Kale & Co {Gluten Free and Vegan} Cleanse: HG Review

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Looking for a way to spring clean your insides {figuratively — and maybe a little bit literally}? Recently, I did just that, with a cleanse from Kale & Co., which is a company run by two registered dietitians, Stacey & Tori — headquartered in Englewood, NJ at Le Gourmet Factory.


In a nutshell, Kale & Co is a cleanse and nutritional company that makes you all of your vegan and gluten free meals and snacks {made fresh with locally sourced or organic ingredients designed to eliminate the most common allergens and irritants to your body}. They deliver the cleanse to your doorstep the night before you start, and they offer nutritional support throughout it. There are two different cleanses you can do; either a 3 day cleanse or a 5 day cleanse. I went with a 3 day cleanse.

For each cleanse you will be avoiding:

Gluten, Dairy, Meat, Eggs, Soy, Sugar, Caffeine, GMOs, Artificial Ingredients. If that sounds simple to you, then you are an eating angel. Because that is HARD.

So how was my experience with 3 days of Kale & Co? Here goes:

First Day: After setting up all of my “tupperware” from Kale & Co the night before, I was feeling pretty excited to eat mueseli and the coconut milk, coconut flakes, and mango chunks for breakfast— and yes, they were delicious. I was also in a great mood about lunch, because I was excited to try the arugula lentil avocado salad and the soup. Both were quite filling and tasty. Everything comes pre-packaged and ready to go for the week! If you’re doing the 5 day cleanse, halfway through you get a second, fresh delivery for the last 2 days.


I drank a good amount of water throughout the day, and after lunch around 12:30pm, I wasn’t hungry again until about four or 5 PM. That was when I ate the coconut energy balls. Those were out-of-this-world Yum… But I think it’s because I love coconut and almond butter {one of the few ingredients in it}. Motto: The less ingredients in something, usually the better.


For dinner I had the moo shu vegetable dish which I ate cold and loved. It was basically brown rice, cabbage, and other vegetables like red peppers etc. I actually felt like there was too much brown rice, but I’m not complaining! I’d rather too much than too little, especially when it’s portioned out for you. The cleanse also suggests snacking on things like a half of a grapefruit, snow or snap peas, or carrots, however I didn’t really feel the need…

The cleanse also suggests drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning just to jumpstart your system. I did that and also gulped down some apple cider vinegar which is very good for your digestive track {not on the cleanse, but trying to keep the 24 hour virus away from my house}…

By day 2 I was down 1/2 a pound. Mind you, this DEF isn’t a cleanse you should go on to drop pounds quickly {which is never a good thing}. But, I did lose a pound or two just from eating so “clean.” …just thought I’d mention it.

Overall, day 2 was a little tougher. Lunch was quite yummy; I loved the salad and the fact that there was no meat on it, and I still felt full enough and satisfied. The QUINOA meatballs were delectable. Yes, quinoa. I never in my wildest dreams imagined quinoa being made into a meatball that would be so yummy, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was homemade {vegan/GF} pesto to dip in as well!


^Day 3 dinner = quinoa meatballs and all-natural/raw pesto + spiralized zucchini.

There was also a great lunch:


^Fresh salad + quinoa + black beans. Always yum.

I have realized that doing a “cleanse” like this is how some people eat daily, and it really makes you think about what you put in your body on a daily basis. My promise to myself going forward is that I will be even more conscious about what I put into my body and the types of meat and gluten and dairy that go in as well.

My favorite breakfast so overall was definitely the coconut muesli with coconut milk coconut and mangoes. Yum. In a nutshell — this was a great, balanced, nutritional cleanse that is a perfect way to press the “reset” button on your diet. I HIGHLY recommend Kale & Co! I want to eat like this on a daily basis. What I’ve realized is that it takes a lot of prep — but is totally worth it. By the end of the 3 days I felt awesome, energized, and my skin was glowing! This just make me even surer that Hoboken NEEDS a vegan and/or gluten free food spot. Please & Thank You.


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