A Hoboken Food Walking Tour: Your Guide to Restaurants {Historical Edition}

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Living in the Mile Square has many perks. Its proximity to Manhattan is one of the most convenient perks of living here. However, perhaps most importantly, Hoboken is home to deeply-rooted food culture as well as some highly-coveted restaurants that are well known by even those who live outside of the state. Living here automatically makes locals feel like the keeper of that information when friends from the outside world will ask, “What do I have to do in Hoboken.”

And really, it’s not what you have to do, per se, it’s more about what you have to eat. So, for when friends come asking where the most historical, must-try spots to dine at are in Hoboken, here is a list so you are not stumbling for words. Join us on this culinary tour {but remember to take your time — it’s a marathon, not a sprint} of the Mile Square, as we guide you through this delectable city from top to bottom.

Dino + Harry’s {163 14th Street}

dino and harrys hoboken

As one of Hoboken’s claims to fame, Dino + Harry’s is the perfect spot for fine dining in the Mile Square. This elegant and intimate restaurant holds many historical and culinary treasures. Many celeb sightings have occurred in this saloon-like steakhouse as Eli Manning made frequent appearances here in his time living in Hoboken. The menu is elevated, yet typical of a steakhouse, with different prime cuts of meat and a la carte sides. Additionally, Dino + Harry’s has a selection of pasta and seafood that is above and beyond.

M+P Biancamano {1116 Washington Street}

m p biancamano

A staple in the Hoboken community, M+Ps was started in 1981 by the Biancamano family and has been a hot spot for those who want great Italian food. The deli features a selection of made to order sandwiches, hot food, and more. Most notably, M+Ps is known for fresh mozzarella, which won first place at the Hoboken Mutz Fest quite a few times. Owner Pietro’s number one sandwich weighs in at a whopping two and a half pounds and includes ham, capicola, prosciutto, pepperoni, and, of course, mozzarella.

Giorgio’s Pasticceria {1112 Washington Street}

giorgios hoboken italian bakery

This uptown gem has been in business since 1974 when Anna Marie and Giorgio Castiello first opened shop. Known for the cannolis, cakes, Italian cookies, and pastries — OK so, basically everything — Giorgio’s has a reputation for authentic, handmade desserts. Seriously, the cannolis are out of this world. Now run by their daughter, Mary Grace, Giorgio’s is a staple in the Mile Square and continues to serve the Hoboken community with so much passion.

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Pilsener Haus & Biergarten {1422 Grand Street}

pilsenerhaus biergarten interior hoboken

For a quick drink break, head to Pilsener Haus and Biergarten on 14th Street. Opened in 2012, this unique Austrian-Hungarian beer garden serves sausages and other favorites at communal tables inside and out. Their decor will transport you to a European vibe, and the selection of beers is quite impressive. If you’re coming by in the winter, make sure to check out the outdoor winter snowglobes that you can enjoy with a group of friends.

Augustino’s {1104 Washington Street}

augustinos hoboken inside

If lucky enough to snag a seat at one of the eight small tables, consider yourself lucky. And now, with curbside pick up available and outdoor dining available, more and more can enjoy the incredible selections at this locale. The Sunday Sauce is a must-try here — if it’s available. And don’t sleep on the pork chop. It’s the other fan-favorite dish and could feed a small army. What’s most amazing about Augustino’s is the sense of family within the restaurant and once you dine there, you become part of it, too!

Elysian Cafe {1001 Washington Street}

elysian cafe

Being in business for 125 years says a lot about this well-known Hoboken French bistro. Originally opened in 1895 and called Dillenger + Jefferson’s, the building was also an ice cream parlor and “hair salon” during the days of prohibition — a true speakeasy. Today, the restaurant is run by Travis Young and Steve Schneider. Open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, Elysian’s menu is primarily French bistro with some classic favorites. The French Onion soup is really something special as is the Elysian burger.

Amanda’s {908 Washington Street}

amandas hobokengirl

Elegance meets divine cuisine at Amanda’s, one of Hoboken’s fancier restaurants. Currently, the menu is Argentinian-based, featuring empanadas, croquettes, flank steak, pork shoulder, and so much more. Amanda’s has opened for indoor dining, but be sure to make your reservation ahead of time, as people will be flocking to sip wine at the beautiful bar once again, and snagging a reservation may continue to be a challenging feat.

Anthony David’s {953 Bloomfield Avenue}

Anthony David’s has been a long-standing restaurant in Hoboken with a robust menu created by a man with as much heart as talent. Chef Anthony Pino is a local celebrity in Hoboken as his restaurants continuously bring together people through the medium of food. The selections are simply incredible, with classic favorites and new twists on dishes that only someone of his caliber could create. The wild boar ragu is on another level, as are all of the dishes at AD’s. What’s important to remember, each dish has layers and layers of flavor just waiting to be tasted. A true Hoboken landmark.

Ali Baba {912 Washington Street}


Ali Baba is truly one of those gems tucked away even though it’s on the main drag — serving up authentic middle eastern cuisine in the Mile Square for over 30 years {since 1983, to be exact}. From the great food to the service that makes you feel right at home, Ali Bab’s owner Ibrahim does both the cooking and will even serve customers sometimes, too. Their falafel and hummus is next level, and no matter what you order for dinner, be sure to order the Turkish coffee and honey cake for dessert.

Benny Tudino’s {622 Washington Street}

benny tudinos

A slice at Benny Tudino’s could set anyone over the legal pizza-eating limit but no one’s counting. Benny’s is known for extra-large slices, deliciousness, and small-town pizzeria feel. This pizza parlor has been in the Mile Square since 1963 and has since proved to locals that a pizza could rival the size of the moon. The motto at Benny’s? One slice — everybody knows the rules. That’s it. Trust us on that one.

Court Street {61 6th Street}

Seemingly hidden, this Hoboken gem is known for the daily specials. Plus, its weekly Lobster Fest is what all Hobokenites look forward to, which happens every Wednesday and Saturday, thankfully. The restaurant also offers brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts, and drinks. Definitely don’t pass up the Surf and Turf dinner — filet mignon and a lobster tail.

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Karma Kafe {505 Washington Street}

karma kafe

Home to the most delectable Indian dishes in the area, this small Indian spot offers big portions + a lunch buffet in a simple space — that has survived a fire several years back. They also offer sidewalk seating and a full bar. The lamb vindaloo + chicken tikka are always classic dishes, but this special spot has incredible naan, roti, paneer, and other authentic dishes pair nicely with a mango lassi.

Dom’s Bakery {506 Grand Street}

doms bakery hoboken

Dom Castellitto, the owner of Dom’s baker, has been in business since 1979. Those who have been to Dom’s know that from the bread to the pastries, there’s nothing quite like it. In fact, Ol’ Blue Eyes himself used to have his bread shipped to him when he was living in California. If it’s good enough for Sinatra, well then, it’s good enough for the rest of us. Two important things to remember when going to the bakery: get the focaccia bread and have a sfogliatella. That is all.

Fiore’s House of Quality {414 Adams Street}


There’s a reason that the line out of Fiore’s is always about half a block deep and the answer lies in two little words: fresh mutz. The Amato family has been in business for as long as anyone could remember. While mozzarella is always available, the best days to go are Thursday and Saturday for the roast beef, mutz, and gravy special. Don’t forget, Fiore’s is cash only.

Leo’s Grandevous {200 Grand Street}

leo's hoboken

With just over 80 years in business, Leo’s Grandevous is known to be one of the oldest restaurants remaining in Hoboken and for obvious reasons. Not only has this gem dedicated its space to Sinatra, decorated every inch of wall space with Ol’ Blue Eyes, but this classic Italian restaurant also boasts flavors that are out of this world and dishes that would even revive Sinatra himself. The chicken parmigiana and ravioli are always a great choice at Leo’s.

La Isla {104 Washington Street}

La Isla Hoboken Girl

Hoboken is no stranger to Cuban food and La Isla is at the top of our list. The original location in downtown Hoboken is small and easy to miss but the menu packs a punch that everyone will enjoy. While the restaurant has a complete selection filled with Cuban favorites, the daily specials are what to look out for. Ropa vieja {literally translating to “old clothes”} is a Cuban staple — shredded flank steak and is bursting at the seams with flavor.

Carlo’s Bakery {95 Washington Street}

carlos bakery

Everyone who is anyone knows Carlo’s Bakery. People near and far flock to this bakery, not only to pick up delicious treats but also to snag a photo of the iconic signage out front. Whether looking for cakes, pastries, cookies, or cannolis, Buddy isn’t called the cake boss for nothin’. Stop by this hotspot for something as sweet

Piccolo’s Cheesesteaks {92 Clinton Street}

piccolos cheesesteaks hoboken

Opening in 1955, Piccolo’s is just one of those spots. The menu is long-standing and filled with family recipes. Of course, a cheesesteak is a must but don’t sleep on the meatball sandwich or the famous pasta Fagioli. Piccolo has blurred the lines of generational gaps and continues to attract customers because of the quality food, an old-school feel, and a major sense of Hoboken pride.


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