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The Best Stone for a Toxic Work Environment + More Witchy Questions Answered

by Shawn Engel
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When it comes to the spiritual world, one might have many questions but are either afraid to ask someone about them, or just don’t know who to ask. Luckily, we have our spiritual contributor, Shawn, to answer some of those popular questions {submitted by HG readers themselves}. Read on for the first installment of our Ask a Witch series:


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What stone is best for a toxic work environment? I like what I do but I can’t stand the people. Help!

Ah girl, I totally know the feeling. There are a number of things you can do to help protect yourself from a toxic person or energy vampire. My favorite way is to carry Obsidian, or another black, protective stone. I wear it in my jewelry to help guard me from harsh energies. This doesn’t mean the person will be eliminated from your life, especially if it’s a boss that has to delegate work to you, but it will help limit the time you have to spend with them while giving you the strength to walk away from any sort of verbal attack. Each morning, charge it with an intention by giving it the task of protecting you from that certain person and focus on the work you love. If you don’t have a black stone yet, go to a local crystal shop {Stick Stone and Bone by the Christopher Street PATH is my favorite!} and hold one in your non-dominant hand to see if you feel anything. That is how you know it will work for you.

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I just started a new relationship and I keep sensing myself sabotaging it. Is there a way to magically fix this?

Magickally, no. There is no spell that will ultimately undo all self-sabotage because it is so layered. But you can incorporate some magickal elements to help unravel the root of the issue. First, I would get a professional Tarot reading to help unearth what the obstacles actually are. If you have cards of your own, consult them, but usually, it takes an outside perspective to help us see clearly. Next, I would do some Shadow Work! Shadow Work is a tool us mystics use to help uncover what is lurking in the shadows, underneath what we can plainly see. You can do this by journaling, without shame, on your behavior within your relationship. What are these behaviors in response to? And are they there to ultimately protect you? You might need some guidance when you start, but it’s a wonderful tool. Finally, I would do some self-love work. Meditate with a Rose Quartz, focus on growing your Heart Chakra, or even go for a Reiki session.

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Is there a way to connect with a family member who’s passed on to the other side? I think my grandfather is trying to contact me but I’m not sure.

There are a few ways to go about this. One is to simply look for signs. What connected you? And have you seen a lot of it lately? A friend’s grandfather passed recently and they would always look for dragonflies together. Now she sees them everywhere. Look for that kind of symbolism. You can take it a step further and create an ancestral altar, and bring him things he would have enjoyed in this realm. Come and speak to him here. You can offer water in a chalice (a great medium for spirits) and speak into it. And look for signs if you have asked him questions. Finally, you can also reach out to an actual medium to help you connect with him as well. Just remember to not hang on too tight to passed spirits. It may limit your experience here on earth <3

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