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The Best Crystals to Clear Out Negative Energy in Your Home

by Shawn Engel
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Crystals have extremely powerful healing properties, and when used correctly, can really help magnify the energy you’re seeking out. A great way to put them to use is by placing them intentionally around your home to clear negative energy and pump up the good vibes. Our spiritual contributor, Shawn of Witchy Wisdoms, is breaking down the best crystals to use {and where to use them} to clear out negative energy in your home:

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My favorite way to bring in prosperity and good fortune is to keep Jade near the front door. This stone attracts good luck and friendship, which is great when having guests come over. It also increases love and tranquility, which is an especially good energy to keep at the opening of your home.


Carnelian is an excellent kitchen stone. As a crystal of creation, Carnelian will motivate you to cook, stay healthy, and restore your own vitality {via a balanced diet!} It’s also a very social stone, so if you’re having a gathering and are called to cook for a group of people, this will help keep the vibe light and fun.

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To restore and bring in tranquility, Aquamarine will do the job. When you just want to sit down and watch TV at the end of a long day, Aquamarine will flush the anxiety out of the environment and allow you to relax. Its blue color is exceptional for a calming vibe and will help you to chill out and unwind.


If it’s restful sleep you’re after, Amethyst is the way to go. Promoting a connection to the divine and opening up your crown chakra, Amethyst will bring you interesting dreams. It also harnesses clarity, which is great for sucking anxiety out of a room. Sleep with Amethyst under your pillow for extra oomph.

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A bathroom can be a tough place for a lot of us. Whether we’re putting on/ taking off makeup, taking a shower or bath, or *eek* weighing ourselves, Rose Quartz is the best stone for bringing self-love into an often triggering place. Have a piece of Rose Quartz in your bathroom to bring in more compassion.

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Citrine is the stone of success and is perfect to place in your office. Promoting a steady dedication and drive, this stone will make you your most efficient while plugging away at work.

Child’s Room

A protective stone of the heart, Green Aventurine helps increase intelligence, perception, and creativity. So whether your child is playing or soundly sleeping, Green Aventurine is like your best babysitter.


Getting in your car comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to be focused, clear, and protected in order to have a safe journey. Hematite takes care of all of that. Hematite will ground you while absorbing any toxic thoughts you may have, which will make you alert and ready for anything while facing that rush hour traffic.

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Each crystal is so unique and helps to keep you more connected to the experience you want out of life. Intentionally using their energy to help guide you is an important practice. Keep the vibe high and enjoy your crystals!

What crystals do you use in your home, and where? Share with us in the comments below!

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