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This Hoboken Spot Has an Electric Bowling Alley

by Diana Cooper
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Play! Hoboken has become the “it” spot in town for gamers, golf enthusiasts, and those who just want a fun night out or those seeking a different kind of date night. Located at 1012 Grand Street, 3rd Floor, Play! Hoboken started out as a pool hall in May 2019 and has grown over the past four years to become what it is today: a massive playground for college students and young adults. From pool tables and ping pong tables to air hockey and arcade games, Play! has something for everyone. Read on to learn more about Play! Hoboken.

The Evolution of Play!

Formerly known as Hoboken Billiards, Play! Hoboken took over the 15,000-square-foot third floor at 1012 Grand Street. The fun doesn’t stop since upon entering, there are various sections for different games and sports that all lead up to the grand pool hall in the back. Founder and owner Ian Rintel previously operated Hoboken Golf at 125 Grand Street for almost 15 years before opening Hoboken Billiards and then transforming it into Play!.

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The fun space received approval from Hoboken’s zoning board to turn the industrial building, which The Hoboken Girl was told was formerly a factory, into a gaming space that was designed by OLMK Architects, according to Jersey Digs. HG was also told that the owner worked with the former owner of Aether Game Cafe, which was located at 519 Washington Street and closed its doors in September 2018, to incorporate a similar gaming experience at Play!.

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In the front of the house, there are fixtures and tables with products for purchase. These items include golf clubs, golf balls, card games, winter accessories, t-shirts, and mugs, among other items. There are also snacks and drinks available at the checkout counter, as well as some tables to relax or hang out with friends.

People will also find two smaller billiard tables in the front of the house, a child’s air hockey game, and a larger air hockey table, which HG was told was recently added.

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By the air hockey tables, guests can find nine arcade games, seven EYEXO Golf Simulators, another area for bowling (there are four bowling lanes), a separate room with six ping pong tables, and the back room with 14 billiard tables. Guests will also see a quiet area for board games, like Chess, and games like Dungeons + Dragons. There are hundreds of board games to choose from as they take up multiple shelves against the wall.



Exciting Happenings

Play! Hoboken Team member Hasan urges those interested in playing golf to book their spots online or to call in advance since the line is sometimes out the door and there can be a long wait. The board games have been very popular since Play! hosts game nights throughout the week and every Tuesday.

In addition, there is a party room inside Play! That can be rented out for private events, such as kids’ birthday parties and adult happy hours. The property is BYOB so guests can bring beer, seltzer, or wine.

Plus, there is a kitchen in the back of Play! that has a variety of food to choose from such as chicken tenders, French fries, curly fries, pizza, mozzarella sticks, wings, hot dogs, pizza, and pretzel sticks, among other food items.

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Play’s hours of operation are 9AM to 10PM Monday through Thursday; 9AM to midnight on Fridays; 8AM to midnight on Saturdays; and 8AM to 10PM on Sundays. For more information, visit the website.

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