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Mysterious Graffiti Appearing Inside Hoboken Buildings Again

by Hoboken Girl Team
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This past summer, locals were been noticing mysterious graffiti — more specifically, a single “J” — on various walls inside Hoboken residential buildings. While we are unsure of who exactly is doing this, Hoboken residents think that this could be a DoorDasher, and the face of this person who has now vandalized several Hoboken locations was also captured on security footage. After months of silence, another “J’ has been spotted at yet another Hoboken residential building. Read on for what we know about this mysterious graffiti in Hoboken.

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What We Know

Per information sent to The Hoboken Girl via email back in August 2023, there is an alleged DoorDash delivery driver causing property damage in various residential buildings throughout Hoboken. This person has been leaving his “mark” in the form of a “J” with permanent ink on walls, plaques, wallpaper, etc. when he makes deliveries.

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Throughout this past summer, Hoboken residents have posted in our The Hoboken Girl Insiders Facebook Group, saying that they have noticed this “J” appearing on the walls of elevator lobbies, including in The Shipyard, Hudson Tea, Cast Iron Lofts, and Sky Club buildings. One resident also said they have noticed these mysterious graffiti “tags” at a building on 4th and Jackson two times, including on the elevator panels as well as inside the elevator itself. Another resident has seen the vandalism at a building located at 1000 Jefferson Street in Hoboken, and another resident said they were able to pinpoint it to a DoorDash driver named “Louis”. Various other residents have since joined the conversation to include their experiences.

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Photo credit: Mile Joliat via The Hoboken Girl Insiders Facebook Group

Per the email sent to us, the management company at the Hudson Tea building has an image of the individual, but nothing has been confirmed as to whether this person is the same one causing the property damage.

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On March 9th, 2024, HG received a DM from a reader saying that they spotted yet another “J” at their building on 11th and Adams Street in Hoboken. We will keep you updated if there are any other incidents.


We reached out to the Hoboken Police Department concerning the incidents back in August. Marci Rubin, Hoboken’s Senior Public Information Assistant, said:

“In response to your inquiry into reader emails and Facebook posts about vandalism happening inside buildings in Hoboken, I can tell you that Hoboken Police received a single report of this type of incident. The report, filed on July 21, stated that the act of vandalism happened twice in a building on the 1000 block of Jefferson Street, over an 11-day period. There was no video of those incidents. Since the PD can only take action and investigate if a complaint is made, anyone whose property is vandalized or damaged is encouraged to report it to the police immediately and before fixing the damage. The act of vandalism is considered criminal mischief in the State of New Jersey, and fines/penalties are possible and dependent on the level and cost of damages.”

If you see something that may have to do with these incidents, we urge you to call the Hoboken Police Department. The non-emergency number is 201-420-2100.

We also reached out to Doordash in August, in which the company said they would look into the alleged incidents. We have not heard back since and followed up again in March following the latest incident. We will update this story when we hear back.

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We will keep readers updated as more details come out surrounding the mysterious graffiti being spotted in Hoboken. In the meantime, stay updated by joining our The Hoboken Girl Insiders Facebook Group, as well as by following @thehobokengirl on Instagram and TikTok. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

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