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Where to Get a Massage in Jersey City

by Jen Gonzalez
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Hudson County has some of the most experienced and qualified massage therapists in the area, including Jersey City. But it’s good to know that massages come in all different shapes, sizes, pressures, and points for all different needs. We’ve highlighted the top spots in Jersey City for different massage techniques, from lymphatic drainage to pregnancy massage, and have added a little information about the people behind the practice so you know you’re in good hands – literally.

Basebody Spa | 60 Christopher Columbus Drive

Basebody Spa

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Basebody boasts all the most popular massages in one place. Clients can choose from deep tissue, aromatherapy, and hot stone as well as include add-ons like reflexology, a Theragun, and massage oil. During your visit, enjoy Base amenities including luxury locker rooms, steam rooms, saunas, fitness classes, juice bar, free onsite parking.

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Laura Lacey LMT, CNC | Hamilton Park

sojo spa
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Laura Lacey has a background in both massage and nutrition. She specializes in helping women maintain their body tone throughout pregnancy, offering Pregnancy Massage, Partner Massage for Pregnancy, Postpartum Massage, Mommy + Baby Massage, and Therapeutic Breast Massage. Laura is passionate about empowering new mothers to learn different massage techniques at home that will assist in postpartum swelling as well as alleviating breast engorgement and plugged milk ducts.

Loosen Up Wellness Center | 172 Newark Avenue, Suite 3

Loosen Up provides Swedish, sports, prenatal, and full-body stretch massages.  “If you’re looking for some me-time, this is the massage for you. Light, long strokes will put your muscles and mind at ease,’ the owner said about the 60-minute Swedish massage. As for the sports massage, she says, “The massage to get right before that big event! This massage boosts blood flow to the muscles without increasing flexibility.”

Zap Fitness

Mia Spa | 743 Newark Avenue

Mia Spa offers Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, hot stone, couples, and a four-hand massage. The four-hand massage is when two therapists focus on one client, often using synchronized moves. Two people can enjoy a massage experience together, side by side in the couple’s room. “The atmosphere is very peaceful. The rooms are neat and clean. I’ve been here twice and I plan on making a few more trips,” said one client.

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NJ Acupuncture Center of Jersey City | 550 Newark Avenue

nj acupuncture center

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The AcuSculpt™ slimming and toning massage helps with curbing cravings, speeding up the metabolism, stimulating bowel movements, healing the gut, and getting rid of bloating and gas. This massage tones up the abdominal and inner thigh muscles (it could definitely be felt in the stomach and love handles area) if done over time. It can be paired with acupuncture that the technician hooks up to stim machines so that it adds that extra pulse and activates the treatment in a bigger way. Ask for the weight loss protocol if this is what you’d like, but the team will help you during your consultation to decide which treatment plan is good for you).

Salvation Wellness | 521 Jersey Avenue

Salvation Wellness

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With 17 years of experience and training in 20 different techniques, Ceallaigh of Salvation Wellness not only has one of the most qualified resumes for a massage therapist, but she truly knows how to get to the root of the issue. She taught Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapy at the Cortiva Institute in Hoboken. Ceallaigh trained in lymphatic drainage massage at Sloan Kettering, where she was one of the only students who was not a doctor. She specializes in sports rehab and prevention, chronic pain management, and lymphatic drainage for postoperative patients and those suffering from auto-immune diseases.

Quantum Vita Body Therapy | 124 Brunswick Street

Quantum Vita Body Therapy has been serving its clients with customized treatments since 2003. Its specialties range from deep tissue, neuromuscular, therapy, Swedish, pre-post natal, and manual lymph drainage – something for everyone.


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