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Your Online Streaming Comedy Guide to Netflix, HBO, and Comedy Central

by Corinne Batsides
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Here’s to all the comedy fans — and anyone else desperate for a laugh right now — this one is for you. Since going out to a live show is currently out of the question, it’s about time you start binging some hilarious content at home to get that comedy fix. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine {or at least, it can’t hurt}.

Assuming we could all use a laugh right now, here’s a list of some of the funniest + newest comedy specials you can stream online, from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Comedy Central.

Netflix’s Newest Comedy Specials 

Here’s a list of Netflix’s most recently released comedy specials that you’ll love.

Adam Devine’s The Best Time of Our Lives {2019}

In this first stand up special for Netflix, Devine covers everything from celebrity encounters, his Pitch Perfect audition, all the way to teen awkwardness. Check out the trailer here.

Anthony Jeselnik Fire in the Maternity Ward {2019}

As per the name of Jeselnik’s newest release, he doesn’t show any signs of backing down on his brilliantly unapologetic attitude towards comedy. Watch as his perfect craftsmanship of jokes allows him to get away with saying, well, pretty much anything.

Amy Schumer Growing {2019}

Get an inside look at Amy Schumer all grown up as she reveals all about marriage and pregnancy. Click here for the trailer.

Aziz Ansari Right Now {2019}

On the heels of controversy, Azis Ansair articulates his own personal insights and funny takes on wokeness, family, and the changing social climate.

Bert Kreischer Hey Big Boy {2020}

The shirtless partier shares all about bad parenting, his family, and being a gun owner and pet owner. View the trailer here.

Bill Burr Paper Tiger {2019}

Bill Burr is back and unloading his rage on outrage culture, male feminism, cultural appropriation, and robot sex, in his blistering new stand up special. Watch the trailer here.

Chris D’elia’s No Pain {2020}

Did Chris D’elia just put out one of the best specials of the year? Maybe. Of his career? Definitely. He may not be great at reading or talking to babies, but he has some important things to say about comedy — and problematic dolphins.

Dave Chappelle Sticks and Stones {2019}

He does it again. Chappelle’s been doing this so long, you may think he’d run out of material by now, but no, he’s got plenty more to give us. His controversial take on society is sure to keep you cracking up, and maybe even challenge some of your opinions, as per his m.o. Check out the trailer here.

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Iliza Shlesinger Unveiled {2019}

This newly married comic has a lot to say about the questionable traditions of weddings and the intricacies of her nuptials. Click here for the trailer.

Leslie Jones Time Machine {2020}

Leslie Jones’ eccentricity and organic performance covers everything from battling sleep apnea to trying to seduce Prince. Her open and honest special takes us through her hilarious evolution to adulthood. 

Marc Maron End Times Fun {2020}

Marc Maron’s hilarious quirky rant against turmeric makes us question our own vitamin craze. The wonderful intricacies of his brilliant mind display themselves through jokes about everything from Evangelicals to his lizard loving mom. Click here for the trailer.

Mike Birbiglia The New One {2019}

Mike Birbiglia takes on Broadway with a profound one-man show that takes you along on his physical and emotional journey to becoming a parent. Watch the trailer here.

Pete Davidson Alive From New York {2020}

Pete dishes on everything from his dad to his famous ex, Ariana Grande, and gets some good laughs in, too. 

Ronny Chieng Asian Comedian Destroys America {2019}

Ronny Chieng from Crazy Rich Asians — and, more recently, Dave Chappelle’s tour opener — riffs on life in modern America from the perspective of a member of an immigrant family. Watch the trailer here.

Tom Segura’s Ball Hog {2020}

Tom Segura’s hilarious, brand new special gives us some uncomfortable stories about moms and dads — and following our dreams.

Some of the Funniest Comedians on Netflix

Here are some of the funniest {older} specials that you may have missed.

Anthony Jeselnik Thoughts and Prayers {2015}

Let Anthony Jeselnik teach you that no topics are too taboo to be funny — if you do it right. Jeselnik riffs on tragedies, society, and the challenges he brings on himself from being such a provocative comedian. Watch the trailer here.

Amy Schumer The Leather Special {2017}, 

The beloved {yet infamous} Amy Schumer tapes a special where her outfit rivals her jokes for laughs — and they’re both hilarious. She covers sex and dating, as is her m.o., but this time around she gets a little more absurd, and a little less filtered — if that’s possible. Click here for the trailer.

Bill Burr Let It Go {2010}, You People Are All The Same {2012}, + I’m Sorry You Feel  That Way {2014}

You just need to binge him. Watch it all — we can’t choose one. From his take on women and relationships to overpopulation, or society’s general stupidity, Bill Burr is the hilarious anger in us all, coming out to culminate in hours of perfectly raw comedy bits.

Bo Burnham Make Happy {2016}

Bo Burnham combines wit with self-deprecating humor and {of course} original music to tackle all the major issues of life — like the inconvenient diameter of a Pringles can. Watch the trailer here.

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Chris D’elia Incorrigible {2015} + Man on Fire {2017}

In Man on Fire Chris tells us all how unimportant we are in the grand scheme — and somehow it’s O.K. Let him set you straight in life and still show you how to laugh at it. In his first Netflix special Incorrigible Chris debuts his spot-on impressions and hilariously ridiculous bits, like the one about how babies seriously need to grow up.

Dave Chappelle The Age of Spin {2017}, Deep in the Heart of Texas {2017}, + Equanimity & The Bird Revelation {2017}

The King of Comedy. No matter which special you choose, you’re choosing right. All three specials came out in 2017, serving as his comedy come back after disappearing from the spotlight for about 12 years. All three specials touch on the harsh truths of society and show his hilariously brilliant mind. 

Eddie Murphy Delirious {1983}

This 1983 special is one of the oldest is Netflix’s catalog, and it’s a classic. Get a glimpse of his uncensored observations and parodies, all while watching a comedian who shaped the modern comedy landscape. Watch the trailer here.

Jeff Ross + Dave Attel Bumping Mics {2018}

The duo you never knew you needed. Watch these two comedic geniuses riff on each other for three straight episodes of stand-up comedy gold at the Comedy Cellar.

Jim Norton Mouthful of Shame {2017}

For the brave ones out there, we dare you to give this one a shot. Get a glimpse into Jim Norton’s hilariously twisted mind. Check out the trailer here.

Joe Rogan Triggered {2016}

Any fans of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast should definitely check this out. This is definitely his strongest special yet, packed with hilarious observations about the social climate of 2016 — and the Kardashians. Watch the trailer here.

John Mulaney The Comeback Kid {2015}, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City {2018}

In The Comeback Kid Mulaney dishes about marriage, his beef with babies, and the time he met Bill Clinton. In Kid Gorgeous, he shares some troubling stories from college and the famous people he’s met on the way up in his career, like Mick Jagger. Both are packed with wonderfully crafted and refreshing jokes.

Louis C.K. Hilarious {2010}, + Live at the Comedy Store {2015}, 2017 {2017}

Prior to the scandals that halted Louis C.K.’s career, he was the king of observational comedy. His takes on the monotonies of life are just miserable enough to get you laughing at his pain. Watch the newest trailer here.

Ricky Gervais Humanity {2018}

One of the most important specials to look out for on Netflix, Ricky Gervais has no fear of deconstructing society’s flaws — and it’s hilarious.

Sarah Silverman A Speck of Dust {2017}

Sarah Silverman talks about sad truths and fun facts. She covers laser hair removal, twisted pet love, and politics, all while reminding us we’re a speck of dust in the bigger picture of things. Watch the trailer here.

Sebastian Maniscalco What’s Wrong With People? {2012}, Why Would You Do That? {2016}, + Stay Hungry {2019}

If you don’t know who Sebastian Maniscalco is, you need to figure it out now. His eccentric bits and dramatic reenactments of everyday occurrences will have even the harshest of comedy critics crying of laughter. His style is unparalleled and we highly recommend it. Watch the trailer here.

Theo Von No Offense {2016}

The most beloved man from the south shares with us all about his dating mishaps and meeting Brad Pitt. Get ready for more wonderfully obscure stories about his childhood that are sure to make you slightly concerned, but mostly leave you laughing. 

Tom Segura Mostly Stories {2016}, Disgraceful {2018}

Tom Segura loves to make us uncomfortable — everything from family to sex to racially charged talks with dad — and we love it. His bitterness is our enjoyment. Watch the newest trailer here.

Whitney Cummings Money Shot {2010}

In possibly her strongest special to date, Whitney talks sex, the trials and tribulations of being girl, and anything but politics. Coming off the heels of her rise as a lowbrow roaster on Comedy Central, this is certainly her rawest and funniest special. Watch the trailer here.

HBO Specials

If you’re one of those people with HBO — good for you. Put that access to good use with these hilarious specials.

Amy Schumer Live at Apollo {2015}

The seasoned comic brings her unique blend of extreme honesty and unapologetic sense of humor to the historic Apollo Theater in New York, and it does not disappoint. 

Chris Rock Kill the Messenger (2018)

Chris Rock’s rated-R take on social, political, and celebrity issues from three international performances that took place at South Africa’s Carnival City Casino, New York’s legendary Apollo Theatre, and the Carling Apollo Hammersmith in London. Click here for the trailer.

Dan Soder Son of a Gary {2019}

In his hour-long special shot live in NYC, Soder shares some personal stories, and he certainly delivers. You can catch his debut comedy special on HBO. Watch the trailer here.

Dave Attel Captain Miserable {2007}

This hilarious New York comedy vet dissects his phobias, failures, and fantasies in this hour-long special. From taboo topics to quirky bits, Atel is always worth the watch.

Dave Chappelle Killin’ Them Softly {2000}

The world’s funniest man. We gotta hand it to pre-jacked Dave, this is our favorite special of his. Watch the trailer here.

Ramy Youssef Feelings {2019}

This young Egyptian-American shares some personal anecdotes and tackles universal predicaments from the unique vantage point of a Muslim millennial. He’s definitely a comedian to watch out for. Click here for the trailer.

Will Ferrell You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush {2009}

Will Ferrell, doing stand up comedy, as George W. Bush — enough said

Comedy Central Specials

Comedy Central’s specials certainly don’t get enough attention, so we’re giving credit where credit is definitely due.

Amy Schumer Mostly Sex Stuff {2012}

In her 2012 special, Schumer airs all her dirty laundry. Everything from her dating life, friends, body image, and — of course — sex, Amy hilariously shares it all. Click here for the trailer.

Chris Destefano Size 38 Waist {2019}

You may remember Chris Destefano from MTV’s Guy Code or Girl Code, but in recent years he’s been back with a vengeance on the comedy scene. His signature old school Brooklyn accent, self-deprecation, and say-anything attitude is sure to secure him a spot amongst the best in comedy.

Daniel Tosh Happy Thoughts {2010} + People Pleaser {2016}

Tosh always manages to combine just the right amount of arrogance, condescension, and depravity to make the perfect joke. One of Comedy Central’s greats, his specials may not be for the faintest of hearts, but are certainly for true comedy fans. 

Hannibal Buress Live From Chicago {2014}

There is nobody like Hannibal Buress. If you’re looking for obscure, alt-comedy, or a dude with uniquely crude storytelling abilities, look no further. It’s impossible not to love his hilariously odd delivery and dry wit. Click here for the trailer.

Sam Morril I Got This {2020}

Sam Morril style favors low key joke-telling overdramatic performances as he compares wearing a condom to doing volunteer work, wonders if murderers critique each other’s work, and recalls befriending a vigilante in Cleveland. C

Jeff Ross Jeff Roasts America {2012}

The Roast Master General of Comedy Central Roasts takes on his biggest topic yet: all American citizens. Ross takes his roasting talents across several cities in the U.S., roasting the towns and the residents in volunteer-only speed roasts. Check out the trailer here.

Have a favorite stand up comedy special that’s not listed? Let us know in the comments!


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