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7 Local Study Spots For Teens +Adults in Hoboken

by Amanda O'Brien
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Our Hoboken High School Correspondent shares her latest article:

Finding a place to study in Hoboken feels impossible sometimes. A place of silence or even a place to think freely feels like a rarity to find. Although that statement does ring true, {especially to students}, our high school correspondent Amanda O’Brien has curated a list of just a few public spaces to tuck into, along with some ideas on how to get those much-needed study sessions in.

Read on to discover seven places to study in Hoboken.

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Hoboken Public Library {500 Park Avenue}

This may come across as an obvious choice, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Hoboken’s Public Library has so much to offer, but nothing is better than its peaceful atmosphere. Located at 500 Park Avenue, computers are available for public access and there are plenty of tables to settle down with any pesky textbooks. It’s a top place in Hoboken to study because of its easy accessibility for everyone and the resources it offers.

Starbucks {51 Newark Street, 314 Washington Street, and 1205 North Hudson Street}

This cafe is one that everyone knows about. With three locations all around town, this well-known spot is perfect for studying while grabbing a coffee. Dedication to academics can sometimes result in lack of sleep, so it’s important to regain a bit of that {temporary} energy back for the tasks ahead. Be sure to buy something while there if you plan on using the restroom though because in order to ensure that it’s strictly customers are using the bathroom, there is a keypad on the doorknobs – if the code is not displayed on a receipt, talk to a barista. Starbucks is known for its delicious caffeinated beverages and free WIFI, so grab a cup, a book, and get started on that research.

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Jefferson’s Coffee {1001 Madison Street}

The simplicity of a good coffee shop can really make a heart flutter. Jefferson’s Coffee is another great spot to study + grab a cup of Joe in. Plus, organic ingredients along with a cozy vibe makes this coffeehouse especially unique. With two locations on different parts of town, this is an easy to reach area that can serve as a great place for some educational exploration. One can be found on 1001 Madison Street and the other on 534 Washington Street.

Panera Bread {310 Washington Street}

Located right across the street from one of the Starbucks locations {on Washington Street}, this is a similar place with WIFI and a calm setting to study in. Panera Bread has great, tasty foods and drinks, as well as a spacious interior {there will never be a challenge finding a place to sit}. However, make sure to purchase something while stopping by, because the bathroom policy is the same as Starbucks {code required}. Many Mile Square residents go here to work on things because of its positive energy + semi-silent workspace.

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Local Parks {Multiple Locations}

Another penniless option for studying is one of Hoboken’s parks. If money is an issue, take this approach. The neighborhood has plenty to choose from such as Elysian Park, Sinatra Drive’s Waterfront, or Pier A, just to name some. These, in particular, are generally the calmest for the studious folk. Pro tip: pay a visit in the morning, because that is usually when the parks are at their quietest.

Choc-O-Pain {157 1st Street}

Only a few blocks away from the pier, Choco-O-Pain is where studious folks and hungry locals alike will find Choc-o-Pain. Walking in, the heavenly smells of European-style treats fill customer’s senses. The shop specializes in making delicious French delicacies, and have more locations in Jersey City and the Tea Building. This spot is a cozy hangout where breakfast is served with a side of prime study time. With both outdoor and indoor seating too, this bakery is a delightful option to get your study sesh’ in + indulge in your inner foodie.

Studying at A Friend’s House

Although more of a suggestion, still worth being included. A really helpful study tip is to do it with a buddy! It makes the process more entertaining, as well as effective. Quizzing each other, making index cards, and having moral support overall just makes everything less stressful because there’s company {and someone to suffer through it with}. It could be one classmate or even a group, either way it boosts social skills as well as memorization on the topic for all involved. So, invite a friend over one day, and get those A+s together.

Have a hidden gem of a study spot to share? Let us know in the comments!

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