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This Hoboken Couple’s Surprise Quarantine Engagement Will Melt Your Heart [VIDEO]

by Arielle Witter
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If there’s one thing that we can all appreciate during this tough time, it’s good news. Something to put a smile on our faces and remind us that even in dark times, there’s still some light in the world. One such feel-good story is this one about a couple’s sweet, surprise engagement while in quarantine. Mark and Emily’s, a Hoboken-based couple, story was so cute and heartwarming, it even brought tears to the eyes of some of the members of Team HG. So have the Kleenex ready, because here is their story.

mark emily hoboken engagement story

How They Met

mark kelly engagement story

Four years ago was when Mark and Emily first met. Mark was working a startup at the time, and in January 2016, Emily joined the team. “She happened to be sitting in the seat next to me,” Mark said.

Of course, this blossomed into what would be an in-office crush and then, ultimately, an out of office romance. “Over the next few months, we realized we had a lot in common and quickly became very friendly,” Mark shared. “It wasn’t until about April that we moved from mutual office crush, to secret {apparently not so secret} office relationship.”

And just like that, the two became an official item and moved to Hoboken 14 months later — they’ve been members of the Mile Square Community for three years.

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The Original Proposal

Here’s where things start to get fun. Mark’s original plan was to propose to his best gal the Friday before the couple was to leave for a vacation to Tulum, Mexico.

“I was going to do this when she got home from work by putting a note on our dog {Olive}. This was to be followed by meeting 50 of our closest friends at a bar nearby {I was talking to City Bistro},” Mark said. “The next day, we’d plan to visit my uncle’s house where I was going to surprise [her] again with both our families. Then we would enjoy our trip to Mexico.”

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Of course, as concerns regarding the coronavirus grew more and more prevalent, their trip got canceled. Following that cancellation, Mark was planning to wait to propose but with all of the uncertainty about the future {ahem, yes, we’re looking at you, COVID-19}, he made the decision to keep his proposal plans intact.

The Puzzle Proposal

“Emily bought a puzzle, like many others, as a way to entertain ourselves during social distancing. I noticed this puzzle was two chairs on a beach in the sunset. This gave me an idea,” Mark shared. “I decided to hide the final puzzle piece. I also sabotaged the puzzle so that she would finish on that same Friday which would allow me to include our families.”

And so the scheming began! When Emily went to take the couple’s aforementioned pup, Olive, out for a walk, Mark set his re-worked plan into motion.

“I set up a few cameras and a video conference through Zoom so our family could watch live. Then, when she got back, I put a note near the entrance to our apartment. The end of the note read ‘I know we can’t go to Mexico, but if you finished this puzzle, we will have two chairs on a beach, which I’m realizing is all we really need,’” Mark said.

mark wasmund hoboken engagement story

OK, now is when we should grab the tissues, because when she finished reading the note, Emily looked up to find Mark on one knee. He handed her the final piece of the puzzle.

Emily, surprised by all that was going on, thought Mark was playing a joke on her and gave him a little love tap. But she still had one thing left to — finish the puzzle with the last piece. When she went to place it in its rightful spot, Emily found the ring.

mark wasmund ring engagement story hoboken

emily hoboken engagement

“When she finished the puzzle, the ring was in the final piece,” Mark said.  “I then popped the question and she said YES!”

mark emily engagement zoom call

^ The whole family on the Zoom call!

Of course, after a quick embrace, Mark revealed that their families had been there the whole time, virtually watching as the magic unfolded. But even as a bonus, Mark surprised his now fiancé with a congratulatory message from her favorite internet celebrity, Fiona the Hippo. After that, like true Mile Square locals, newly engaged couple picked up dinner from their favorite spot, La Isla Uptown, to celebrate.

Luckily enough, Mark was able to catch the whole thing on camera — check out the video here.

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Future Wedding Plans

mark emily hoboken couple engagement

 A week later, the couple is still engaged {no quarantine-related tiffs that we know of have transpired} and are excited about what the future holds for them. Of course, any major wedding planning activities have been put on hold due to the current global circumstance. But Mark and Emily do have an idea of where they want to have their wedding — the place where it was all supposed to begin, Mexico.

“We don’t have plans yet, but at the top of our list is Mexico to make up for our missed trip,” Mark shared. “But Hoboken is certainly in consideration!”

Congratulations to Emily and Mark on their engagement — the team at Hoboken Girl is wishing you all the best and hope you are staying safe!

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