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More Adorable Local Pets Keeping Their Humans Company While Working from Home

by Arielle Witter
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Ah yes, it’s that time of the week again — time to meet some fluffy co-workers. As we roll into yet another week of many of us working from home, we wanted to bring some joy to all of our readers and share some fun, furry friends who are keeping a number of locals company while they take virtual meetings, type away on their laptops, and whatever other activities come along with working from home. From dogs sitting on video calls to hedgehogs “typing” on laptops, it’s time to meet some new furry friends for this week {and check back every Monday for some new furry faces — please submit your pets to [email protected]}:

working from home pets hoboken jersey city

Alexandra + Daphne

daphne dogs working from home

“My co-worker Daphne,” Alexandra shares.

Jeanette + Bunny

bunny hedgehog working from home

“This is my hedgehog, his name is Bunny and he is two,” Jeanette shares.

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Samantha, Tuna, + Mush

cats working from home pets

Zap Fitness

“Here’s my fiancé Eitan with our cats Tuna and Mush,” Samantha tells Hoboken Girl.

Michelle + Minnie

minne pets working from home

“Minnie the newfypoo,” Michelle shares.

Danna, Mick, + Stevie

mick stevie pets working from home

“The Fleetwood Cats don’t like when Mama works,” Danna says.

Melissa + Theodore

theodore pets working from home

“I just adopted Theodore from the shelter on Saturday. I work in soccer, so Theodore jumped right in to help out,”  Melissa shares.

Jason + Kona

kona dogs working from home

“Once she realized there was nothing to eat, she went to sleep. Another ruff day of teleworking,” Jason says.

Jenna + Bailey

bailey work from home pets

“Here is Bailey grinding away,” Jenna told us.

Gina + Frankie

frankie pets working from home

This is Frankie, he is so happy to have mommy home but wishes she would get off the computer.” Gina shares.

Morgan + Kitty Meow

kitty meow pets working from home

“This is my WFH co-worker and executive assistant, Kitty Meow,” Morgan says.

Jessica, Penny, + Violet

penny violet pets working from home

“Penny brought a toy to the meeting, because what’s a meeting without toys. Violet, on the other hand, is already over all of her coworkers and takes a mid-afternoon nap,” Jessica told us.

Allie + Annie

annie pets working from home

“Meet Annie, the fluffiest of co-workers,” Allie shares.

Genevieve + Ollie

ollie pets working from home

“Ollie is hard at work,” Genevieve says.

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Meghan + Betty

betty pets working from home

“My new boss is running a tight ship, when she’s not sleeping on the job,” Meghan shares.

Sharon + Cooper

cooper lets working form home

“Cooper helping me grade my students’ assignments as we work from home,” Sharon says.

Elissa + Chika

chika pets working from home

“My little prickly work helper is sending ‘hedgehugs’ your way,” Elissa shares.

Have a pet that’s keeping you company while you work from home?

Email us at [email protected] to have your pet featured next week!

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