The Thursday {3}: Thai Coconuts from Sobseys, Buffalo Shrimp from 10th and Willow, and a Gatto Salon Blowout

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We’re back on our favorite day of the week — Thursday! Not only is it the day of TBT, but it’s also Thirsty Thursday, the day before Friday, and of course — time for the Thursday Three.  Here’s our list of faves for the week:


1. Thai Coconuts from Sobsey’s

thai coconut sobseys hoboken girl

Sobsey’s and I are having a moment — maybe it’s the small town feel of the store, the friendly staff, the fresh organic produce, the lack of a wait on Sunday afternoon when Shoprite is packed or their Thai coconuts for $3.99, but regardless, I love it. I discovered these coconuts when perusing the coconut water section of the fridge, and have been dreaming about them ever since. Yes, you have to watch a quick youtube video {well I did} to figure out how to open it, but I’ll explain here.

1} Cut the top of the coconut down to the opening {it will come off in small pieces and the top will be a bit brownish an inch or two down}.

2} Take a hammer or the back of your knife to dig into the coconut and break the skin.

3} Create a small hole in the skin, and stick a straw in for a refreshing drink! Delicious, and so good for you. VOILA.

2. Buffalo Shrimp from 10th and Willow

buffalo shrimp 10th and willow hoboken girl

This right here is seriously my jam. I actually ordered takeout from 10th and Willow {who does that?} and these bad boys were included. THEY ARE PERFECT. Enough said.


3. Salon Gatto Blowouts

While there are a ton of great blowout spots in town, one that we recently tested out and LOVED was Salon Gatto {located near the PATH at 22 Hudson Place Suite 1N}. Here’s a little peek at my head {sorry for the blurry pic, we were wedding bound}:

gatto salon blowout hoboken girl jennifer casson tripucka

Opened and owned by Master Stylist and Colorist Christine Gatto, the salon boasts a comfortable, relaxed vibe with an upscale salon feel. I loved their 7am blowout option that they offer weekly, and they also serve only locally made coffee, cappucino, and wine {think Empire Coffee & Tea products + various local wine stores’ offerings}. So great. Word on the street is that for the rest of the month, they’re offering 15% off of any extensions – jump on it! Totally hooked on being #gattofabulous {as their latest IG hashtag has just surfaced, and we’re loving it!}.

And with that, we bid you adieu on this beautiful fall Thursday. Have you tried any of these faves?

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