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Hoboken Girl Reader Fatima Shares What She’s Been Up to in Quarantine

by Corinne Batsides
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Quarantine and self-isolation has been going on for over two months now, so if you find yourself running out ways to keep yourself occupied, you’re not alone. Enter our Quarantine Diaries Series, where we got in touch with Hoboken Girl readers to hear how they’re spending their time in quarantine — so feel free to steal some inspiration.  Our next reader who wanted to share her story for our Reader Quarantine Series is Jersey City local Fatima KhanFind out how she’s been using her time in quarantine and more.

 fatima 2

Tell us about yourself.

Fatima Khan, 31; just celebrated my #quarantinebirthday earlier this month, from Jersey City.

What do you do for work?

[I] work in the finance industry.

What time do you get up in quarantine? Has that changed at all?

I enjoy the buffer that I get now, due to not needing to get too ready for work and commute to work. I am not an early riser so it feels like a blessing.

Describe your day in self-isolation

Work, breaks, snacking, step outside to walk, or biking.

How has your routine changed?

Being able to find more time to reflect and connect with family and friends has been huge.

Do you work out virtually? Describe your routine?

fatima 1

Not very frequent but [I] attended yoga a couple of times virtually.

What is your go-to local delivery spot that has come through for you time after time during the pandemic?

Oh yes, Morton Williams at River Drive and Target has been a blessing! I want to thank all the staff members and essential workers.

What is one thing you cannot wait to do once restrictions are lessened?

Dining out!

Favorite song from 7PM cheers/a song you want to hear?

“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd.

Favorite websites/online entertainment during this time?

Scrolling through posts on “In To the Gloss” on its Facebook page for skincare. Netflix and Netflix.

What is the first business you’ll visit when restrictions are lifted?

Bwe at Newport. Miss it a ton!

What is the most productive thing you’ve done all quarantine?

Initiated to learn a new skill through online learning.

What is the most non-productive thing you’ve done all quarantine?

Organizing thousands of photos on my phone. Also reminiscing beautiful and fun memories.
{Editor’s note: That feels productive to us!}

What have you been doing during the quarantine? Email us hello@hobokengirl.com!


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