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Public Water Fountains + Bathrooms for Runners in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Cristina Lombardi
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Public bathrooms and water fountains are necessities for Hoboken and Jersey City residents who make their way through town on foot. At any time of year, many residents can be found running outside or getting their steps in throughout the day. High activity levels bring upon the need to hydrate and in turn, use the bathroom more. At some point, we’ve all experienced desperately needing “to go” and there being no options in sight. Lucky for our readers, we’ve tracked down exactly where to find public bathrooms and water fountains around Hoboken and Jersey City. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

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Did you know? There’s an app called Flushwhich is a great way of finding a public restroom. The free app displays the nearest toilets to users. It has over 200,000 bathrooms in its database — including Hoboken and Jersey City.


Hoboken PATH Station | 1 Hudson Place

If your running route leads you downtown, the PATH station is probably one of the best options. There’s a large indoor restroom with multiple stalls and a changing station. There are also plenty of opportunities to fill up or grab water while inside.

Pier C Park | 340 Sinatra Drive

Located along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway in Hoboken, restrooms are available on-site near the toddler playground, so you can use the bathroom as needed while running along the scenic water route. They are single stalls only.

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Pier 13 | 1301 Sinatra Drive North

Located right past the food trucks, runners can enjoy a nice water break with ample seating and the bar/bathroom lines that tend to move quickly.

Madison Street Park | 300 Madison Street

Located at 3rd Street and Madison Street, this park features a playground with a splash area and public bathrooms open from 8AM to 8PM.

Sinatra Park | 398 Sinatra Drive

In addition to the outdoor amphitheater and soccer field, this park contains a concession stand and restroom facilities that are open to the public.

Maxwell Place Park | 1 11th Street at Sinatra Drive North

Located right along the water in uptown Hoboken next to the kayak rentals, runners can use the public bathroom and refill their water bottles at the water fountain.

Columbus Park | Clinton Street between 9th + 10th Street

Bathrooms are available at the park in addition to playgrounds with turf and a splash pad to cool off.

Church Square Park | 401 Willow Avenue

This park has a large open playground with sprinklers turned on during the summer to stay cool.  Public restrooms are available for all next to the sprinklers.

Southwest Resiliency Park | 59 Jackson Street

The recently expanded park includes restroom facilities along with a centrally located shaded plaza with tables and seating to catch your breath.

Castle Point Skatepark | 9 Castle Point Terrace

Hoboken’s one and only skate park is located right on the Hudson River with ramps, rails, + halfpipes. There is a porta potty right aside the park, along the running route for runners to use.

Stevens Park | Hudson Street Between 4th + 5th Street

The park opens up into a grassy field with picnic tables, a playground, public restrooms, and walking paths.

Shoprite | 900 Madison Street

There is a public restroom located in the back by the frozen section at the end of Aisle 17.

Acme | 614 Clinton Street

There is a public restroom located inside to the left, past the liquor section.

Jersey City

Liberty State Park | 1 Audrey Zapp Drive

Perhaps the most picturesque park in Jersey City with a 9/11 memorial, playground, and public restrooms for visitors and runners alike.

Newport PATH Station | 90 Pavonia Avenue

Public restrooms with multiple stalls are available and open daily to runners, commuters, and those passing through.

Journal Square PATH Station | 1 Path Plaza

Public restrooms with multiple stalls are available and open daily to runners, commuters, and those passing through. They are located inside, down one flight of stairs.

Lincoln Park Fountain | 1 County Road 605

This beautiful park is within walking distance from Journal Square Station and has public restrooms located within the park.

Newport Green Park | 14th Street

Newport Green Park is a great spot to use the public restrooms, complete with an area of sand and Adirondack chairs to rest for a few minutes and grab some water.

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Hamilton Park | 25 West Hamilton Place

Right between Eighth and Ninth Streets in Jersey City, the beautiful Hamilton Park has public restrooms and water fountains available.

Target | 100 14th Street

We could go on forever about how much we love Target — and today we’re shining a light on its easily accessible location — close to the running paths along the water and its offering of public restrooms and water fountain inside right near the checkout aisles.

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