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The Phases of the Moon, Explained

by Shawn Engel
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The moon is mysterious to many. A full moon has often been blamed for people acting “off,” being responsible for “crazies,” and elevating our emotions. But the more you know about this magical being, the more you can align it with your intentions and use its energy to work for you, not against you. Read on for an explanation of the phases of the moon, as told by our spiritual contributor, Shawn of Witchy Wisdoms:

moon phases explained

About the Moon:

The moon is said to be female, in most spiritual circles, and she has a 29.5-day cycle. Within that time frame, she has five important phases when working with magic and manifestation. The moon begins its cycle as a New moon, Wanes as it grows, becomes Full, Waxes as it shrinks, and becomes Dark before beginning the cycle again.

The New Moon:

The moon is new as the first sliver of light appears against the Dark Moon. This time of the moon phase is especially good for taking note of what we’d like to bring in to our lives. As this is the phase of the moon that indicates room for growth, we explore that within ourselves.

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The Waxing Moon:

As the moon’s light grows, we continue to search for what we’d like to bring in. It is great to practice manifestation at this time, as we are filling our lives with light.

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The Full Moon:

This moon is the apex of light growth within the moon cycle. As the moon is at its peak, practicing any kind of magic, or making any kind of wish, is appropriate at this time. Depending on which astrological sign the moon falls in when it is reflecting the most light, you can tailor your magic and rituals to that. For example, if the Full moon falls in Leo {meaning it’s placement in the stars reflects that particular sign} you can practice glamour magic or play with fire. Full moons have the most potential — but use it wisely.

The Waning Moon:

A few days after the Full moon, you will start to see the light shrink again. This is a perfect time to release what hasn’t served us. Is what we desire truly aligned with our soul purpose? What can we release to make our lives smoother and more abundant? Exploring these ideas during this phase of the cycle is highly cathartic.

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The Dark Moon:

The ultimate release period. When the moon is completely dark, it is an exceptionally good time to cut cords with bad habits, toxic people, or negative thoughts. When you want to purge something for good, the Dark Moon is a great time to do so.

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The moon, with all of its secrets, is said to be the gatekeeper of intuition. If you align your daily journaling or even ritual work and magic to her cycles, you will feel a significant change. When you put intention behind your practice, you will flourish.

Were you familiar with the moon phases before this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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