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Made {in New Jersey}: Bounty Craft Granola

by Jennifer Tripucka
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We’re starting a new series called “Made in New Jersey” … because there are just too many amazing locally-made specialty foods, drinks, products, and items created within our area — by such talented people — that it’d be a shame not to share the love and spread the word. So, without further ado, here’s the first of our series that is sure to get you hungry: Bounty Craft Granola. Made right here in the mile square.


Nicole, the founder of Bounty, pursued a dream {that many  get great pleasure in eating for breakfast}: granola. And, might I add, this isn’t just any ordinary granola… It’s amaZeballs granola {no that’s not her slogan – we made that up but it’s totes fitting}. Think: dark chocolate chunk with toasted oats and nuts. Toasted, buttery {yet still dry and crunchy}… just too good!

So good, in fact, that it’s been difficult to NOT eat it out of the bag, rather than with yogurt in small quantities! Most recently, we hosted a little brunch get together, for some taste-testing of the granola… and omg. It was hard to stop. Basically, you can eat it straight out of the bag {like us} or add it to yogurt or even add some almond milk for a cereal-like experience.


According to Nicole, she makes her granola in small batches so that the same recipe can be preserved, as well as “maintaining high quality and administering high volumes of love.” Each batch is baked with extra-virgin olive oil and a dark amber maple syrup sourced from a family farm in Vermont, — and the result is finished with just a touch of sea salt. Each jar is packed with the finest ingredients including protein-packed nuts and seeds, nutritious dried fruits, and antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. YUMMMMM.

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Nicole actually works out of the Hudson Table kitchen space to create her granola, and sometimes she helps with their events, so you may have seen her if you’re a cooking studio fanatic {like we are}. Besides selling her granola at a variety of spots in town {Washington General, Black Rail Coffee, Sobsey’s, and bwé kafe to name a few}, it also can be purchased for corporate events, office gifts, and other types of large-scale situations.

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^Nicole of Bounty Granola!

And true to the shop local nature, Nicole started her business with her family. Spreading love through the way of food led her to discover huge fanfare over her homemade granola and begin this entrepreneurial journey with her fam. Her brother, Matthew, can be found in the kitchen testing recipes, in some way usually involving Old Bay and bacon, and running the company’s stand at local farmers markets. Their mom, Pam, spends her time keeping the kitchen in order. Bounty’s tiny team is focused on supporting the local food movement by working with local businesses and using local ingredients wherever possible.

If you have questions about Bounty Granola or would like to reach out to Nicole, email [email protected]!

If interested in having your MADE-IN-NEW-JERSEY product featured, email [email protected].


This post {and series} is NOT sponsored, unless otherwise noted, but the granola was provided complimentary to the HG team. 

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