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512 Quantum Sound Bar is Opening in Jersey City + More News You Missed

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With all that’s happened, this week totally flew by — and chances are you missed a few things in the headlines this week. Not to worry, we’ve got it all here in one space for you to digest with your coffee {or hey, maybe a mimosa, no judgment} in hand. Ready to see what you missed? Let’s catch up. Read on for all the headlines you missed in Hoboken and Jersey City this week. 

Jersey City May or May Not Be Getting E-Scooters, But They’re Definitely Getting E-Scooter Laws

ojo scooters

{Photo credit: @ojoelectric}

Grab your helmets, Jersey City. JC may just be following in the footsteps of its Mile Square neighbor and gearing up to live the e-scooter city life. Or, you know, Council could just be enacting e-scooter laws as a way to deal with the Hoboken fall-out {riders from the Mile Square coming into Jersey City with their e-rides, etc}.

According to The Hudson Reporter, Jersey City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance that establishes electric scooter regulations throughout town earlier this week. The vote was 8-0 with Councilman Richard Boggiano being absent.

While JC hasn’t yet made any deals with an e-scooter sharing provider — you may remember that Hoboken has contracts with both Lime and Ojo scooter providers — this ordinance institutes several new rules. For one, e-scooters cannot be ridden on city sidewalks or paths. They should be ridden only on the street or in a bike lane. The ordinance also bans e-scooters from city parks, states that riders must be 18 or older, enacts the speed limit as 15 MPH, and states that e-scooters must be parked in bike racks, docking stations, furniture zones, or marked corrals.

According to the new ordinance, e-scooters also have a curfew. E-scooters in JC cannot be ridden between 11:00PM and 6:00AM.

The ordinance also reminds riders that they must obey regular traffic laws and yield to cyclists.

Lastly, the ordinance also does one more important thing that impacts the future of Jersey City potentially procuring its own e-scooter contract. It states that e-scooter shared rental systems are outlawed unless of course, they first obtain approval from the city. This way, e-scooter sharing companies could have launched in Jersey City without city approval and people could also rent them out to each other as a way to make fast cash.

Now, for the penalty portion of the ordinance: Any rider who does not obey the e-scooter laws as put forth by this new ordinance is subject to a $50 fine. Members of the Department of Safety who witness an e-scooter violation are authorized to confiscate said scooter, middle-school-principal style. The scooter then has to go to detention — sorry, stay in police custody until adjudicated in municipal court.

New Lawsuit Looks to Thwart Revised Hilton Redevelopment Plan

hilton hotel give backs

Another day, another lawsuit. Two property owners have officially filed a new lawsuit against the City of Hoboken and the developers of the proposed Hilton Hotel on the waterfront. According to the lawsuit, the revised development agreement between the City and KMS Development — the developer of the Hilton Hotel property — is deemed illegal. Hoboken Land Building and Hoboken Holdings both filed the suit.

Let’s play catch-up for a sec: You may remember that the City of Hoboken and KMS Development recently made an agreement to build a Hilton Hotel on Newark Street and River Street in the Mile Square. That particular corner currently houses the Frank Sinatra Post Office, which has been an architectural staple of the Mile Square since its development in 1931.

More catch-up: Two different companies filed a similar suit against the City and KMS almost a year ago. Those companies won, with a Hudson County judge ruling to nullify the agreement. The agreement would have called for KMS to pay $4 million to the City in the way of infrastructure upgrades and advocacy for local organizations. What did KMS get? The opportunity to expand the Hilton Hotel project.

The judge ruled back in March that making monetary deals in exchange for City planning “create[s] an unacceptable possibility for abuse and fraud.”

Fast forward to now: Hoboken and KMS have revised their development agreement but it’s still not good enough for Hoboken Land Building and Hoboken Holdings. The two companies filed, stating the new agreement says KMS gives a $3.2 million giveback payment into an escrow account monitored by the City. That money, the lawsuit alleges, can be used for “unspecified and undetermined purposes.”

This most recent suit claims the agreement still creates an unacceptable possibility for abuse and fraud and therefore should be disbanded.

In a statement, KMS Development maintains the new agreement is solid.

“We listened to Judge D’Alia’s concerns with the prior agreement. We are confident that the 2019 Redevelopment Agreement successfully satisfies the points made in the Court’s decision… The waterfront hotel project is continuing to move forward with the support of the City and the residents of Hoboken.”

Hudson County Prosecutor Seeks Help in Identifying Jersey City Man

person of interest jersey city

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Unit is asking for the help of local residents in identifying the man in the image above. The man pictured above is believed to be a person of interest in an alleged sexual assault that occurred in Jersey City in June. Investigators urge anyone with information to contact the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Unit at 201-915-1234. Rest assured, all information shared will be kept confidential. If you have information and would prefer to leave an anonymous tip, you may do so here.

New Spot Called LOKAL Coming to Jersey City

lokal jersey city

{Photo credit: reddit}

Earlier this month, Taphaus in Jersey City suddenly closed down without much notice at all. New signage has popped up at the former Taphaus location at 2 2nd Street in JC, announcing a new eatery and bar called LOKAL.

To celebrate LOKAL’s grand opening, LOKAL restaurant founder Mona Panjwani, concept creator Hemant Phul, Executive Chef Walter Donadio, and mixologist Tess Sawyer invite Jersey City to stop by on Thursday, September 12. According to the LOKAL team, LOKAL takes a “truly local approach” to their menu, boasting dishes with Garden State’s finest ingredients. Drinks include a comprehensive wine program and craft cocktails by in-house mixologist Tess Sawyer.

As for the ambiance inside, LOKAL features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning views of the nearby New York City skyline. The space has a large bar area, several private dining spaces {an outdoor patio coming soon!}, and a dedicated selfie wall for patrons looking for unique and fun photo opportunities.

Boswell Engineering Releases Analysis on Ferry Refueling Facility

construction jersey city

Boswell Engineering has released a report in response to claims that Hoboken’s Union Dry Dock is the only and best place for New York Waterway to place its proposed ferry refueling and maintenance station. The report seeks to analyze all the different factors in determining whether Hoboken Terminal or Bayonne is more viable for the space than Union Dry Dock.

“Without question, Union Dry Dock is the wrong location for a ferry maintenance facility,” said Mayor Bhalla in a statement. “As the Boswell report once again indicates, Hoboken Terminal and Bayonne are viable alternatives and far better suited than a location in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Locating Union Dry Dock for a ferry refueling and maintenance facility would go against the professional advice of engineers, environmentalists, and the wishes of thousands of Hoboken residents who overwhelmingly want a waterfront park at the location.”

The war for the Hoboken’s Union Dry Dock has been ongoing and you may remember that New Jersey Transit conducted its own analysis of viability back in 2009, ultimately finding that Hoboken Terminal and Bayonne were much better options than UDD. In 2018, Boswell Engineering did another comprehensive site analysis, finding that Hoboken Terminal was the best choice for the station. Boswell’s 2019 analysis finding remains the same.

Tah Vintage Gets Eviction Notice

tah vintage evicted jersey city

{Photo credit: reddit}

In other closure news, Tah Vintage Clothing + Lifestyle store recently posted signage of an eviction notice at their location at 9 Erie Street in Jersey City. As one very apt reddit user pointed out, “When Talde falls, they all fall.” The comment, of course, refers to the sudden closure of Jersey City’s beloved Asian-American restaurant Talde, which also featured a speak-easy called Ms. Wong’s downstairs.

Tah Vintage’s landlord Robert Baisa issued the eviction notice to owners April Kucas and Patricia Kositzky on August 1st, 2019.

British Royal Air Force Flies Over Hudson River in Aircraft Show

airforce demon hudson river

You may have noticed quite the spectacle in the air last Thursday. Nearly two dozen jets from the British Royal Air Force “Red Arrows,” F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, Air Force Thunderbirds, and the Navy’s Blue Angels flew over the Hudson River prior to the New York Air Show.

The demonstration started around 9:30AM Thursday morning and featured a nine-ship Red Arrow formation, two F-35A Lightning II steal aircraft, six F-16 Fighting Falcons from the Thunderbirds, and six F/A 18 Hornets from the Blue Angels.

“All aircraft will follow the Hudson River down to Liberty Island, then proceed back up the river,” a press release from the Navy said prior to the event.

“We’ve never done a Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Red Arrows flight over the Hudson before,” Air Force demo team spokesman Maj. Ray Geoffroy told Military.com. “Plus, we’ll have two F-35s in the mix. It should be an amazing sight.”

Old Recording Studio Reopens as 512 Quantum Sound Bar + Restaurant

512 quantum jersey city

What was once a famous recording studio owned by Madonna’s producer has now been revamped and transformed into the latest bar and restaurant to open up in Jersey City. 512 Quantum Sound Bar + Restaurant, located at 512 Paterson Plank Road, features drinks specially created by mixologists, bar food and sit-down dining, and three floors, including a rooftop. The new restaurant and bar recently held a soft opening, but there’s no word yet on a date for its grand opening.

Hoboken Updates Its Citywide Recycling Rules

hoboken updated recycling rules

As part of Hoboken’s ongoing efforts to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable, the City recently announced it is changing from single-stream recycling to double-stream recycling. This new recycling law takes effect on September 3rd, with enforcement beginning two months later. With the switch to dual-stream recycling, glass, plastic, and aluminum will be picked up on Mondays and paper and cardboard on Thursdays.

According to the City of Hoboken’s website, “The switch [to dual-stream recycling] will help increase recycling in Hoboken and reduce the City’s share of landfill waste and could save taxpayers $200,000 in recycling costs per year.”

All residents are welcome and invited to pick up free recycling bins at the Municipal Garage.

For the full recycling and garbage rules for Hoboken, check out this handy-dandy recycling graphic.

Developer Releases Rendering of 70-Story Avalon Cove Tower

avalon cove tower rendering

A 70-story residential tower — or skyscraper, rather — might become a reality in Jersey City, behind the Avalon Cove housing complex.  The 950-unit tower would be considered mixed-use and would stand at 444 Washington Street in JC. A preliminary {though not confirmed} rendering of the tower has been released and shows just how close the tower would be to the Hudson River waterfront.

According to plans for the tower, it would include a six-story parking garage that would fit nearly 600 vehicles, commercial space, residential amenities, and public spaces.

No word yet on official renderings or approvals.

Stevens Institute Alumni Earn Highest Mid-Career Salaries in the U.S.

Stevens Hall

It’s time to enroll! Hoboken’s own Stevens Institute has ranked number 13th in the nation for highest mid-career salaries among alumni who have gotten only a bachelor’s degree. According to the new 2019 report from PayScale, Stevens alumni have a median salary of $139,990 after 10 years of experience in their field.

“At a time when families are considering the overall cost of a college education and the value it provides to graduates, this ranking demonstrates that a Stevens education is a very strategic investment,” said Stevens President Nariman Farvardin. “A Stevens degree is — quite literally — a ticket to a great first job and a passport to long-term career success.”

According to the report, Stevens also ranked on the list as the top school in the state of New Jersey.

7th Annual Hot Rods and Classic Car Show Returns to Newark

hot rod classic car festival newark

{Photo courtesy of Mt. Prospect Partnership}

Put it in gear! The 7th Annual Hot Rods and Classic Car Show is returning to Newark on Sunday, September 28th from 11:00AM-4:00 PM. The event, sponsored by Mt. Prospect Partnership, is a festival-like experience for car enthusiasts and features over 200 classic and hot rod cars from owners all over New Jersey.

With thousands of attendees expected to partake, the event kicks off with a Classic Cruise around the North Ward. Then, check out the beautifully restored classic cars and muscle cars on display.

“There are so many beautiful classic cars and truck owners that call Newark and its surrounding area home. This show provides Newark residents an opportunity to showcase their vehicles to other enthusiasts without traveling far from home,” says Chris Virginio, President of the Mt. Prospect Partnership.

Rain date is September 15th.

Adopt-a-Pet Waste Station in Mile Square

pet waste station hoboken

The City of Hoboken is looking for residents and companies to adopt-a-pet waste station in its ongoing effort to keep Mile Square dog sh*t free. Adoptees would take care of the station, regularly checking the station has plastic bags and providing plastic pet waste bags when the station is low or empty.

If you’re interested in adopting a poop-bag station, you can apply here. While not every property owner or manager who applies will receive a station, the starter kit comes with one pet waste bag dispenser with signage and a starter supply of waste bags. The City will purchase and install a station free of charge within a one-block radius of the applicant’s property.

Jersey City Is Getting a Pure Barre

pure barre jersey city

{Photo credit: @purebarre}

Pure Barre is no stranger to the state of New Jersey, as it has other locations as close as Montclair, Livingston, and Red Bank. But now, it looks like Jersey City is getting a Pure Barre of its own — right at 207 Von Vorst Street.

According to Pure Barre’s website, the Van Vorst studio has been added as an up-and-coming location. Not much information is available yet but we do know that the email for the site is listed as jerseycity@purebarre.com and the phone number is 908-642-4730. According to Google Maps, it looks like the Pure Barre will be surrounded by units for rent. The retail space at 207 Von Vorst appears to be vacant in the latest pics available from Google Maps.

Gotham Nails in Hoboken Getting a Makeover and Celebrating With a Grand Re-Opening

gotham nails hoboken

{Photo courtesy of GothamNails.net}

Love getting your nails done at Gotham Nails over at 515 4th Street in Hoboken? Then you’re going to love that the local salon favorite is in the midst of getting a makeover.

“Gotham Nails has been in the Hoboken community for 15 years and we truly love this community and our clients,” Rosali Luzuriaga wrote to Hoboken Girl in an email. “We are very excited to announce that we will be getting a makeover and making some beautiful updates to our salon! We will be hosting a grand re-opening party on Saturday, September 7th from 12:00PM-4:00PM.”

Jersey City Wins Tony Hawk Grant, Getting a Skate Park

tony hawk skate park jersey city

{Photo credit: Twitter}

Berry Lane Park in Jersey City is getting a state-of-the-art skate park. From none other than Tony Hawk.

In a recent tweet, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop announced that JC won a Tony Hawk grant, which would fund the proposed park. “One of the best Skate Parks in NJ,” Fulop wrote. “Four years ago we started with an idea to build this in Berry Lane Park. We then won a @tonyhawk grant. Now, after 4 years + many grants pursued I’m happy to share that last night the $ was approved, contractor approved, construction starts in September.”

According to Mayor Fulop, construction is expected to break ground this September.

Stevens Institute of Technology Alumni Are Among the Highest-Mid Career Salary Earners in the Nation

college graduates

If you’re a student at Stevens or are alumni of it, you’re in luck. In an issued statement by the college, it was reported by PayScale’s 2019-20 College Salary Report that Stevens alumni are among the highest mid-career salary earners in the country. The school came in 13th with alumni earning a median salary of $139,000 after having 10 years of experience under their respective belts. On the list, the school came is at the top school in New Jersey, as well.

Hoboken Residents Can Adopt Pet Waste Stations

pet waste station hoboken

{Photo credit: Twitter}

This week, the City of Hoboken issued a statement via Twitter that residents are able to adopt a pet waste station to provide pet waste bags along different streets in the city. The goal is to combat pet waste throughout the city. The station will be purchased and installed by the City of Hoboken for free and will include a ‘starting out’ supply of pet waste bags.

On the City of Hoboken website, Mayor Bhalla said of the new initiative, “My administration is committed to clean streets and sidewalks. I encourage property owners across Hoboken to help play a role and adopt free pet waste stations, which have been successful in reducing pet waste in other regions.”

If you’re interested in adopting one, fill out this form.

Baking Mama is Now in District Kitchen

baking mama district kitchen

{Photo credit: @iambakingmama}

JC-based fans of Baking Mama, you’re going to love this. Hoboken’s beloved bakery by Tina Rivera {aka Baking Mama herself} has a new outpost in District Kitchen. The Jersey City food hall is home to other local favorites like Ani Ramen, Angry Archie’s, Modcup, and more. Welcome to the neighborhood, Baking Mama!

A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Might Be Coming to Hoboken

marijuana jersey city

That’s right Hoboken — beyond a CBD shop, Hoboken might be getting its very own medical marijuana dispensary as well. A dispensary based out of Secaucus is aiming to bring a second location to Hoboken, according to Patch.com. Harmony Foundation submitted an application to Hoboken’s planning board to build a “state-approved medical cannabis dispensary” at 95 Hudson Street. This pending dispensary in the Mile Square isn’t the only cannabis-related news in Hudson County. Jersey City recently passed a plan to build a medical marijuana dispensary as well. We’ll update you as more news comes in on the Hoboken dispensary.

Jersey City’s Cafe Batata is Becoming a Vegetarian Cafe

vegetarian cafe jersey city

Cafe Batata, on 382 2nd Street, Jersey City, is getting a makeover. What was once a local eatery serving Brazilian food that closed in 2018 is now getting transformed into a vegetarian cafe, according to Jersey City UpfrontAlthough the details on the new cafe are still unknown, the eatery joins the ranks of other veggie-friendly JC restaurants + locales like Plant Base Market, Two Boots, and more.

Taylor Swift Visited Target in Jersey City

taylor swift jersey city

{Photo credit: @acaiyalater}

Pop star Taylor Swift paid a visit to Target in Jersey City this past Friday. On Friday afternoon, the award-winning artist was promoting her new album Lover when she was spotted perusing the aisles of the store. Come back to JC anytime, Taylor!

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