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Giorgio’s Pasticceria: Hoboken’s Beloved Uptown Bakery

by Megan Joseph
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If you’ve ever been in line to pick up cannolis and other treats at an uptown bakery called Giorgio’s Pasticerria on Christmas Eve, consider yourself officially introduced into the local Hoboken scene. This gem, Giorgio’s Pasticerria, located at 1112 Washington Street in Hoboken, is well-known for its cannolis, cookies, and pastries. Mary Grace Castiello and her father Giorgio {the namesake mastermind behind this locale} are the faces behind the counter Tuesday through Sunday and never fail to greet customers with a smile {and a few extra cookies, if you’re lucky}. Here’s more about Giorgio’s Pasticceria Italiana and the story behind this beloved Italian bakery:

giorgios hoboken italian bakery

Giorgio’s Roots

The Castiello family is from the Naples region of Italy, where Giorgio started working at 12 years old to help feed and support his family. When he got older, he worked on cruise ships as a pastry chef, which Mary says many from that region of Italy did at the time.

After moving to the United States, Giorgio worked at various companies in the food industry in Queens and Brooklyn. Mary tells the story of her father’s first steps to owning his own bakery like she has it memorized.

“He just happened to answer the phone one day at his job and the person on the other line asked if my dad knew anyone who was interested in buying a bakery. And he replied, ‘Me!’” she said. “My mom went [to Hoboken] to look at it the next day.”

giorgio's bakery hoboken italian

Giorgio’s opened in April 1974, following a long line of bakeries in the exact same location at 1112 Washington Street right before it. Giorgio and his wife, Anna Marie, lived in the apartment above the shop with their three children for years, and being so close to the bakery, Mary spent loads of time there as a kid. She recalls helping out downstairs with her siblings, cracking eggs, and standing on crates to reach the counter. Now she essentially runs the show with her dad.

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The Bakery Today

Today Giorgio’s has about five floating staff and even more during the holidays. With 40+ years of history, Mary says their Hudson County customers often return after they’ve moved to a new city ‚ or even a new country.

“Sometimes people make very long trips to come back: North Carolina, Virginia, or California,” she said. “We had a few customers who moved to Malaysia, and when they were back in the States for only 12 hours, they had to come to Giorgio’s to get cookies.”

Giorgios wall

It’s clear that such a tried-and-true history is just as important to the customers as it is to the paticceria itself, where its story is told right on the walls. A collection of memorabilia in a glass case greets guests at the front door, filled pictures of the Castiello siblings, newspaper clippings over the years, and Giorgio’s wife’s obituary, Anna Marie — who sadly passed away in 2012.

About the Dessert

hoboken italian bakery giorgios

The most popular items on Giorgio’s menu are cannolis, cannoli cookies, New York Cheesecake, and lobster tails aka sfogliatella in Italian, according to Mary. The shop boasts items beyond Italy too, as Giorgio’s is very popular for its French pastries like éclairs, French cannolis, and various fruit tarts.

giorgio's hoboken girl

^Apple turnovers = j’amaze.

But truthfully, if you haven’t had the cannolis at Giorgio’s, you are SERIOUSLY missing out.

Giorgios Cannolis

Possibly the best cannolis around — with a hint of orange zest and chocolate chips, of course.

Baking ingredients at Giorgio’s come from David Rosen, a bakery supply company based in Queens, while the fresh cheese comes from Montena Taranto in Ridgefield. But like most bakers, you can also find Mary and her father making a quick trip to BJ’s or the local supermarket.

HG recommends heading over to Giorgio’s location hashtag on Instagram to take a look at some other satisfied customers and yummy treats. Or scroll down:

giorgio's hoboken

^Chocolate-dipped, one of the best.

giorgio's bakery hoboken

Giorgios pastries

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Giorgio’s is excited for what 2019 will bring to the family-owned business. Currently, it’s cash-only, but Mary says they’re contemplating taking credit cards this year.

Giorgio’s is open from 10AM-7PM Tuesday through Friday, 9AM-5PM on Saturdays, and 9AM-PM on Sundays. The bakery is closed on Mondays. No matter what day it is, make sure to Swing by Giorgio’s and leave with a delicious dessert and most likely a personal connection to the bakery.

Have you been to Giorgio’s? Do you have a go-to pastry?

Let us know in the comments below!

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