Best Massages in Jersey City {For All Different Massage Types}

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Jersey City has some of the most experienced and qualified massage therapists in Hudson County {aren’t we lucky!} But little might you know, massages come in all different shapes, sizes, pressures, and points for all different needs. We’ve highlighted the top spots for different massage techniques, from lymphatic drainage to pregnancy massage, and have added a little information about the people behind the practice — so you know you’re in good hands… literally. Note: Each place has its own unique specialty and some are very complimentary of each other, so make sure to read the entire list! 

Salvation Wellness {521 Jersey Ave.}

salvation wellness jersey city


With 17 years of experience and training in 20 different techniques, Ceallaigh of Salvation Wellness not only has one of the most qualified resumes for a massage therapist, but she truly knows how to get to the root of the issue. She taught Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy at the Cortiva Institute in Hoboken. Ceallaigh trained in lymphatic drainage massage at Sloan Kettering, where she was one of the only students who was not a doctor. She specializes in sports rehab and prevention, chronic pain management and lymphatic drainage for postoperative patients and those suffering from auto-immune diseases.

FreedOm Therapeutics {189 Brunswick St. 2nd Floor}


Oneika of FreedOm Therapeutics offers a one-of-a-kind therapy. Oneika blends her background as a yoga instructor with her massage technique, offering her signature Therapeutic Yoga and Massage combination, which incorporates restorative yoga poses to help relax the muscles and facilitate healing. Oneika also specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy. Oneika embodies a true healing energy, introducing yoga and meditation to high school athletes, seniors, prisoners, those suffering from addiction, chronic illness, and cancer.

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Quantum Vita Body Therapy {1971 JFK Blvd.}


Temporarily located near St. Peters College, owner Betsey Galarza has a cult following. Specializing in Japanese Deep Tissue {there will be elbows!}, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and more, Betsey uses her arsenal of technique to dissolve the stress from your body.

Laura Lacey LMT, CNC {Hamilton Park}


Laura Lacey has a background in both massage and nutrition. She specializes in helping women maintain their body tone throughout pregnancy, offering Pregnancy Massage, Partner Massage for Pregnancy, Postpartum Massage, Mommy + Baby Massage, and Therapeutic Breast Massage. Laura is passionate about empowering new mothers to learn different massage techniques at home that will assist in postpartum swelling as well as alleviating breast engorgement and plugged milk ducts.

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Brian P. Corrigan DC {166 Newark Ave}


A miracle worker, Brian P. Corrigan is a chiropractor in Jersey City with a cult following. He is added to this list because proper spinal alignment can be a necessary compliment to massage. Chronic muscular issues will continue to return unless the body’s structure is corrected. Brian turns nonbelievers into believers on a daily basis, as there are countless stories of backs being healed in a short matter of time {amongst other miracles}. Brian has been in the neighborhood for almost 20 years and continues to operate on a first-come first-serve basis, where the initial spinal adjustment is only $20 cash and each subsequent visit is $15.


JC has such a vast amount of incredible massage therapists — who knew?! Now you do. Have you been to one of these massage magicians? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Jen Gonzalez is the owner/founder of Doody Free Girl, a colon hydrotherapy practice in downtown Jersey City. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jen graduated from the University of Miami, FL with a degree in business — but after discovering a passion for health and alternative wellness while working at her family's business, she realized how easy it is to lead an unhealthy lifestyle in today's corporate environment. Now, she works as a colon hydrotherapist and certified nutritional consultant. On Hoboken Girl, she'll be sharing all of the cool vegan/veggie/healthy options there are to discover in Jersey City.