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Schnackenberg’s Hoboken Closes; Local Salad Startup ‘Alfalfa’ to Open

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Restaurants are a dime a dozen in Hudson County, but when it comes to sweet treats, Schnackenberg’s was a true Hoboken gem that satisfied any sweet tooth {with a definitive old-school charm}. Sadly, the owners of Schnackenberg’s, Joyce and Eugene Flinn, have just shared the news that they will be closing the establishment immediately at 1110 Washington Street, and the space will soon be newly-occupied by Alfalfa, a local salad start-up that had been doing a pop-up in their store on evenings throughout the season. Schnackenberg’s had been “closed for renovation” for the last few days, which now appears to be for good.

Schnackenberg’s shared on Instagram on February 1, 2019:

“After more than 30 years as Hoboken restaurateurs and a good run at Schnackenberg’s, we welcome Alfalfa and its younger, more energetic entrepreneurs to 1110 Washington Street.

We predict their healthy menu will be embraced by the residents of our beloved Mile Square City and wish them every success.
We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and for the support and friendships we’ve shared.

As for us, we’re not going away; we’re just hoping to go a little slower. -Joyce and Eugene Flinn”


Schnackenberg’s was known for its premium ice cream, homemade doughnuts, classic milkshakes, and more — all offered on its seriously enticing menu surrounded by decor dating back over 80 years.

photo 1-1

Originally established in 1931, this mom + pop shop was opened by Dora and Henry Schnackenberg at its current location, 1110 Washington Street. Their daughter, Dorothy Novak took it over until it was renovated and reopened with its original name intact {by Eugene and Joyce Flinn}. The Flinns also are former owners of Amanda’s and Elysian in Hoboken, two very popular restaurant spots that most of us know and love, both of which they have just recently sold as well.

They opted to restore the location to its original “look,” but keep it in tune with the times as far as parts of the menu go, etc. {Think: there’s gluten-free french toast and vegan sausage on the breakfast menu!}

photo 5

A picture of the original owner front and center in the current decor.

Nostalgia 101 — What We’ll Miss: 

Champagne Chocolate Truffles

photo 2


There was nothing better than champagne AND truffle in one out-of-this-world combination. Beyond this delightful delicacy, Schnackenberg’s made its own chocolates.

Mascarpone Doughnuts

photo 2-1

As delicious as it sounds.

Dulce De Leche Jelly Doughnuts

photo 3-1

{Editor’s Note: These were like crack – think jelly filling, but instead in the form of CARAMEL GOODNESS}.

It’s always a fun treat to buy jelly beans from an old-school shop like Schnackies {and yes, that’s what Hoboken residents originally called it}. 

photo 3


Flavors aside, a milkshake from Schnackies is all about the experience {how could it not be with the vintage feel of the shop!}. Served in massive float glasses, they were topped with whipped cream and a touch of old-school charm.

Schnackenberg Shake

photo 4-1

On top of it all, the decor was simply adorable –  a mix of old and new, beautifully restored and displayed throughout the shop, with high counter tops and bright red high chairs bringing us back to the mid 20th century.

photo 1

See what we mean?


That being said, we’re super excited for Alfalfa to gain a storefront in town, especially since Hoboken residents are always asking for more healthy options and salad spots!

If you haven’t tried Alfalfa yet, get excited —  they’ll be taking Schnackie’s place at 1110 Washington, where they previously were “popping up” for a few months — serving up organic and DIY salads for the masses. Def stop by to support this local start-up; all the owners are local and have built it from the ground up.

Best wishes to Eugene and Joyce, and thanks for the doughnuts and shakes, Schnackenberg’s — we’ll miss you.

Have you been to Schnackenberg’s? Tell us in the comments below what you’ll miss!

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