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All About Arre Sinaloa in Union City

by Yarleen Hernandez
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A colorful exterior is just one clue that the restaurant at 4605 Park Avenue in Union City isn’t a typical choice. Arre Sinaloa, serves a mix of classic Mexican dishes and inventive takes, thanks to Chef Gonzalo Colin’s imagination and memories of home cooking in his native Mexico City. The restaurant also is a cevicheria, taqueria, and asadero serving up one-of-a-kind cuisine from northern Mexico. Read on to learn more about Arre Sinaloa in Union City.

mexican restaurant union city new jersey arre sinaloa

Meet the Owners

Arre Sinaloa is the brainchild of Chef Gonzalo Colin and his wife, Yanin Felix. “I always had a dream of opening a restaurant in New Jersey, especially in this area,” Colin said. “I have an amazing wife who pushed me to do it and we did it together.”

Both Chef Colin and Yanin were born in Mexico with Yanin being raised in Culiacán, Sinaloa, and Gonzalo in Mexico City. The eatery is an homage to their heritage as well as their passion for traditional Mexican food. Chef Colin fully credits his love and enthusiasm for cooking to his family, upbringing, and culture.

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“When you dine with us, you dine with family,” Felix said. “The recipes that we share with you have been passed down to us, and we are excited to be able to share them with you. Our ingredients are fresh and healthy, just like we would choose in our own home.”

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Chef Colin says he manifested his dream life, chapter by chapter, after leaving his mother and grandmother who both had a huge influence on who he is and his passion. Cooking the cuisine he grew up eating at home helped him feel less lonely.

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“When I started working in these great restaurants in the city, I missed my mother and grandmother, which helped me feel closer to them and their food. I hoped that I would one day be cooking for those who I missed.”

From the time he was a child, Chef Colin has always had a passion and appreciation for cooking and creating. His love of the culinary arts was nurtured by his family. He also explains how grateful he is for the opportunities provided to him by prominent chefs, as he worked his way up the industry’s culinary ladder. When he first started out, Chef Colin says he was lauded for his natural ability with people and food.

One of his mentors is Chef Scott Bryan who taught Colin how to implement French and Mediterranean culinary techniques. Chef Colin has worked as a Sous Chef and Executive Chef in many restaurants throughout his career including City Bistro, in Hoboken, where he created dishes with a French influence and fused them with American cuisine. He’s served as a chef for high-profile clients including The Daily Show, Nickelodeon, BET Network Meta, and more.

Restaurant Background

The restaurant first opened its doors in September 2022 and has excellent reviews on Google and Yelp which is always a good sign. It’s dog-friendly and has a cozy ambiance with inviting decor. According to the owners, all the artwork has a special meaning.

mexican restaurant union city new jersey arre sinaloa interior

The restaurant hosts different events every month with live music and a prix fixe menu. For July, the restaurant will be rolling out new summer dishes in celebration of the warm season. There are also chef tastings and surprise dishes on the weekends.

The concept of a Northern Mexican cósina makes this spot stand out from other Mexican restaurants in the area. “We want to be ambassadors of this food. Everyone knows the traditional Mexican food but there is a lot more to try.”

Chef Colin focuses on preserving the authentic Mexican cuisine flavor for future generations.

The Menu

mexican restaurant union city new jersey arre sinaloa menu

The food we tried was fresh and delicious. The restaurant has an elevated taste and the ingredients are carefully sourced.

While it is BYOB, Arre Sinaloa also offers mocktails that are out of this world. Some of them are The Cantarito Loko – which is made with Grapefruit, lime and orange juice, ice, tajin, sea salt, and chamoy. Some other options include Spicy Passion Fruit, Jalapeño Mango, and Mint Peach.

mexican restaurant union city new jersey arre sinaloa drink

A few of the most popular dishes are the Arre guacamole, the Truffle Esquites, Tostada V.I.P Ceviche, Rompe Catres Aguachile, the octopus, the Cochinita (braised pork), the Birria Sinaloense, and the Arre Asadero.

Chef Colin knows that some patrons will seek the usual Mexican meals while dining at Arre and to accommodate them, he has included some staples on the menu.

“People always ask for rice and beans, which is traditional Mexican food. Here we don’t really do that but since they were asking for it, I put “The Wanted Rice” on the menu as a little joke.”

mexican restaurant union city new jersey arre sinaloa food

Chef Colin shared that he and his wife take the time to go to farmer’s markets on the weekends to search for the best ingredients. “My wife and I love going to farms in search of the freshest produce.”

When not at the restaurant, the parents of four teens love the outdoors and spending time at the beach, exploring new restaurants, planning cookouts with friends and family, camping, and eating.

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“We live in Weehawken and our kids are being raised in this area. We love the community.”

According to Chef Colin, the future looks promising and expansion is definitely on the horizon. “We are always looking to bring these flavors to more towns.”

Arre Sinaloa is open Wednesday, Thursday, + Sunday from 4PM to 10PM, Friday + Saturday from 4PM to 11PM, and closed Monday + Tuesday. Its delicious food is available for dine-in and takeout, as well as through delivery services like Uber Eats. Follow along on Instagram for all the up-to-date info on events.

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