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Hoboken Community Dinner Dubbed A Success

by Amanda O'Brien
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Community togetherness is vital for the future of our neighborhood. On Thursday night, March 21st, Hoboken High School hosted the first annual Hoboken Community Dinner. This event—which has been active for a few years as a stand-alone occasion, is now spreading its horizons to unite even more people within our community by teaming up with Hoboken Public Schools. Our high school correspondent Amanda O’Brien explains how the community dinner got dubbed such a success. 

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The dinner was promoted as a potluck get-together, the point being for visitors to donate meals in order to connect with others. Businesses, students, school staff, parents, alumni, city workers, and all townspeople were invited. The feast began at 7:00PM that night. Several students participated in making food and serving for the festive evening.

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The overall turnout exceeded expectations; many students that did not help out in preparing the event still showed up to enjoy it, along with their parents and neighbors from around the city. The atmosphere was light and inviting, filled with warm smiles all around and a lot of introductions. Despite the weather being dark and stormy, there was an overwhelmingly positive attendance rate. A special thanks are in order to Chef Nelson and her students, as well as those who donated food for making stomachs happily full.

Principal Robin Piccapietra and Vice Principal Anna Gullo shook hands and exchanged small talk with visitors. Several other staff members came out to support too, including librarian Michelle McGrievy and PGP coordinator Christopher Munoz. The dinner lasted for only about an hour and a half, but it was definitely one to remember.

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Events like the Community Dinner are imperative to promote community. As small as Hoboken is, there is a division amongst the different sides of town. It’s important to unite the people of Hoboken for the sake of our city’s future. If this dinner is an indication, the city of Hoboken is heading in the right direction.

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