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A Guide to Intramural Sports Offerings in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Michael King
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Coming home after work and sitting on the couch (or going to happy hour) is enticing and all, but for locals who are looking to make friends or get some energy out, intramural sports may be the perfect answer to your “I’m bored and need to make friends after work” lamenting. Intramural sports can be a great outlet for a former athlete to spend nights or for the person new to town who wants to make some friends but barely has any athletic ability (no judgment, we get it). However, figuring out which sport or league is best can be time-consuming and even frustrating if you’re not a former college player or someone who takes athletics seriously. Fear not — we’ve rounded up a guide of everything you need to know about the promising options for sports clubs right here in Hudson County — specifically in Hoboken + Jersey City. No matter what your level of sports experience is, putting yourself out there and signing up for a league is always worth it. You never know who you might meet. Keep reading for a guide to intramural sports in Hoboken and Jersey City.

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Hive Athletic

Hive Athletic is a co-ed league that’s newer to the area and aims to connect people socially through sports. Hoboken transplant Chris Corbin started Hive Athletic after having a positive experience joining a co-ed touch football league in New York City where he met his wife and made dozens of new friends. You can find a range of activities through Hive Athletic, from dodgeball to soccer, volleyball, pickleball, basketball, football, softball, kickball, and cornhole. The meeting points are throughout Hoboken, Weehawken, and Jersey City. You can learn more here.

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Hoboken Adult Soccer League (HASL)

Location, location, location. The 7-v-7 soccer league plays all its games at Frank Sinatra Park ​and 1600 Park Avenue in Hoboken. HASL itself consists of over twelve different leagues for any and all skill levels. Get your cleats and shoot an email over to email@hobokenadultsoccer.com​ for any questions.


Hoboken Coed Softball League

Hoboken Coed Softball League is a non-profit coed softball league in Hudson County that’s been in existence for almost 20 years. The season runs from mid-April through October at fields in Jersey City and Bayonne. The league is sponsored by the Departed Soles Brewery.

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Hudson Pickleball

Hudson Pickleball

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While pickleball is a less-than-typical sport, it’s worth noting nonetheless (and it’s definitely having a moment right now). Pickleball is kind of like tennis and ping pong, mixed together — with a side of wiffle ball. There are courts currently at the NW pop-up park in Hoboken, and the league hosts free drop-in games from 9AM-12PM on Saturdays. For more information, contact Grant Sahag at 201-744-5388, via email at grant@connect-us.net, or stop by 1226 Adams Street at the courts to see what the hype is all about.

Hoboken Ultimate Frisbee | 525 Sinatra Drive

This free, co-ed ultimate frisbee group meets up every Tuesday at 7:15AM and 5:30PM, every Thursday at 7:15AM, and every Friday at 8:15PM at Sinatra Field. All experience levels are welcome and there’s a big GroupMe where participating players can communicate. The group plays year-round, so long as the field is free of snow and temps are warmer than 40 degrees.

Next Basket Wins

Next Basket Wins is an intramural basketball league that operates four times throughout the year. The seasons are in the winter (December-March), spring (March-June), summer (June-September), and fall (September-December). The team fee is $1,625​ and with that price, the teams will receive 8 games plus play-offs, 10 reversible jerseys, two licensed refs, and an official scorekeeper at all games. To add to that, you’ll also receive updated stats and standings of teams on the Next Basket Wins mobile app, weekly video highlights, and championship gear if you win the whole thing. Games are played at two local Hoboken courts, located at Hoboken Rec Center (124 Grand Street) and Hoboken Catholic Academy (555 7th Street). For any questions, reach out to league commissioner Andrew at 732-995-0815.

The American Ballplayers League (ABL)

The ABL has previously had leagues in softball, flag football, basketball, and even shuffleboard — though its primary league is men’s softball. The ABL sets out to give recreational and competitive athletes the ultimate league experience. With an attitude like that, sounds like it would be a good idea to find a team and get involved. For more information, send an email over to info@joinABL.com.

Volo Sports North Jersey

Volo Sports has a variety of social sports to be played — from cornhole to flag football, soccer, softball, and more. Athletes can participate in leagues, daily sports games, memberships, or even sign up to coach youth social sports. Prices for league players depend on the sport, but every team plays once a week for 6-8 weeks. If you opt for daily play, there’s no commitment necessary: you can drop into a league or join a pickup game, and get unlimited access to daily play. Details about membership options can be found here


Zog has been a favorite sports staple for people in the area for a few years. It is one of the easiest and best-known ways to be active, meet people, and make some friends locally. From basketball to skee-ball to the “social sampler” (which is a mix of the ZogSports offerings that change week by week), Zog has a little something for everybody. Below are a few of Zog’s leagues, but for any questions and info, you can visit the help center here.

Here are a few of the sports the organization offers:


Zog has a few basketball leagues that are available. Both 4 v 4 and 5 v 5 have been options for those interested in joining, though they are not always available — check here for the latest availability. Most of the leagues are indoors around Hoboken or Jersey City.


Fun fact: there is a bowling alley less than a ten-minute drive from Hoboken. If your favorite Disney Channel Original movie was Alley Cat Strike, grab a ball and step up to the line. This 4 v 4 bowling league takes place in Union City on Wednesday nights. There is an Alex Thompson in all of us, so take a stab at the 7-10 split with some friends.


If you think your skill is above the average Joe or you just like drinking beer while throwing something onto a board, there are cornhole leagues running at Willie McBride’s.


Indoor, outdoor, Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken — whatever your soccer needs are, there is probably a league for you. This extremely popular sport is within Zog across all the major towns that we all love to call home. Find a group of friends or sign up as a free agent, just be sure your team has a good goalie.


If you work in an office, the chances that you have heard someone bring up a softball league are pretty high. This sport has its perks especially if you need a less intense sport. There are leagues scattered around all of the major neighborhoods, and with the weather warming up, a night spent on the diamond does have a nice sound to it.

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Both Hoboken and Jersey City offer volleyball for those trying to bump, set, and spike around town. The games in each league are spread out across the weeknights so the variation may be perfect for a team. It’s time to find your tall friends and recruit them as your middle blocker.


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