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Jola Polish Deli in Jersey City Announces Closure

by Megan Joseph
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Jola Polish Deli, located at 110 Hutton Street, has been serving authentic pierogies, potato dishes, cold cuts, and so much more to the neighborhood for almost four years. On July 20th, the team announced on Jola Polish Deli’s Facebook page that it would be closing for good on August 31st. Jola Chybowska first moved to Jersey City in 2000 with no knowledge of the English language and a goal to make a great life for her two children. Her daughter, Marta, helps run Jola Polish Deli. Now, the team will be relocating to be closer to their new home and will be opening up a new spot in an undisclosed location. Read on to find out more about Jola Polish Deli’s closure in Jersey City. 

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About the Closure

On July 20th, Jola Polish Deli announced on its Facebook page that it would be closing for good on August 31st — but the good news is, the plan is to keep cooking right up until the end of August. The shop will be shutting down to move closer to the owners’ new home — though the new location has yet to be announced.

“We will keep our fb page and we will be taking orders for holidays,” a comment by Jola reads under the post. “Unfortunately we are moving and it would be just too far to travel. We are planning to open closer to our new home. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on the new location.”

We are so sad to see them go but are glad to hear Jola Polish Deli will be bringing its delicious pierogies somewhere new.

About the Owners

jola polish deli owners

After emigrating from Wałbrzych, Poland through her mother’s sponsorship, Jola settled in Jersey City and worked as a cook for Tania’s Restaurant (now closed) on Grove Street. Eventually, Marta and her sister followed, spending their later middle school and high school years in the JC public school system. They learned English through the ESL program at school and Jola learned quickly through friends and family.

Jola explains she has always loved the hustle and bustle of the city. When Tania’s closed, she started working for a cleaning business and still does today. Her sister and mother eventually moved to North Carolina over the years, but she says the metropolitan life is definitely for her.

For a long time, the Chybowska family shopped at Stanley’s Prime Meat Market on 425 Central Avenue. It was owned by another Polish woman Krystyna who Jola and Marta became very close to. After it closed in January 2015, they found themselves traveling all the way to Linden, NJ for bread, meats, and other necessities which took over an hour round trip. 

That’s when they decided to open their own store. Jola met many challenges while starting her own business, but persevered with the help of Marta and good friends in JC. Jola’s longtime passion for cooking let her follow her dreams.

Krystyna from Stanley’s also helped Jola Polish Deli get on its feet. She connected them with distributors, advised them on running a business, and introduced them to customers in the area. 

Four days before Christmas in 2017, Jola and Marta opened Jola Polish Deli to once again bring Polish food to the JC community.

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The Food

jola polish deli aisles

jola polish deli jersey city

We still have until August 31st before the shop closes up — and here’s what you should look out for.

The shelves are lined with hundreds of Polish ingredients from condiments to potato chips to chocolate candies. The refrigerators are the main attraction for shoppers. One is filled with kielbasa, ham, and multiple types of cheeses and the other holds pierogies, soups, sodas, and sauerkraut. 

jola polish deli potato

jola polish deli food

Most popular eats include the Pierogi Ruskie (with potato, cheese, and onions), kielbasa, freshly baked bread, and Ptasie Mleczko (chocolate covered marshmallow bites).

jola polish deli dessert

The deli also offers daily or weekly specials depending on the season and Jola’s recipe research. Marta explains that a lot of their customers are regular, so the “menu” is constantly changing to keep it interesting.

Be sure to drop by before August 31st to give this wonderful local spot a try before it’s gone.

Location + Hours

Jola Polish Deli is located at 110 Hutton Street in the Jersey City Heights, right around the corner of Central Avenue. 

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Weekly hours are Tuesday through Friday 10AM-6M and Saturday 10AM- 5:00PM. It’s closed on Sunday and Monday.

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