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    Looking for a workout remix in a clean, boutique-like setting that will make you sweat like no other? FIT RxN is the latest endorphin addiction to plant their flag in Hoboken. New York City’s celebrity master trainer, Mr. Ray, brings his kick-ass sweatfests & stellar team of trainers to 104 Hudson Street in Hoboken. Sooo exciting!

    Fit RxN 3

    All fitness levels can find a home there with dedicated instructors helping clients achieve their personal goals…and just know this is not your typical group class.  All of FIT’s instructors are certified bat shit crazy!!  Don’t be fooled, they may be doing backflips in the room, but they’ll catch you cutting out at 9 instead of repping out 10 or slacking on form {trust me… I found this out in Mr. Ray’s 30/30 class I recently took during the spinning part}:

    Fit RxN 2

    Lights out, steady climb on the spin bikes. So much fun {aaaaand sweat}.


    30 minutes of spinning with great beats, intense workout, and lights down for the 1st part of the 30/30 class. Loved it. I was sweating away {and it takes a lot for me to sweat, for real}. I never knew how out of shape I was until I took Mr. Ray’s class!


    Fun facts about the awesome spin studio {one of the studios at Fit RxN}:

    1. You can see how many RPMs {which helps you keep track of your workouts and not be able to “fake” that you’re working hard}

    2. You can keep track of your heart rate on the screen overhead and challenge yourself to work harder {you versus yourself or you versus the class — all are on the monitor}

    3. Not only do the trainers teach the class, some were actually taking the class too {it’s awesome to see that fitness instructors actually believe in eachother and know they’ll get a killer workout}.


    Fit RxN 5

    Lights on. Time for the TRX bands.


    In the next room, you have a TRX band sanctuary. Aka time to sweat more, even though you’ve already sweat enough for 3 days. This is the second half of the 30/30 class — 30 minutes of crazy.

    Fit RxN

    Fit RxN’s TRX room. Kettle bells, weights, and waaaay more.


    In this part, we alternated between burpees, planks, push-ups, and TRX bands! The energy was high, and it was a fantastic workout. I was exhausted {in a good way} at the end. I highly recommend the 30/30 class with Mr. Ray or any of the other instructors; it is a serious body transformer. One of these per week {minimum}, and you will see some serious results.


    Says FIT RxN:


    Derived from the concept of Functional Fitness, FIT RxN provides instructor led group training classes with the goal of teaching your muscles how to work together to increase strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility. Through several uniquely developed and expertly taught classes like Indoor Cycling, TRX, Sandbells, CoreRxN, FORCE, Mommy Strong and our signature 30/30, Team FIT will be there to empower you to step outside the proverbial comfort zone and achieve YOUR desired level of FIT!Some of the fun tools they use in the various classes: TRX, SandBells, Bikes… click here for their full class descriptions.

    Although FIT RxN is founded around the principles of health and wellness, we also take pride in making your time with us an experience. Beginning as a family owned and operated company, we’re built from the foundation of “supportive, loud and infectious sarcastic humor”. We have that “Give a FIT Factor” about each other, therefore we unequivocally have it for you! We are a Family, and our clients become our Family! Congrats, you each just inherited an amazing Team whether you want us or not!

     As far as ambiance, the studio is bright and clean, with a great array of merchandise:

    Fit RxN 6

    I didn’t get to check them out during my visit, but word on the street is that there are two very nice “no flip flops needed” showers that would rival a suite in Vegas! No excuses of not going before or after work {right before happy hour, that is}.

    A little about the Founder {and my fitness instructor for the 30/30 class}: Mr. Ray is the epitome of a true fitness professional.  He owns his craft through grunt & grind and his clients reap the benefits of a dedicated and creative trainer.  Mr. Ray founded PEDAL NYC in 2011 and has since rebranded the company to FIT RxN.  He has trained high profile celebrities for over 15 years including American Idol judge, Harry Connick Jr.  Mr. Ray is also a highlight celebrity trainer for Sweat USA along side of the Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels, and P90x’s Tony Horton.



    Overall, I had a blast at FIT RxN…up-beat, friendly, energy-filled trainers that will make you work your hardest and encourage you to sweat, sweat, sweat {all with good form, of course}.

    And the best part? You can try out a class with Fit RxN for 15% off:




    For more info, or to purchase classes, use the promo code and head to: 


    You won’t regret it! {Unless you hate sweating, that is}.

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    Phone:  201.656.1986

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