile of crystals and stones are labeled — with what each stone’s energy embodies.


^Ya know, channeling those Spencer Pratt crystal vibes

Here are a few other favorites that maaay or may not have come home with me:


Emerald — abundant love, helping to release negativity and giving you strength to overcome problems.


Blue Kyanite — speaking your truth and help with public speaking.


Malachite — the stone of energy and courage.


Labradorite — shielding against negativity and enhances intuitive abilities.


Unakite — draws out negative energies and blockages from the heart. Apparently if you soak unakite in water and leave in the moonlight overnight, you can use the water on your skin to alleviate skin issues/wrinkles.


^Worry Stones, perfect for holding during test-taking.

Each stone ranges in price from $3-$18, depending on its size, scarcity, and energy properties. Once you get through all of the stones and all-natural products, there’s massage and reflexology offered {starting at around $50/session} — and you can attend store-wide events and workshops that are hosted on a regular basis for a nominal fee. Peeking at the Modern Sage events page, there are so many unique self-care events — including crystal readings, astrology workshops, meditation, reiki, and a jewelry workshop. See a full list of calendar events here.


^Organic chocolate, FTW

It’s truly the perfect pick-me-up type of shop, great for picking up a crystal or some sage to keep you grounded and alter the energy around you — or for a fun and one-of-a-kind gift. So many treasures and ways to give back to yourself through healing.

Have you been to Modern Sage? What did you think?

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