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Hoboken Girl Reader Annmarie Shares How She’s Been Spending Her Time in Quarantine

by Corinne Batsides
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While being stuck at home is starting to make us a little stir-crazy, it also has some undeniable benefits — like {maybe a little too much} extra time with our loved ones who we quarantined with, and some time to get creative. Whether you’re now a DIY professional or you’ve just been catching up on your to-do list, we know our readers have some interesting quarantine stories.

That’s why we’ve asked you, our readers, to share with us what you’ve been doing during #QuarantineLife. Our next reader who wanted to share her story for our Reader Quarantine Series is Hoboken local Annmarie Mercieri Colonna. Find out how she’s been using her time in quarantine and more.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Annmarie Mercieri Colonna, I’m  34 years old and live in Hoboken.

What do you do for work? 

I’m a self-employed publicist + the owner of AMC Consulting. 

What time do you get up in quarantine? Has that changed at all? 

It’s only changed a little bit. I’ll still get up around 7/7:30AM to start my day, but lately have been rolling out of bed around 8:30AM and it’s been a nice break. 

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Describe your day in self-isolation.

I’m married and my husband and I both work from home full-time regularly, so honestly not much has changed on that front. I wake up, either go for a run or cycle inside on my bike trainer, we make coffee, have breakfast. He jumps into the den by 9 to start work and I’ll head over to my workspace around 10:30/11. We sometimes take lunch together. I’ve lost all but one client during this pandemic so a lot of my day consists of networking, which can be difficult to do when you’re sending cold emails to people unknowing of their current situation. I think the thing I miss the most is hugging people. I’m now having dreams about being able to hug my friends again. 


How has your routine changed?  

During the day when I’d usually run errands outside, go for a walk, or change the scenery and work from a coffee shop/library, I’ll find something inside to do like reorganize a drawer, bake, catch up on a show, call my family more. I’m also now taking some online courses and joining more virtual networking meetups. 

Do you work out virtually? Describe your routine.

I use Zwift and cycle inside on my bike trainer. Sometimes I’ll do this alone but I’m also a member of Gold Coast Triathlon here in Hudson County and we’ll schedule virtual group rides, which are so much fun. 

What is your go-to local delivery spot that has come through for you time after time during the pandemic? 

Otto Strada made my recent birthday so special and saved the day.

Best website to keep you occupied?

Udemy! I’ve downloaded so many online courses to learn and try new things.

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Thing you cannot wait to do once restrictions are lessened? 

Visit my 97-year-old grandmother so she can kick my butt at 3-13 gin rummy 

Favorite song from 7PM cheers/a song you want to hear? 

Anything by the Foo Fighters!

Favorite websites/online entertainment during this time? 

Some Good News by John Krasinski.

First business you’ll visit? 

Pilsnerhaus for Wednesday night trivia! 

What is the most productive thing you’ve done all quarantine? 

Bake more goodies from my family’s cookbook – like my great grandma’s famous chocolate donuts. Bake a whole lot of sourdough {but usually do that anyway!}. I couldn’t find any King Arthur flour anywhere a few weeks ago to keep my sourdough starter Abby Normal alive, so my mom shipped me a 10lb bag from New Hampshire! Also, I feel super productive for learning all the great new skills via Udemy.


What is the most non-productive thing you’ve done all quarantine? 

Binge-watch Marrying Millions and play almost 200 hours of Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

What have you been doing during the quarantine? Let us know in the comments!


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