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Hemp Garden CBD {Hoboken’s First Ever CBD Store} Is Open

by Steph
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Hoboken is saying goodbye to Re-Juice-a-Nation and hello to its first-ever CBD store. Hemp Garden CBD — a popular cannabis startup with five spots throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn — is just one week away from opening its newly-renovated doors at 64 Newark Street. Read on to learn all about Hoboken’s first-ever CBD store. 

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All About Hemp Garden CBD

The downtown Hoboken location is right across from the Hoboken PATH train — likely no coincidence considering the current efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey. In the event that “green” legislation gets past our statehouse {where it’s currently resting}, then that would open up the floodgates of Hoboken, likely creating a substantial amount of foot traffic from city-goers in search of weed.

“Legally, we do sell ‘cannabis,'” Director of Media and Marketing for Hemp Garden, Darek Michael Wajda, tells Hoboken Girl. “But we sell only hemp-derived cannabis products. No marijuana.”

We’re getting ahead ourselves though because we’re not there just yet. With the marijuana bill still paused in the statehouse, Hemp Garden and other potential CBD stores that may open can only sell the marijuana plant derivatives: hemp and CBD.

“Our mission is simple,” Wajda continues. “We are de-stigmatizing how cannabis is viewed. CBD allows us to do that. As of right now we plan to stay 100% in the CBD space, even when/if marijuana is legalized.”

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hemp garden cbd nyc

^ Inside Hemp Graden CBD’s first NYC shop on the Lower East Side

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Hemp Garden CBD has locations in the West Village, Lower East Side, Nolita, and Meatpacking areas of Manhattan, as well as a site in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Now, their Hoboken location marks Hemp Garden’s inaugural foray into the state of New Jersey.

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What to Expect at Hemp Garden

According to their official website, Hemp Garden seeks to preserve the sense of community fostered by the cannabis industry. “[We value] the presence of every person that walks in our door,” their About page says. “This incredible plant has brought people from all walks of life together for centuries because it does not discriminate against who and what it can help. We love all of our clients, friends and neighbors and the community we have created at Hemp Garden. We can’t wait for you to enjoy all our high-quality organic CBD products!”

hemp garden cbd oil

hemp garden cbd products

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Opening officially on Friday, May 24th, Hemp Garden offers a host of cannabidiol products that range from pre-rolled hemp joints, lotion blends, vape cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and more. Hemp Garden also sells CBD-infused face masks as part of an in-store partnership with MĀSK Skincare, which runs out of the Hemp Garden HQ location in Meatpacking. Patrons will also find treatments and supplements specifically designed to meet health needs like pain relief, anxiety, and sleep issues as well as powder beverages that can be mixed into water or teas.

Hemp Garden also has a line of CBD-infused pet care products that include treats, tinctures, and dietary supplements formulated for issues like itching and joint pain.

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Pictured: One of Hemp Garden’s Manhattan locations.

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“We are all super excited,” Wajda tells Hoboken Girl over email. “I grew up in Bergen County so this is especially exciting for me. I’ll be opening this location as I was generously allowed to go into a partnership with the owner of Hemp Garden, James Morzillo.

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Where to Find Hemp Garden CBD 

new hemp garden cbd

According to Wajda, the old Re-Juice-a-Nation is undergoing a total revamp. Customers can expect exposed brick and renovated terrazzo floors, as well as Hemp Garden’s signature live moss wall — an ambiance staple in all other NY locations.

“This location will carry all the Hemp Garden aesthetics from our NYC stores,” Wajda confirms. “We’ve created a rustic, authentic and all-inclusive environment for our customers. Filled with all different types of plants, live moss walls and different creative displays, the Hemp Garden stores are for everyone to visit, an all-inclusive safe-space.”

Included in that all-inclusive safe space is an invitation to all people interested in exploring what CBD has to offer.

“Hemp Garden and MĀSK take pride in partnering up with local business and offering discount programs, as well as sponsorship opportunities for different events. We stand one with Yelp’s ‘all welcome’ initiative and we proudly represent and support the LGBTQ community,” Wajda says. “So get Hoboken ready for us!”

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