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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Olympic Wrestler Helen Maroulis

by Briana
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We feature some amazing women in our Hoboken Girl of the Week series, but it’s not everyday that we get to interview an Olympic wrestler, based in the area. You heard that right — our Hoboken Girl of the Week is Helen Maroulis, Olympic wrestler and Hudson County resident. This bad ass chick is one to admire, so take a look at what she has to say about her career and see what she loves about living in the area.


On Her Inspirations, Goals, + Passions

I can’t think of my one big inspiration. I’d say the 2004 first ever worlds Olympic wrestling team, and then Jesus is my motivation for why I wrestle. God gave me talent and it’s the greatest joy to give the gift back to Him. Wrestling for Him made me fall in love with the sport in new ways.

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My outcome goals for the year are generally always the same: to win the biggest tournament of that year: either world championships or Olympics. However, my process goals change daily and I always enjoy discovering what they are for that year. I’d say my process goal for this year is to reach new levels of love of God, self and others, and to let go/forgive on new levels.

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I’m passionate about wrestling, learning, working with children, designing wrestling programs. public speaking (which is new for me), and dancing (my new endeavor).

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A Typical Day in the Life

My typical day looks like 2 or more trainings/practices (whether that’s wrestling practice, lift, run, etc) and recovery from the workouts (yoga, stretch, massage, float, sauna, movies, good nutrition, sleep).

The Highs + Lows

Highs of my job — airplanes. Lows of my job — competing at sea level (just kidding).

Obviously winning is a high and losing is a low but I’d say it can also be a low to succeed in something and realize it’s not really what you wanted to succeed at or how you wanted to go about it.


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Highlight of Her Career {So Far}

Winning the Olympics was the highlight of my career, the people God has brought into my life through this crazy journey is the highlight of my life and getting to do it with Him and loved ones makes it so much more enjoyable.

What a Day Off Looks Like

On my days off I love to sit at a cool cafe or coffee shop and read, or maybe do an activity that I normally don’t have time to do during the training schedule (like attending an event, or just changing it up..going to a play or meeting up with friends).

Advice to Anyone Following the Same Career Path:

My advice to anyone wanting to pursue professional athletics/Olympics is to use the journey to discover who you are and to celebrate along the way. Do what you love because you love not because you need to prove anything. The journey is a lot longer than the destination, that’s only a moment. So, love the hard parts as much as the good.


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Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites:

Favorite restaurant in the area:

I haven’t gotten out much since moving here and traveling a lot for training/competitions, so when I’m home I’ve gone to Honeygrow a lot (to get salads after practice). I like their yogurt too.

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Favorite boutique in the area:

Like I said, I honestly haven’t gotten out much. Since moving to NJ, the longest I’ve been in one place without going somewhere for wrestling is three weeks. Most times I’m cramming trainings, recovery and friends/family in that time so I haven’t done much shopping in Hoboken — so I’m all open to recommendations!

Favorite part about Hudson County:

I like being right outside of the city. The city is at your fingertips but you get a more chill pace in Hoboken and Jersey City. I really enjoy this location — I moved here last March.

Favorite outdoor spot in the area:

My favorite outdoor place is to walk along the PATH station by the water. I love the views of the city and landscape.

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