• Laziness Continued: Delicious Hoboken Delivery Options {Part IV}

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    We’re baaaaack {for you couch potatoes}. Yeah, you. It’s not a crime to be too exhausted to cook dinner, in my book. You just have to know where to order from so you’re not left hungry or grossed out. Since that is sometimes the case, we’ve compiled a list continuing the Delivery Spots round-up. It’s all about variety. Here goes:


    1. Mr. Wraps – Sammys + Wraps!

    Mr Wraps Delivery

    Imagine every wrap under the sun…and then some. My favorite wrap, however, I change into a regular sandwich. I love the tuna avocado melt on rye toast. You won’t regret it. Prices are great as well! Service isn’t always the fastest (usually delivery takes about 45 to an hour), but it’s worth the wait!

    2. Fresh U – healthy on the go.

    photo 3

    Looking for something a bit on the healthier side? I usually order the salad above (chopped, with chicken/avocado/onion/tomato/etc), but they have tons of different salads + juices and other healthy “fast food” which is their motto. I’d almost recommend getting it picked up, however, because usually they are sloooow to deliver (unless you do grub hub or seamless). The salad is usually fresh (albeit it’s a quick fix) and is good in a pinch.


    3. Re-Juice-A-Nation – shots, shots, shots….delivered.


    Another go-to healthy option. One of my favorite juice spots {and the only place in Hoboken that serves FRESH wheatgrass shots!}. It’s almost counterintuitive to order healthy delivery, but sometimes you want to eat well but are just too damn lazy {I speak from experience}. I usually opt for the Turbo 911 juice + some wheatgrass, celery, and spinach and then a Kind Bar. They also let you create your own salad from scratch.


    4. It’s Greek to Me – the best, most expensive Greek Salad in all the land.

    photo 2

    $$$$$$$$$ but YUMMMM.

    If you follow HG on twitter, you’ve probably heard gripes about how expensive It’s Greek to Me’s Greek salad is…however, I just can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the warm pita, tons of grilled chicken, or the freshly mixed Greek dressing that I have yet to figure out the recipe for, but ohhhhmigod. So addicting. It’s legitimately $20 for the salad with chicken, but here’s a tip: if you order the large salad, ask for dressing + feta cheese on the side…that way you can eat half now, and eat half the next day {hell, sometimes it can be spread out into 3 meals}. If you order it with the dressing, the lettuce will get soggy. Totally your call, but just sayin’.


    Well there you have it. Four more delivery spots that are bound to please.

    What is your favorite spot for Hoboken delivery? PS: It’s totally okay to be lazy sometimes 🙂

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