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In Our New Series, Reader Chelsea Shares How She’s Been Spending Time at Home

by Arielle Witter
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We’ve been #socialdistancing for quite some time now, and following Gov. Murphy’s announcement about the gradual reopening of New Jersey, it seems as if we’ll be home for the foreseeable future. Now, while some of us have gone full Martha Stewart and deep-dived into a world of DIY activities, many of us are really just kicking it at home, trying to make the most of the situation.

That’s why in a new series, we’ve asked you, our readers, to share with us what you’ve been doing during #QuarantineLife — from learning about the major changes in routines to the brutally honest truth about life in self-isolation, we’re sharing it all.

Our first reader who was kind enough to share her story is Hudson County local Chelsea Narvaez. Find out how she’s been spending her days in quarantine and much, much more.

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^ Chelsea and her fiancé at home!

What do you do for work?

Broadcast Associate for 48 Hours on CBS.

sojo spa
Club Pilates 2023

What time do you get up in quarantine? Has that changed at all?

My alarm goes off at 9:50AM because 10:00AM is when I start work and I want to keep that boundary being at home. When I had to commute into the city, I would wake up at 8:40AM and leave by 9:15AM.

Describe your day in self-isolation.

I wake up, check emails in bed and linger a little bit longer if I don’t have anything pressing, eventually get up and make my way to the living room where I use our dining table and couch as my desk set up. I turn on the TV to the local channels so that way when Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Murphy’s press conferences are on, I can watch. My fiancé and I eat breakfast and then he goes to his desk set up in the back of our apartment. I take breaks to wash the dishes {the woes of no dishwasher} or make/eat lunch or watch something on TV.

Zap Fitness

Then at 6:00PM, as long as I’m not working on something pressing, I end my workday {boundaries!} and relax on the couch until it’s time to make dinner. On occasion, we’ll work out before making dinner. And then we sit and watch whatever is good on TV or whatever we’re binging until it’s time to shower and watch more TV in our bedroom until it’s time to sleep.

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How has your routine changed?

The biggest change is we’re both working from home, so now my fiancé and I can eat breakfast and lunch together, and I can get things done around the apartment during the day that I normally would wait to do on the weekends. And we’re watching a lot more TV now.

Do you work out virtually? Describe your routine.

The first two weeks of quarantine we were good, but we’ve pretty much fallen off the bandwagon since. But when we do work out, we do Blogilates Pilates’ apartment-friendly workouts.

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^ Chelsea and her fiancé making the most of their at-home pizza kit from Tony Boloney’s!

What is your go-to local delivery spot that has come through for you time after time during the pandemic?

 Tacoria! Their burrito boxes are delicious. But we also bought and made a pizza kit from Tony Boloney’s and did a virtual wine and paint night with ArteVino — both were very fun.

What is the best website to keep you occupied?

Been doing a lot of mindless scrolling on Facebook. And since we’re planning our wedding for next year, Pinterest and some bridal websites have been keeping me busy too.

What’s one thing you cannot wait to do once restrictions are lessened?

See my family — I miss them so much.

What is your favorite song from 7:00PM cheers/a song you want to hear?

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” — a classic.

What have been your favorite websites/online entertainment during this time?

We’ve been playing a lot of Jackbox with our friends over Zoom.

What is the first business you’ll visit when restrictions are lifted?

Hopefully, Jose Tejas in Iselin — so delicious!

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What is the most productive thing you’ve done all quarantine?

Top to bottom clean of our apartment and finally hanging up various pictures/artwork we’ve been meaning to hang up for a year now.

We also created a new game — Uno! Beer Pong, which I think is very productive.

What is the most non-productive thing you’ve done all quarantine?

Watching a lot of Law & Order SUV.

What have you been doing during the quarantine? Let us know in the comments!


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